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The Trials of a Busy Mom

A List! It’s a list. Because I have no clever title.

**I’m drowning in end of the year projects, programs and special events. I mean, I made a poodle skirt yesterday, folks.

**I got a new phone and I don’t really know how to use it. I mean I know how to use it, but how do I get the other half of my phone book that was saved ‘on the phone’ not ‘on the sim card’ to the new phone? I have to enter each and every one of those numbers in by hand?

**It was so dang windy here last night! I couldn’t sleep, and the wind was howling, and then I heard our garbage can blow down the driveway out to the middle of the circle. I finally got some earplugs, but then I still couldn’t sleep because I had the dang “Seuss” songs I had learned at rehearsal last night going through my head OVER and OVER and OVER.

**Why is it that if I need to print something simple, like a recipe or an email or an address, my printer jams, or there’s an ink problem or for some reason it just WON’T WORK! Which causes me endless amounts of frustration. Yet, my kids can sit down and print FIVE color awards from whatever game they are playing, using up every last drop of ink that was left in the printer? Answer me that.

**Pre-school is over for John. And every day he asks me where he’s going, and who’s coming over. Give me strength.

**Our Tivo thing crashed and we only recorded 17 minutes of the David vs. David American Idol thing. Oh well.

**Hooray for Kristy Yamaguchi! I knew she would win!

**Yesterday, when I got in the van to go somewhere, there was no dash activity. I was driving, but all the dials were not registering. So, it looked like my tank was empty, and I was going 0 mph. Kind of freaky. Well, I promptly brought the van back to the garage, and took the Suburban. Well, last night, by handy husband took the whole dash apart, and soldered whatever connectors were freaking out, and it’s fixed! All better, with a zero dollar repair bill! That makes me very happy.

**And lastly, I’m trying to motivate myself to go down and pound out my treadmill time. Instead I’m blogging. What’s wrong with this picture?


  1. Amen on that printer thing. Too true!!!

  2. What they need to invent is an exercise machine with a computer built in, so we can blog AND work out!

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