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A little Donny love

I’ve spent my morning listening to an interview with Donny Osmond on Kosy. They’ve been playing songs from his new album, which I think I need to get ASAP! But now it’s time to get my kids (and me) dressed and get on with our morning.


updated to add–still not dressed, but I did order that CD, and they also mentioned that Mr. Osmond will be in concert in August at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City.  Who’s going with me?

What is that noise?

Saturday, as I was cleaning the bird cage and scraping and cleaning the bird poop off the floor (Ick!!!), there was a weird buzzing noise.  I called Ryan in and asked him if he knew what that noise was.  We walked around listening to electronics, thought it was the fridge for a while, but then he turned that off and the noise kept on going.  He even went so far as to turn off all the breakers, while I, armed with a walkie talkie, told him if the noise was still there.  He turned them all off, and the noise kept on.  We could NOT figure out what it was.  Finally, he said, “Where’s your phone?”  “In my purse,” I said.  Well, it wasn’t in my purse, so he called it with the home phone.  Once the cell phone rang, the strange noise stopped.  Seems the phone (in my garage sale bag, NOT my purse) had something sitting on it, pushing one of the buttons, thus making that annoying sound.  It was sitting right there on the chair ringing at me the whole time.  And yes, it took a man to figure that out.

The perfect pet for Kindergarten pet day

Thursday was Jenna’s Kindergarten Class Pet day. All the kids were invited to have their parents bring their pet. Sound like a great idea? Right. Since we don’t have dogs or cats, we’ve always brought a bird. We just put one of the birds into the small travel cage and take them in that. It’s worked pretty well in the past (this is the 3rd time we’ve had this Kindergarten teacher–we really love her). Well, this time, when I asked Jenna who she wanted to bring for pet day, she thought for a moment and said, “Rachel!” For those of you who might have forgotten (or just didn’t know), Rachel is Cole’s turtle. Ok, I thought, I can bring the turtle.

Talk about an easy pet to take! when I got to the kindergarten playground, there were all kinds of parents there with all kind of pets. Some of them were wrestling big dogs on leashes, some had large pet carriers with angry cats in them, and some even had chickens in a big cage. There were fish in bowls, and one mom with a big lizard that she had wrapped up in a towel to keep him warm. And me? I’m carrying the little turtle in a designer turtle carrying bag that I picked out just for the occasion!        
The turtle is the perfect pet for pet day! She doesn’t bite, doesn’t climb out of her carrying bag, doesn’t run away, Jenna could hold her and show the other kids, and she was the only turtle there. She doesn’t need a leash, doesn’t throw up in the car (my dog growing up always threw up whenever we took him in the car. Did your dogs do that?), and doesn’t bother the other pets waiting at pet day.

By the time we were done, she was a little antsy and trying to climb her way out of Jenna’s arms, but not in a scratchy violent way like cats do. And on my way home I had to stop by the copy store and make some copies for Cole’s school project, and I just left that little turtle in the car!

So, yes, Rachel was the PERFECT pet for Kindergarten pet day. And I’m sure Cole would let you borrow her for your child’s pet day as long as you promised to feed her some blackberries.

Bargains, anyone?

I know you want to hear about my latest bargain, don’t you? Well, if you don’t and the thought of hearing another of my bargain shopping stories puts you to sleep (it’s ok, Ryan, we both know I’m talking about you), just click somewhere else right now.

I had two hours of mad errand running while John was at his playgroup, and I went to Orem to go get my car cleaned at Supersonic (hooray! Now I can stand to drive it again!), then to Costco to exchange a shirt and get some more petunias. I had a coupon for Bath and Body Works and one for the Children’s place, which are close to each other in the mall, so I made a dash for it. After picking up a few nice smellies at Bath and Body Works, I dashed to the Children’s place, looking for pants for John. Hooray! I found a pair of navy church pants on the clearance rack for $4.99. Even though my girls don’t need any clothes, I went to the girls’ side and just looked through the clearance racks. I pulled out this dress.
It was the only dress on the rack, and I said to the sales lady, “this isn’t really supposed to be here in the clearance, is it?” “Oh, yes, it’s a return,” she said. So that dress was $4.99. The price tag says $34.50 Score!. I hope it fits Natalie, but if it doesn’t, I’ll just save it for Jenna. I also got a darling sweater that could go over it (also $4.99), 3 little jean jackets that if the girls don’t LOVE them, I will save for birthday gifts for their friends. Oh, and some flip flops for Cole and Jenna. Then I had a 15% off coupon, so my order total was $31 or something like that. Give me a Woo-Hoo!

The sales lady handed me back the coupon, too, just in case I want to do any more shopping. No, thanks. I’m in a hurry to get out of here before I see any more cute things on clearance that I just have to buy. I handed the coupon to the lady behind me in line, so she can also get 15% off (good Karma, you know), but she didn’t really have an arm load or anything, just a few packages of socks. But she said thanks.

I’ve also been sewing (shock, I know!) and I’ll let you know how that turns out soon. Hopefully I’ll be finished tomorrow and can post a picture or two.

So, Ryan, it’s ok for you to tune back in now, if you haven’t left the room completely. I’m done talking about bargains.

The Book of Laundry, 3:1-4

1-And it came to pass that there was much laundry. For after the seventh day, the laundry piled up higher and higher until the people could not find any clean socks.  So, there commenced much washing of the laundry.  And the washing of many socks. Therefore, it must needs be that there is much folding and sorting.

2-And it came to pass that after much laundry was washed, there was a basket; and insomuch as the basket was full of socks, there must needs be much folding of socks.  And two shall be the number of socks that go together.  Not three or one or four.  Two. No more, no less.  And each child now hath many many socks in their baskets.  Socks that must be putteth away into the drawers. Now all the people haveth many pairs or socks.
3-And a warning will be given unto the people.  If there beeth any complaining that they cannot findeth their socks, the great washer of the laundry will be very angry, and will smite them with a curse.  And such curse will be that they will have to do their own washing, until such day when the great washer of laundry is no longer angry with them.

4-So let it be written, so let it be done.

Because I’m brilliant that way

I mentioned that we went to a wedding reception on Saturday, right?  Well, I failed to mention my brilliance in addressing the card atop the present.  I had lost the invitation, and she had sent an email telling us what time and where, but didn’t put her the name of her fiance.  I had met the guy once and I knew it was a name that started with D.  Some kind of funky name.  Like not David or Drew.  Darius.  So, on the card, I put Cortney and Darius.  When we got to the reception and I’m putting the gift on the table, I realize that Darius is indeed NOT the groom’s name.  Donovan.  So, there I go, stealing the pen from the guest sign in table to chance the name on the card.  Gosh, i hope I wasn’t stupid enough to write their names on the inside of the card.

Well, ya gotta have friends… (sing it with me, now!)

I’ve had the most fun hanging out with my friends the last few days.

Wednesday night was bells rehearsal, and that’s pretty fun, with girl chat in the carpool.

Thursday the kids played with their friends, the Hilmos, and all had a wonderful day staying out of my hair.  That night I got to  go to book club at Tess’s house, and it was a wonderful discussion on a great book, The Book Thief.  And of course, lots of laughing and good food with the girls.
Friday I took the kids to go see “Night at the museum” and then to McDonalds where they had a great time and played so well together in the play place.  They all thanked me for taking them for such fun.  Then Ryan and I met up with Kimberly and Todd and had dinner at the Training Table.  We’ve been scheduling and rescheduling with them for about 6 months, now, and it was fun to get together with them.

On Saturday, we went up to Red Butte Gardens for the wedding reception of a friend, then that night I went to Amber’s place to celebrate Michelle’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Michelle! Melinda picked up Cafe Rio food for us, and we had a fun time laughing and eating, then watched a nice chick flick.

I’m  thankful that I have wonderful friends to have fun with, and also thankful for my wonderful hubby, who didn’t seem to mind that I was gone a whole lot this week.  Now my house is an absolute disaster and I have to go and find my sink before we all get ready for church.  How was your week?

Train up a child…

Have I mentioned that I am trying to teach my kids the way of contesting? I’d like them to grow up to be winners (in every sense of the word!). A local radio station does a feature called “no adult left behind” where kids ask grade school questions to adults, and see if the adults can get them correct. It’s kind of like that new show “Are you smarter than a 5th grader”. Well, at 7:00 am they usually ask for a kid to call in to ask the questions.  They feed the kids the questions and record it, then the adult calls in a few minutes later to play.  Usually the adults cannot get 2 out of 3 right, and the kid wins.  I’ve had Cole call in once, and I think Megan has called in twice.

So, this morning, the phone rang at 7:06, and we’re thinking, “Who could that be, calling us while we’re still in bed?”

“Hi, this is Todd from B98.7, and we’re wondering if Megan wants to play no adult left behind.”  Hmmm.  There must not have been any kids calling in this morning.  Maybe they are all home sleeping since they are out of school for spring break.  So, I went to wake up Megan, but she was still really asleep.  I told Cole to pick up the phone instead, so he did it.  I think his questions were: “What is 11 times 12,” and “What is the state fruit of Utah,” and that’s all it took for that adult to go down defeated.  So, Cole won a prize!  Of course, it’s not a prize that we are really excited about or can actually use (4 tickets to a baseball game tomorrow night–can you say, it’s not yet baseball weather and no, we’re not going?), but he was still excited about hearing himself on the radio and winning!

Happy Happy Joy Joy

The headache is gone. I am happy about that. And check out this picture that Megan took of me. Pretty good, I must say.

Thanks to my friend Tess, who encouraged me to take the kids swimming yesterday. We met Tess and her sister-in-law with all our kids at the Lehi Legacy Center pool, along with the rest of Northern Utah County who are also on spring break. Even though it was crowded, it was fun. John was a bit timid at first, choosing to sit on my lap in the 18 inch deep water, but eventually he was jumping and splashing and running around.

The worst part was that sense of panic when I couldn’t find all five of my kids. Wet blonde head one, wet blonde head two, WHERE’s WET BLONDE HEAD NUMBER THREE? Oh, there she is. She’s taken the life jacket off and put on a different one, so I didn’t recognize her at first. Tess was a great help in helping me find my children. The second worst part was the noise LEVEL in that place.

But it was a fun adventure for a cold and dreary spring break day. When we came out, it was actually snowing. What in the world? Yes, snow. But we were already wet, so it really didn’t matter. So, we’ll continue to have some kind of fun for our spring break. We’re hoping it warms up enough to go to the zoo.

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