Eggs. Lots of eggs.


At the grocery store today, I came across a 5 dozen package of eggs that was slightly damaged.

Two packages, actually. Can you read that price there? 25 cents.


Normally I don’t buy eggs at the grocery store, since we have 11 chickens who are supposed to be not just entertaining us, also laying eggs for us. By supposed to, I mean that they are each laying one egg about every other day. So, we get around 4-5 eggs a day. Which is enough for us, and extra to sell a dozen or so a week to my friends who love fresh eggs as much as we do. If everyone were pulling their weight and it were warmer, we might get 9-10 eggs a day, and could therefore sell or give away more.

But for a total of 50 cents, I got a whole lot of eggs.


Of course, some of them were broken, and I had to wash them all to get the egg goop cleaned off of them, but I am used to washing eggs, and I have no trouble throwing the broken ones away. We don’t often have white eggs.

And, I have lots of spare egg cartons because people that I give eggs to will often save their cartons, so I just washed them, and put the cute little white eggs into new cartons.


When they were all washed and put away, I had about 8 and a half dozen. For 50 cents. I don’t know WHO you are, but that’s a bargain right there.

So, I’m going to get crackin’ (literally) and we’ll have eggs for dinner tonight. Just don’t tell the girls that they didn’t come from them.


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  1. Anna says:

    My chickies quit laying completely this winter, so we’ve been buying eggs often. I have quite a few egg cartons stored away myself. The switch from seeing all brown eggs in the fridge to all white eggs is so strange every year for us.

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