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I don’t know why I’m so tired. Yawn.

Things haven’t really slowed down all that much since the play ended. Well, I take that back. I am not enduring seven hour rehearsals, nor do I leave my home at 5:00 every night for a show. So, I guess it HAS slowed down, but not a whole bunch. We had guests here for a lot of the month of July, and that was GREAT. My kids get to have friends here to play with and entertain them, we all have a great time and we don’t have to go anywhere. Of course, that also means there are lots of dishes to wash, lots of food to make, and lots of noise. But that’s a small price to pay to have people we love travel to see US, instead of us having to travel to see them.

Last night, after the Annie Get your gun cast party, I was home by 8:30. I went to bed.

I think I’ll just show some pictures from some of the fun things we’ve done this summer.

Oquirrh Mt. Temple open house with family.

playing in the pool in the backyard,

Took the girls to a High School Musical sing and dance along at Thanksgiving point,

swimming lessons

some horsing around at Colonial Days,

We tried to take a decent family picture,

played with cousins,

Went camping,

and even got Megan’s braces off.

And in the middle of all that, we did a play!

We also…

Set up a waterslide in the back yard,

played games

went to a waterpark

went to a baseball game for Ryan’s company party,

and had a family pool party.

Whew! Now we are getting ready for a trip to Yellowstone, and we’ll try to pack in all the fun we can in the last few weeks of summer.

Hey, stop hitting me when I don’t remember it

Wednesday evening I was changing my clothes to get ready to go to my bell choir rehearsal. I glanced in the mirror and saw some weird marks on my back. What the WHAT? What is that on my back? I called my husband to come check it out. He looked at it, poked at it, and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t mosquito bites, and it wasn’t a rash. It was possibly bruises, but how in the heck did I get symmetrical bruises on my back like that?

Weird, isn’t it?

I wracked my brain trying to figure out what in the world I had done to get those bruises. Had Ryan been poking me in my sleep? In a symmetrical pattern? Do I have some sort of new shingles? What?

I finally figured it out. On Monday, I did some jogging/walking for an hour while Megan had a soccer practice. When I finished, I went over to the park playground to stretch out. I sat on one of the platforms, and then leaned back. I ended up on my back with my legs over my head like in a yoga plow pose.

I didn’t think it was enough pressure to BRUISE me, but it’s the only thing I can think of. The playground platform must have had raised dots on it. This is so weird, isn’t it? I don’t know why I would bruise like that, but I guess that’s what it was.

Yes, I bruise easily, but not THAT easily.

How about you? Have you had weird unexplained bruises or injuries that you can’t figure out?

Let me bat my eyes at you

A few weeks back, a friend asked if I’d like eyelash extensions as part of her training. Sure! We got a time worked out eventually, and I became one of her eyelash guinea pigs. She had to do a so many sets for practice before she took her certification test, and she wouldn’t charge me anything for the experience.

It’s ended up being a nice little experiment. Being blonde as I am, and not having long lush eyelashes, it was kind of nice to wake up with actual dark lashes. I could go out without mascara, even. The timing was perfect, as I had long lashes for the play. I would just apply mascara as usual and my lashes looked long and full, and I didn’t have to put on fake eyelashes like I did last year.

Since this wasn’t a real set of lashes (with the real glue), I was told they would only last two weeks or so. Well, it’s now been just short of three weeks and I still have some long lashes. I take note now whenever I lose an eyelash. Oh, there goes a nice long full eyelash, I think. Did you know that your eyelashes grow out completely and replace themselves in about 60-90 days? So, obviously, a set of eyelash extensions won’t last forever, even if they are glued on there with permanent glue.

I was funny when I went up to girls camp to do some activities with the girls. I was all clean and showered, and even though I hadn’t done much with my hair or makeup that day (since we had a dress rehearsal that night and I didn’t want to do all the hair and makeup AGAIN), the ladies there acted like I was just a picture of loveliness. “Look at you, you’re so clean! And did you get your eyelashes done?” Pretty soon all the girls are clamoring to get a look at my long and lush eyelashes. Wow.

Every once in a while I get a last that’s all skewampus, pointing East when it should be point west or some other such nonsense. I just give it a little swipe with the mascara wand and it goes back where it should.

Would I do this on a regular basis? Oh, heck no. I’ve been told it costs around $200 for a full set of lashes that last around four weeks. That’s roughly $50 a week, so I don’t think so. But for a fun experiment and to let my friend practice on me, you bet. Now I need to find someone in massage therapy school who also needs to practice on me, or someone who’s studying to be a personal chef who needs families to try out. Or an apprentice housekeeper? Anyone?

There’s no business like show business like no business I know

Tonight is the closing night of Annie Get Your Gun. It’s the culmination of over 2 months worth of rehearsals. I figured that if we rehearsed on average 15 hours per week, times 10 weeks, that’s 150 hours, and since there’s three of us in the show, times that by three, add in travel time….etc. It’s been a big deal. A lot of work, and a lot of fun. camera-pictures-006

Doing the show with my kids has been quite a different experience than just doing the show on my own, like I did last year. On one hand, it’s been a nice way to connect with my girls, have something in common with them, and experience this whole thing together. On the other hand, coordinating with their softball schedules has been difficult, and listening to their whining and complaining has been even more difficult. And it’s one thing to be at a long and boring rehearsal yourself, but to worry about what your kids are going to do during the long and boring parts and having to plan for that is a lot more work.
camera-pictures-042 One of my friends in the play, Debbie, has ALL her kids in the play. Seriously–all of them. Her daughter who just got married, her other daughter and her boyfriend, and her three younger kids. So when they are getting ready with makeup and costumes, they are ALL doing it. Wow. I hope the girls have enjoyed the experience. I worried about them a month ago because they were complaining every single time we had to go to rehearsal, and I just thought maybe this had been a big mistake to encourage them to do the play. But now, at performance time, I can see that they are really having a lot of fun.

It’s a different experience being in the chorus as apposed to being a lead last year. I do admit that there were times I felt unappreciated and even ignored.
camera-pictures-055 Since there are a lot of dancing scenes, and without enough guys to include everyone, they would choreograph for couples, often forgetting that the chorus ladies were actually supposed to be in the scene as well. It all got worked out in the end, but there were times where we would sit at rehearsal for two hours before anyone realized we were even there, and figured out where to place us in the scene. camera-pictures-063

The best part of being in a show is the friends. I’ve made lots of new friends in this show, and reconnected with some friends I made from last year. It really is a lot of fun, and worth all the hard work.

I’ll be sad when it’s over tonight, although I’m happy to have my free time back.

There’s no business like show business.

I’ve got some new shoes on

If you want the full effect of this post, you should click HERE in another tab so you can hear the background music that I would attach to this post if I knew how to do that.

Yesterday I went to return some character shoes I bought at Payless. As it turned out, I’ve been able to wear some black flats that I already had. As I was returning them, I just took a little look around to see if there was something I could exchange them for, when I saw these little beauties.

It was love at first sight, I tell you, and I had to have them. And when I looked them up online to get a picture to show y’all, I see this.

These shoes are NAMED for me!! And I didn’t even know that when I bought them! It’s like….we were MFOE (meant for each other. And if you don’t get that reference, then it’s been too long since you’ve watched Sleepless in Seattle, I’m tellin’ ya.)

Now I’m going to have to go and work on my pedicure because my toes are just not doing their best to look as cute as these fun shoes.

What kind of mother takes her kids out to dinner at 11:00 pm?

Friday night. Opening night of Annie Get your Gun. The girls and I have been rehearsing for two months, and it’s finally performance time. Even though energy is low and we are exhausted from our long week of 7 hour rehearsals each night, excitement and enthusiasm are high. The show went very well. Yes, there were some slip ups, and it still ran long, but overall, it went quite well.

A few of the ladies were saying that they were going to meet at Chili’s after the show. Come with us, they said. But it’s not just me, it’s me and my kids. How do I work that? After the show, the girls were asking if they could go to iceberg and get a shake, or to snowasis and get a snowie. “How would you like to go to Chili’s and get some dinner?” I asked them. “OK,” they said. I figured since the rest of the family was camping and wouldn’t care how late we were, and we had two shows to do the next day, and this might be the only night we could go out with some of the cast, we would go.

I am hoping to create memories.

10:45 or so, we are seated at Chili’s. The girls are already starting to look very tired. Maybe this was a mistake. Jenna lays her head down on the table while waiting for her food. The rest of the cast (well, the 40 of us who came) are joking and laughing. We look a sight in our stage makeup and fancy hair from the show, but we don’t care. We are just having a good time, celebrating the show and the fact that we made it through the week and opening night. When our food finally came, the girls perked up a bit. We ate, laughed, and I think they had a good time. There were only a few kids there, and I think they felt special to be included in the grown up group.

11:30 my check came. I grabbed it and jumped up. We’re outta here, folks. Driving home, Natalie managed to stay awake, but Jenna fell asleep and was leaning against me in Ryan’s little truck. But she was full, and I hope she was happy.

I hope this whole experience has been good for them. It’s been some very long hours and I know it’s been boring for them a lot of the time. I know it’s been boring for me a lot of the time. But the experience of being in a play is like no other. And to be in a play with your sister and your mom is, I hope, an extra special thing for them. Will they LOVE theater and try out for every play that they can from now on? I don’t know. But will they remember the summer they were in Annie get your Gun? You can bet on it.

On Girls’ Camp

This week was girls’ camp for our YW. Since our Stake was doing Pioneer Trek this year, they wanted our girls camp to be a shorter affair. But since MOST of our YW are beehives, we couldn’t just NOT have camp. Back when I was in YW, I was privy to the planning of the camp, and when they released me, I told the camp director that I would really love to still help with camp in some way. Little did I realize at the time that it would be during the most hectic, rehearsal packed week of chaos when we also had visitors in town. Isn’t it always the way it is.

So, I didn’t end up doing a whole lot for camp, but I still got to be involved. Perfect. Yesterday, I went up for a couple of hours. They were busy crafting away, working on cute little scrapbooks made out of lunch sacks. When it was my turn, I gave them “skit kits”, which were paper bags filled with 5 different items, and then they had to come up with a skit around those items. They were things like…a stuffed monkey, a flying pig hat, a wisk broom and dust pan, a medal, a dora jumprope, a shower cap, etc. They had fun putting together silly skits with little prep time. It was fun.

Today, I was asked to plan game time for two hours. I took up the fun “truth or dare” game, and we made some flour balls (nylon stockings filled with flour and tied into a ball) that you throw at each other, and the water bottle rocket launcher that Ryan made. Totally fun. I felt like the cruise director, since I just breeze up there for some fun and games, and then go home. My friends, who have been up there camping for two days, look at my clean clothes with longing, and tell me how pretty I look. Well, thank you all! By comparison, I guess I do look pretty good.

As I was driving out of American Fork Canyon, I kind of forgot where I was. When I got to the ranger station at the entrance of the canyon, I was a little surprised. I was thinking for some reason that I was in Big Cottonwood canyon, the Canyon of my youth. When I realized that I was instead in American fork canyon I felt kind of weird. I guess being in the canyon just took me back to Big Cottonwood in my mind.

Even though it was busy and not convenient, I am so glad I took the time to go up to girls’ camp. I felt instantly more relaxed and less stressed. It was a nice break from the Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal schedule.

I could use a nap

Oh, the busy time of summer–it’s here.

Last night the girls and I were at rehearsal until after midnight. Seriously. They kept the kids there that long. We got there at 5. When we’re working with new props and new scenery and microphones and music cues and all that, it’s understandable to have the run through take that long, but the kids are not used to being there that long. Tonight I’ll take more stuff for them to do, and more food. They get to play in the greenroom and eat snacks and things, so it’s not like they are sitting around totally bored, but they do get tired.

We’ll do it again tonight, but hopefully we’ll be home before midnight. But when we only have a few more rehearsals before opening night, we want to work it until it’s right.

When I got home I was a little surprised to see my brother’s van parked there. They had said they would be staying with us on Monday, but I kind of figured they might change their plans again and wouldn’t really be coming. But sure enough, they were here. Since they were only going to be here until noon today, we skipped our summer movie so the kids could play. And my brother even weeded in my flower beds and my nephews helped Cole clear the weeds and grass from around our fruit trees! I like guests who help out! They’ll be staying here all week, which is nice, but they have a lot of their own plans, which is also nice!

But the cousins had plans today, so off they went after lunch time. They took Cole with them, though, so that’s fun for him.

Megan left for girls’ camp this morning. I had to get her to the church by 8. Thankfully she was up and ready by the time I got up. Good girl. I’m sure she’ll have a superfun time. I’ll be going up there tomorrow to help with an activity, and also on Thursday, so it’s not like I won’t see her for three days. But it’s nice to have her off doing fun things with her friends.

John’s got two friends over now, playing and eating, and eating and playing.

Natalie and Jenna, who should be taking a NAP, are watching tv. Hopefully they can find friends to play with sometime today. Natalie gets to go to a two day adventure camp at the aquarium tomorrow and the next day, so that will at least be something fun for her to do for a few hours each day. And lucky her, she gets to go with a friend!

So, yes, we’re into the really really busy time around here. I love, love, love it, but it stresses me out.

Bring it on. And send chocolate.

Annie Get Your Gun

I haven’t mentioned a whole lot about the play I’m in, have I? Well, it’s time to do something about that!

Jenna, Natalie and I are in the Alpine Community Theater’s production of Annie Get your Gun. I had so much fun in Seussical last year, that I wanted my kids to experience the fun with me this year. I hope it’s been fun. I’ve heard a lot of whining and complaining from them when we have to spend yet ANOTHER night at rehearsal. But we’re finally to the home stretch, the fun part, and I think they’ll have a great time.

This week is dress rehearsal week. That means we’ll have rehearsal every night, with costumes, hair and makeup. It also means we’ll have very LONG rehearsals while we iron everything out.

This year I don’t have a big part like I did as Mrs. Mayor in Seussical. I do have a small part as Queen Vicoria, but mostly I’m in the chorus. My girls are square dancers and spectators. So while the pressure’s off with learning lines and things, it also means there’s a lot more waiting around at rehearsals. But it’s all good. As usual, I’ve had a lot of fun connecting with people I met last year in the play, and I’ve met some fabulous new people this year.

Friday is our opening night! And I’d like to invite you ALL to come and see it.

Performance dates are:

Friday, July 10, 2009 7:00pm
Saturday, July 11, 2009 2:00pm Matinee
Saturday, July 11, 2009 7:00pm
Monday, July 13, 2009 7:00pm
Tuesday July 14, 2009 7:00pm
Wednesday, July 15, 2009 7:00pm
Friday, July 17, 2009 7:00pm
Monday, July 18, 2009 7:00pm

Tickets are now available for purchase at the following locations:
Kohler’s Grocery Store at 5353 W 11000 N Highland, Utah
The Little Art Cottage at 242 South Main Street in Alpine, Utah
Tickets are also available at the door the night of the performance.

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