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I made it back alive

Yes, I survived my field trip with 6 small boys, through the snow and freezing temperatures to Provo to attend the world famous Monte L. Bean Museum. It wasn’t so bad. In fact, the worst part of it was trying to wrestle the 6 car seats into my Suburban. I don’t care how you do it, the back seat is NOT made to hold 3 car seats. It took 20 minutes of arranging, stuffing, stretching the seat belts, all the time squashing the poor little guys who happened to be sitting there. On the way home, I finally chucked one of the seats in the back and made one small child sit car seat-less in the back seat.

We spent less than an hour in the museum, and there was some running and some pushing and even some tears, but all in all, it was a success. I mean I didn’t lose anyone and no one came home bleeding. I don’t even know if the kids will remember it, but they enjoyed it while we were there. What’s not to love? They got to pet a snake and a turtle and see dead stuffed animals of all shapes and kinds.

But now my playgroup duty is DONE for 6 more weeks! Hooray!

Here are some pictures of the little animals:



If I don’t survive, know that I enjoyed the life I had

Today I’m taking 6 three year olds to the Bean Museum. I foolishly told the other moms who asked if I needed them to come that No, I could handle it. It’s an enclosed space, so I can’t lose anyone, right? I’m going to play a movie in the car, so that should at least keep them entertained, and then we’ve got about 45 minutes to and hour to explore the museum. Actually, I’m looking forward to it. Kind of mixed with trepidation, though. These boys can get rowdy. But I will be in charge.

I am good. I am great. I am wonderful.

And if I don’t make it out alive, I give my shoes to Lisa, and my CD collection to Melinda.

Actual Conversation

Me, as I’m driving my 12 year old son to the church for scouts–“So, what are you guys doing tonight?”

Him–“Um, I think we’re just planning our campout.”

Me–“Campout? What campout would that be?”

Him–“You mean I haven’t told you about the campout? Geez! How could I forget to tell you about our campout?”

Me, with an exasperated look upon my face, which fortunately He couldn’t see because it was dark–“WHEN is this campout supposed to be?”

Him–“Um, I think it’s this weekend.”

Me–“This weekend?! Do they not realize it’s going to be about 2 degree this weekend and you’ll all freeze to death? Who are they anyway? Who in their right mind plans a campout in DECEMBER! No to mention that we have about 83 things going on this weekend! What in the world are they THINKING?!!” Ok, I didn’t really say all that. I probably stopped after the first sentence. But that’s what I was thinking. You know it.

And so it begins

We had snow today. Probably around 4 inches. My children got out 4 pairs of snow pants, soaked through 5 or 6 pairs of gloves, and the same number of socks. Now we have boots, coats, gloves and hats thrown all about in a wet pile, with snow tracked in melting on the wet floor. And they wonder why people tend to get depressed in the winter months.

Wonderful Weekend

We’ve had a wonderful holiday weekend around here. On Wednesday I took the kids to Barnes and Noble to redeem their reflections winners gift cards. The big kids, who hardly EVER get to go to a bookstore, were in heaven. The two little ones were dropped off at my sister’s house so they could play with cousins, something they don’t get to do very often either, so they had fun there. After a long time picking out their books, I gave them each a coupon for 25% off and told them they had to do their own checking out, so that we could each use a coupon. On the way home, we stopped at Krispy Kreme so we could redeem their report cards for donuts. They each got 6! 24 was a bit too much, so we gave one box to my sister and her family. That night Natalie commented that “this was the best day EVER! We got to buy books and get donuts!”

Thursday we had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with my Dad’s family. there were 54 of us, I think. We have to meet at my parent’s church (yep, the old Butler Hill Chapel), and it’s always so much fun to get together. The kids and grown ups could play basketball, race remote control cars and run around in the gym while we got the food ready, and then play again after while we sat around and “pythoned” (that, my friends is a word I learned from a South African roommate–it’s what you do after you eat enough food to last you for a week like a python would. Only you don’t pronounce it pyTHON, it’s PY-thun). John was a bit of a pill, realllly needing a nap, but eventually Ryan got him to go to sleep.

Friday we pretty much hung around the house, and I did some online shopping for sales. We only left the house to take the car over to the repair place –AGAIN (don’t even get me started), and a quick trip to the grocery store. We put up the tree, the lights and some of the decorations.

Saturday, we went down to the Conference Center and saw Savior of the World. It was wonderful, and I so recommend you take your kids (over 8 years old, of course). It was a beautiful production and so well done! Tickets are sold out for this year, but next year–you should go! The two little ones went to Grandma and Grandpa Colemans, and we picked them up in a hurry so that Ryan could avoid hearing anything about the big game. As soon as we got home, he vanished into his office for the next 4 hours so he could watch it in peace. And what a great ending it was!


Give Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving, and I thought I would just jot down a few of the things I am thankful for.
I’m thankful for my home. Not just that I have a house to live in, but the wonderful neighborhood we chose and the great house we have. It may not be sparkling clean all the time, but I love living here.
I’m thankful for my health and the health of my family.
I’m thankful for my parents. They taught me well and loved me a lot more than I knew at the time. Now I know.
And Ryan’s parents. I married into a family that accepted me and treats me like one of their own. They are extremely patient and mellow people (at the time we got married I thought they were boring, but now I know it’s not boring, just mellow) and I never have heard them yell.
I’m thankful for Christmas music.
And Handel’s Messiah, the ultimate in Christmas music.
Speaking of Christmas music, I’m also thankful that we’re not playing any songs from the Nutcracker this year in the bell choir.
I’m thankful for hand lotion and chapstick. Especially the nicely smelling kinds.
I’m thankful for toasters, microwaves, and vacuums.
Also my Bosch. Very thankful for that one.
I’m thankful for my wonderful husband. He supports me, he encourages me, and he is my partner in all things.
Disposable diapers, although I’m hoping that soon I can stop being thankful for those. All in good time.
I’m thankful for Blueberries. And bananas. And chocolate. And Cheesecake. And a really good Steak. Oh, and Turkey.
I’m thankful for friends. Both the new friends who live close and the old friends who have seen me through a lot of happy and sad times. Some of them still live relatively close and some live farther away. Because of email (also a blessing) we can still keep in touch.
Although winter is not my favorite, I’m thankful for all four seasons. Each one has such beauty.
I’m thankful for each one of my children. I can’t imagine my life without them. From the moment the little boy climbs into bed with me to hold my hair and “snuggle” (really squirm around) ’til the time the I put them to bed, I am here for my children. Some days I’m here more than others, but I always have them in my heart. They are each unique and have wonderful talents. I love them and am thankful for each of them.
Diet coke and diet Dr. Pepper.
I’m thankful for this wonderful country where we live, and for all those who have sacrificed and are still sacrificing so that we can live here in peace.
I’m thankful for Joseph Smith.
I’m thankful for the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I wish you all a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving, full of fun family time. Thanks for allowing me to reflect on some of the things I am thankful for, and may we all be a little more thankful.

The season has started

At the grocery store, I stumbled upon my favorite ice cream. It’s the peppermint stick ice cream that tastes like candy canes! Yum! Hooray! I should reall buy about 5 gallons and keep it until June, but I’m not going to do that. I also picked up a very small carton of egg nog. Did you know they have soy egg nog and lactose free eggnog? I guess that’s for people like my sisters who can’t drink the regular stuff. Anyway, yum. Let the celebrations begin!

I tried, but I just couldn’t do it

Yesterday I went over to the local auto repair place to have my van inspected. Cole was home to watch the kids and I told him I would be gone about an hour. He was ok with that. I brought a book, so I could sit and read. I was prepared.

I got there and went into the nice clean lobby (really, it’s a new place and it’s very clean), told them what I needed, and they started asking me questions. Like, did I bring the registration form with me–uh, no. Do I need that? Make and model—uh, 98 Caravan, I think. Then I had to give them my keys, which I unthinkingly gave them the whole glob of keys and keychain, because My nails aren’t strong enough to get the key off without some severe breakage. He told me to plan on an hour and a half wait, and then I started to panic.

I went and sat down in the waiting area with about 5 other people and that queasy feeling got stronger. I took out my book and looked at the page. I tried to start reading but couldn’t concentrate. Can’t. Stay. Here. I had to get out. But I had no car. How was I going to get home? I got up and walked out of that place, searched in my purse for my cell phone. I could walk home, but that would take me about 25-30 minutes and I wasn’t really wearing the shoes for it. Who could I call to come and pick me up that wouldn’t hate me for inconveniencing them? I dialed Tess’ number, since after all I had picked her up from the gym once when her car wouldn’t start. No answer. Darn. So I called my next door neighbor and asked if she could please come and pick me up. “Sure,” she said. Bless you, I thought!

I started walking, taking deep breaths and trying to aliviate the feeling of panic I was feeling. Stuck with no car is just a bad feeling. It seemed like forever for her to come and get me. It was probably more like 10 minutes. I felt like I was escaping from prison or something, so great was my panic.

I failed in my mission. I hate the car repair place. I feel so stupid and helpless. Even when the mechanic called me later to tell me that the car doesn’t pass emissions and to ask how long has the check engine light been on, I felt totally confused and helpless and had to call my husband and ask him to call the guy back because honestly, I couldn’t really understand what he was saying. I try to act like an independant woman. A woman who can take charge of her own car issues, but in reality, I panic and hate that stuff. I’ll just go back to making the hubby take the cars in, and I’ll keep the job of the one who drives the other car and brings him home. I’ll let him keep the balance of power on car issues and do all the talking to those mechanics (who I swear aren’t even speaking English!) I will stick to my area of expertise–shopping–and leave the car care issues to the man.


Overheard in the Kindergarten Room this morning as I was there helping out Jenna’s class:

1st little girl–My Mom has BIG HUGE BOOBS.

2nd little girl–My Grandma has Boobs that go all the way down to there.

I didn’t see her gesture, but I assume she pointed to somewhere around her middle.

So, yes, ladies, your children do notice your body and they comment about it to their friends.


Well, that’s never happened to me before

I was getting ready to leave, and used the bathroom. After I finished, I flushed. As I flushed, the button on my Mr. Rogers sweater fell right off and fell in the toilet. Ack! I said, as I tried to figure out how to get that very specific covered button back. Too late. It’s been flushed away. How weird is that? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve flushed down the toilet?

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