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We miss you, Ryan

My husband is out of town for a week or so. That means we don’t have to cook real dinners. The kids get to eat pizza, sandwiches, chicken nuggets and pancakes for dinner. When my husband leaves town, not only does it leave me as a single parent, but things stop working when he’s away. Seriously. The house misses Ryan. Last time he was gone, I had no internet for 3 days. Three days, people! When he came home, he found out that some router thingy had gone bad, and had to be replaced.

This time, he left on Sunday, and by Tuesday, none of my remotes were working. May I remind you that we live in an automated house. Since Ryan works for an automation company, we get to test out all the gadgets and equipment, so I have remotes that control the lights, radio, tv, thermostat, and other things. No remotes, eh? And lights that normally go off at certain times or come on at certain times are also being disagreeable.

I emailed Ryan to ask him about certain things not working, and why I couldn’t run a specific something on my computer, and this is the response I got.

Ryan is out of the office until Monday, the 14th.

Cole is taking his tech support calls.

Have a wonderful week.




In all actuality, though, Cole is a decent tech support guy.

When Ryan figured out that some power supply had gone bad (after having me poke around behind the entertainment center and tell him which things have blinky lights and which don’t), he arranged to have a guy from his office bring over a new power supply, and then Ryan would talk Cole through were to unplug the old one and plug in the new one. However, the guy came while I was gone to multiple soccer games last night, and Cole let him in the house, to look around for where this little doodad would go (oh, the horror! This guy went in the basement of doom!) After a call to Ryan, they got it installed, and today I have remotes again.

Now let’s hope we can keep everything together until he gets home.

So, Ryan, if you are reading this, checking up on me while you are gone, we miss you!

Go, Cougars

It’s on.

And let’s just not forget who we root for around here.

“Jan Jorgensen and Max Hall break out into perma-grins after walking into the “world’s greatest stadium” and wresting a win out of the hands of No. 3-ranked Oklahoma”

Let the football season begin.

Birthday guests at 3:00!

John’s long awaited Star Wars Jedi training party was yesterday, and I’m happy to say it went VERY well. I’ll give you the run down just in case YOU someday have a demanding 5 year old who insists on a star wars party.
#1–Jedi training. I gave every member of the family except the birthday boy, of course, a station. At each station the kids had to do some kind of “training exercise” to help them become Jedis. They were actually just things to do, like do a trick on the trampoline, walk frontwards and backwards on the balance beam, crab walk, kick a soccer ball and knock over three stacked #10 cans, go across the monkey bars and down the slide, and fill up a cup with water using a spoon. Don’t ask me what these tasks have to do with the training of Jedis, but at least it kept our little boys busy.


#2–Laser beam limbo. It’s basically just limbo with a fancy name. We used a mop handle and played Star Wars music.

Laser Beam Limbo

Laser Beam Limbo

When they got tired of going under the stick, we lowered it and made them jump over the stick. Because sticks are versatile that way.

#3–Borrow some cool costumes. When I was complaining about the elaborate star wars party my son was asking me to throw, a friend volunteered that she had some star wars costumes! She said they had used them years ago for her daughter’s party, and we were welcome to use them. Hello! That is awesome! The queen Amadala costume, she told me, had fit her daughter when she was 5. Hmmm. The only person that would fit around here would be John. But wait! My 13 year old daughter, Megan, also happens to be extremely skinny, and what do you know? She fit into the costume just fine!
camera-pictures-060 camera-pictures-061
Especially if by “fit’s just fine” you don’t care that it’s about a foot and a half too short. She was a good sport and wore the costume, even said the lines I fed to her.

My awesome husband also got into the act. While the boys were limbo-ing, he went inside and put on the Darth Maul costume, and came out in all his scariness. He wielded his fancy double light saber thingy and challenged the young jedis. camera-pictures-094camera-pictures-096
Those jedis attacked with vigor when I said, “go get him,” and he was no match for their strength in numbers.
We had to call them off before they did any serious damage.

#4–Get a really cool pinata. My brother-in-law Italo has connections. He has a friend who makes pinatas. And not just ANY pinatas, AWESOME pinatas. When we picked little yoda up, we were amazed at the cuteness. And so BIG! camera-pictures-116
Who wouldn’t be impressed with a yoda pinata as big as the birthday boy?
I hated to even let them smack him, but that’s what the pinata is for, right? And for some reason, the little boys think a party’s not a party without either a bounce house or a pinata. They whacked with vigor.
Soon Master Yoda delivered up the coveted candy, and was but a shred of his former self.

#5–Feed them. After the pinata, I served up hot dogs, cheetos, and grapes, with special galactic punch (lemon lime shasta with a scoop of lime sherbet). But some kids eat and some kids don’t eat. It’s a party, so we don’t really care if they don’t chose to eat. And after presents, we ate some more.

#6–Easy cake decorating tip. Just get a cake from the grocery store and put some little star wars toys on the cake.

The kids had a great time, John had a great time, and the party was fabulous. I hope so, after all the stressing I did in the weeks leading up to this birthday party. But it’s all worth it when I asked him if he liked the party, and he said, “It’s the best party EVER, Mom!”

So, there you have it. My 6 easy steps to throwing an awesome Star Wars Party. May the Force be with you.

To add insult to injury

It’s hard to get a good pictures of a bruised toe. But I tried, really I did.
Here’s the toe I smacked really good on Sunday, and thought it was broken. Over a week later and it still hurts. Isn’t it lovely? Well, you can’t see all the wonderful bruisy glory of the toe because it had already started to fade. Because I didn’t take the pictures until Thursday of that week, when I did this
You see, on Wednesday night, when I was still limping and in pain from the first stupid toe injury, I tripped on an 8 pound weight that was on my bedroom floor. It’s my own fault there was a weight there, but I can still be mad about it. Since I couldn’t shove my feet into shoes and couldn’t really walk or workout, I brought up the weights and just did some mini workouts with the weights. But I left them on the floor. As I was falling onto my bed, after whacking my toe AGAIN, I said, “Are you FREAKING Kidding me?!” So, then my toes were all injured together.

Now, almost a week later, the second toe injury is all better. The first one still hurts when I walk or lift up the ball of my foot. But life goes on. And maybe I’ll invest in some steel toed boots to wear around the house.

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