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Month: July 2015

It takes work to look this good

My dear friend and photographer extraordinaire, Rachael, did a family photo shoot for us. I LOVE the pics!

But I love that she included in my cd the crazy pics it took to get the good pics.

Here we are arguing about something. It could be anything. Seems we argue a lot.

Mom blabbing on about something.

Megan standing up straight so that she is indeed TALLER than me.

Megan still trying to be taller, and Mom making a hideous face. Is that supposed to be a smile?

Natalie smooshing herself down. What?

Close. So close.

I can’t wait to get some printed up and put them on my wall!

Living in an automated house

Hubby has been out of town this week for scout camp with John. Of course, when hubby is gone, things stop working (I really can’t be trusted to manage things on my own, I guess). We haven’t had much tv this week, since we can’t get netflix to work. Seriously, I’ve tried signing in 10 times.

I would have turned the sprinklers off today since we had so much rain, but I can’t figure out how to do that. He just put in a new sprinkler panel and I honestly do not know how it workds.

With the power outage last night I’m sure we’ll have computer issues today.

I just spent 10 minutes wrangling with the dishwasher, but I won. I got it to start!

Of course, I DID take the suburban in to get the 4 wheel drive issue sorted out on my own, so I’ll count that as a win.



When you think of Seattle, you think of coffee, rain, art, and the space needle. Right?

We knew we wanted to see the sights, so we got the city pass for Seattle. That way we could pay once and see the sights for a discount. Day one we went to the aquarium.20150629_12272520150629_114235

They had animals native to the sound. We could even touch a starfish and sea anemone.


After seeing the fish and animals, we were hungry. Hungry is the enemy to vacations. Instead of making the trek to ivars for clam chowder, we are in the museum cafe. Everyone was able to find something they like without having to go anywhere else. And of course we ended up getting gift.

After we ate, we wandered.

We ended up at the pike place market. Wow. It is as busy and crowded as you think it will be.

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