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Some pictures of my mess

I don’t have a true BEFORE picture, because I didn’t think, “Hey, I’m going to blog about this cleaning of the office, so I should take a picture,” but just know it was pretty crowded.

See this desk?

Well, before it created a major traffic jam in the family room, it used to be in my office, with my computer and a whole bunch of other crap on it. And those rubbermade boxes? They are now full of stuff to garage sale or go to Deseret Industries.

See that table?

That’s how my “new desk” looked halfway into the cleaning project. I had cleaned it off initially, to move the computer over there, but then as I was sorting and purging and organizing, a lot of stuff ended up on the table again. Which is usually what happens to clean surfaces in my home. They quickly get swallowed up by the ick and the clutter.

And why do I have so many pens?

I don’t really know. But I never seem to be able to find one that works when I need it.

Can you spot poor Raggedy Ann? She’s wasn’t feeling too happy about the whole situation, I tell you.

Now my desk looks like this.

With the computer on one side of the table, and the sewing machine on the other. There is a printer in the middle of the table, but I guess if I needed to use that space for fabric cutting or whatever, I could unhook it and move it. You can see that there is still a lot of “stuff” on the window sill, but that’s mostly sewing stuff, which I may get around to moving, and I may not. We’ll see.

And the other side of the room looks like this:

The big boxes hold fabric, the little colored drawers hold paper, craft items, sewing items, and other randomness. The kids’ scrapbooks and baby albums now all fit in my little dinky bookshelf, since I purged a lot of books that I had read and/or didn’t think I was ever going to get around to reading. And yes, there’s a yoga mat in that bag there by the bookcase. Just in case I decide to break into downward dog or do some pigeon pose. Now I have a clean floor–it could happen.

Oh, yeah, there’s a roll of fabric and a rug right outside my office door that I haven’t really decided what to do with. It’s a work IN PROGRESS, y’all. I’m not perfect, nor do I claim to be the best organizer or cleaner. Far from it. I still have WAY too much junk and clutter, but I find it hard to let go of ALL my crap all at once.

I’m not Melinda, you know.

I did get Raggedy Ann and Andy up out of the mess and sitting safely on a shelf over there, but I couldn’t find a hammer to hang that rooster clock. When I DO find a hammer, that will be on that bare space of a wall to the right of the window.

When I finally finished and pronounced it good –on Friday, after a week of working on it, the kids were amazed. “You have so much SPACE in here!” they exclaimed. “Look at the carpet!” Then they proceeded to pull the chair over from the sewing area to the computer area so that two of them could play a game together.

So there you have it. The view from the other side of the office, and much cleaner. Now I don’t feel so claustrophobic in here.

Let’s hope I can keep it this way, what with summer just around the corner and kids wanting ot bug me and use my computer ALL the time.

Wish me luck.


  1. The photo of Raggedy Ann wicked witch of the west style made me laugh out loud really hard. Hilarious.

    The office looks excellent! Well done, you. How does the office look from mountain pose?

  2. Nice Job…what a relief that must be!

  3. Hey Paige,
    Your office looks great!!! I love the feeling of being organized!! And, I love your post about your kindergarener need ‘3 things’ for lunch….that is hilarious!!!

  4. Holy cow! You did an awesome job!

  5. What a lot of work!! It looks really good now.

  6. Way to go – that is awesome!

  7. Very nice, that was a lot of work. Isn’t it a great feeling to have it so clean? I love that feeling, I just wished it stayed that way…

  8. I’m SO proud of you!!! Yahoo! Again I say YAHOOO!

  9. You are MUCH braver than I would be. NO way am I showing before pictures of my mess!

    Good job, Paige!

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