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Always look on the bright side of life

One of my favorite bloggers, Carmen at Mom to the Screaming Masses told this sweet story on her blog today:
There were two boys who were the subject of an experiment. One was put into a room with every toy known to children. The other boy was put into a room full of horse manure. They were left alone for quite a while, and then the doctor conducting the experiment came to check on them. He found the boy who was in the room of toys, sitting on the side, looking dejected. When questioned, he said that the reason he was so upset was that there was no Nintendo DS in the room. That was his favorite toy. The doctor went to check on the second boy, and to his suprise, found him jumping around, dancing, singing, laughing and having a grand time. When questioned as to how he could possibly be so happy in a room filled with horse manure, he responded, “With this much horse manure, there MUST be a pony in here somewhere!”

That’s a nice way to look at things, isn’t it? Which reminds me of this . And while I was looking for that, I found this, which also made me laugh.

So, my message to you today is…have a wonderful day!

Spring weather

Well, it really did snow yesterday–finally.  I kept waiting around yesterday wondering where this nasty weather we were supposed to receive was.  It was dark and cloudy, but didn’t even rain until the afternoon.  Then last night it started to snow.  It is actually still snowing lightly here.  It’s the perfect kind of snow where it doesn’t stick to the sidewalk or road, but there’s a nice little layer (about 2 inches) on the grass.  I’m sure it will melt quickly, but I like it.  I know a lot of people could be complaining about snow after we’ve had such nice weather, but I am enjoying this little cold spell.  You don’t want it to get too warm too fast in the spring.  That’s one of the things I like about spring in Utah.  It could be wonderful and warm, and then it snows!  Diversity!

I guess I just like it cause I’m lazy.  I’ve got a lot of yard work to do out there.  I’ve already filled up two garbage cans with dead stuff I should have taken care of in the fall, and lots of little weeds.  On Monday I bought a huge bottle of round-up from Costco and sprayed all the little grasses and weeds invading my flower beds, and Ryan put the pre-emergent on the lawns, but we still have tons of work to do to get our yard ready for the warm weather.  So, if it’s snowy, we can’t work outside!  See, I’m really just lazy.

Oh, and here’s a picture of our two new little birdies.

They’ve been renamed Skyler and Sammy, and are really quite cute.  Megan is loving having them as pets.  One of them had an unfortunate incident where John caught him, pulled him out of the cage and proceeded to pull out all his tail feathers the other day, however.  Megan was a little bit more understanding when I reminded her that she did the same thing to Sundance when she was about his age (what is it with those tail feathers?).

Chest pains of a different sort

I’ve been suffering from chest pains today.  STABBING chest pains.  Before you get all alarmed and tell me I should be going to the ER for things like that, let me explain.  The underwire has escaped from my underwire bra and is protruding about an inch, giving me periodic stabbings.  I keep trying to shove it back in there, but without taking the darn thing off and doing some serious work on it, it doesn’t help.

After dinner Ryan gave me a hug, and I said, “Watch out, I may stab you.”  And then I broke out singing (I couldn’t help it) “Stabbed through the heart, and you’re to blame.  You give love a bad name.”  And a little voice pipes up from over at the table, “It’s shot through the heart.  Not stabbed.”  I looked over to see why in the world my 6 year old would be correcting me on a Bon Jovi song.  “How do you know that?”  I asked her.  “Brittan told me.”  So, her little friend is teaching her Bon Jovi songs?  I may have to talk to her mother about that.

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend

My kids had the day off of school on Friday, and since Cole was gone camping, I decided to do something fun with the other kids. We had a few free passes to Boondocks that the kids had gotten from school, so we went there. It was a good way to celebrate the end of the cast for Jenna, too.

We did some golfing, which was quite entertaining to watch certain little people hit and push the ball about twenty times, then stand up with glee picking the ball out of the cup and saying, “I did that in ONE shot!” After golfing, Megan and Natalie went to play a game of lasertag while I took Jenna and John to Kiddie Cove. I shouldn’t have wasted the money on buying them Kiddie Cove wristbands, they didn’t want to go in. I think Jenna was a bit scared of using her new uncasted leg so much, but eventually she did some climbing around and sliding. John was happiest “playing” the race car and shoot-em-up games. Since he doesn’t really care if he’s playing the real game or the demo, we stick with the demos. After one more game of laser tag and quite a few little arcade games, we took our tickets to cash in and buy our cheap crap. Luckily we had just enough tickets for everyone to get something they wanted.

After our fun filled day at Boondocks, we got to go to an “Activity day Idol” at the church. The idea was cute, with all the girls doing some kind of talent, but it just went on TOO long. They even had a “Simon”, “Paula” and “Randy” doing the comments after each girl’s talent. Two hours for a talent show? Too long.

(Just like this post is too long. I know! Go get yourself a drink, maybe an energy bar if you plan to make it through.)

Saturday was our first soccer game of the season, and it was beautiful weather. My kids complained that it was too cold, but I thought it was just right for soccer. We took hot dogs and drinks for the snacks, and that was a big hit. I cooked them and put them in the buns, then wrapped each one in aluminum foil, and stuck them all in a cooler with a little microwavable hot pack. The girls ate them up!

I also did some clean up work in the front yard, filling one whole trash can with dead plants and weeds. Then I managed to get the kitchen and family room mostly clean, since we had invited a new family in our ward over for dinner. We had a fun time, and John loved having a 3 year old boy to play with.

Sunday we were having an old mission buddy of Ryan’s come over with his family. We had decided to cook up a turkey that was hanging out in our freezer (since it had been there since Christmas, and we need the freezer space), so for three days it was taking up lots of room in our fridge. So after Church we had another quick clean-up, then a flurry of activity to get the turkey dinner ready. When they came, it was fun fun fun, as they have 5 kids, too, around the same ages as ours. The kids had a great time and became instant friends.

Now comes the recovery. I have a turkey roaster, a small crock-pot, a large crock-pot and glasses to wash. And get myself organized for the week. So, although it was a fun filled weekend, it wasn’t very restful. I could use a weekend after my weekend.

Happy Birthday Cole!

Thirteen years ago I became a mother.  Wow.  My life has changed a lot since that day (mostly for the better).         

Cole has always been such a great kid, and he is growing into a young man we can be proud of.

He went on a campout this weekend to Goblin Valley, and although he got wet in a stream and tells us he had hypothermia, he had a great time.  I told him that even if he did have hypothermia, you don’t tell your mother those things, or she may not let you go camping with the scouts again.  We bought him a cool new frame backpack last Monday for the campout, but we’re not going to consider that a birthday present.  He did tell me yesterday that he had decided what he wanted for his birthday (the day before–thanks for the advance notice, kid)…a digital camera.  Well, thanks to Woot, we got one ordered.

No big party planned for him, since it’s not a party year for him, but he gets to choose where we go out to dinner tonight, and (the best part), he doesn’t have to go to piano lessons today.  So, I hope it’s a great day for you today, Cole.  We love you!

All because two people fell in love. Sort of.

I finally found a saying I liked to put up on the wall over the kids’ pictures. I’ve been thinking about this for months, and was very excited to finally get it put up.

So my husband, who doesn’t care which couch I buy as long as he doesn’t have to haul it, has an opinion about my wall sayings.  He looks at it and says, “That’s kind of cheesy.”  What?  Doesn’t he know he isn’t  allowed to have an opinion!? Then, after he helped me get it up and level, he said, “It really should say something like: ‘All because One person fell in love, dragging the other person kicking and screaming into marriage and made her love him'”.  Whatever.

It comes off today anyway

Jenna came to me this morning with a sad look on her face and said she needed to tell me something. I asked her what was wrong, and she said she had been scratching an itch on her leg (inside the cast) with a spoon, and the spoon fell in. Oh well, I told her, you get your cast off today, and I’m sure they’ve found weirder things inside casts than a spoon. But I did manage to reach a finger in there and pull the spoon back out, and she’s relieved. I think she was too embarrassed to have the doctor see a spoon falling out of the cast when they cut it off.

In other news, we went to the pet store to buy stuff for the new birds last night, and we also needed a few things for the other birds, and we ended up spending $43 on bird stuff! I should be glad, actually, because bird stuff is pretty cheap compared to dog stuff. When I mentioned that to Ryan, he agreed. “Yeah, if you had a dog, you’d have to get a whole new house for me.” Right.


“When you look in the mirror in the days ahead, may you smile a hundred times more than you frown at what you see. Smile because you know that a loving, capable, sensible, strong, precious person is reflected there.” ~~Laurel Atherton

Give me a Wooo-Hoo!

Yesterday I won some money on a radio contest. How much money, you ask? Well, I don’t mean to be all braggy and everything, but since you asked…..about a thousand. Dollars. Yep! I was driving the soccer carpool home, listening for the song of the day, and there you go, it started playing. So, I started dialing while driving, and after a few busies, it started to ring. And then he answered it, and unlike my last almost big win, I was the right caller. Yes, I was a big DORK and sounded oh-so-stupid on the phone, but I was really excited! And, now, I’ll tell you all YOU need to know to win your own thousand dollars. This contest goes on for another 2 and a half weeks, and you just print out this calendar so you know when to listen, (like today from 10-12), tune your radio, then when you hear the song of the day, you just start dialing. If you have a cell phone and a regular phone, call with both. Even if you don’t like their music, for a thousand dollars, you could probably stand it for a couple of hours, right? Go ahead-try it! And if you win, I won’t even ask for a finders fee or anything, I’ll just be happy for you!

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