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Yesterday I was in kind of a funk. Call it winter blahs, maybe I caught John’s grumpiness or something, but I just didn’t feel like doing ANYTHING. So, I pretty much didn’t do too much, and that was fine. I did manage to go shopping to get a birthday present for Jenna, host playgroup here, make her macaroni and cheese and hamburgers as requested for her birthday dinner, and go see Cole’s science fair project at the science fair (Bread Mold!), and take the kids to the Dinasaur Museum for FHE, but really, I didn’t do much else.

Today, however, I’m feeling a little bit more productive. So far, I’ve managed to walk on the treadmill (my paltry 20 minutes, but still I did it), bathe the kids, call the dentist about the bill that keeps getting rejected by insurance, call and order a trestle bench for my “new” kitchen table, change the sheets on my bed (come to find out I had them on sideways–no wonder they kept coming up on the corners), do some laundry (not all the laundry, of course, but it’s a good start), clean the family room and bring in a rug from the other room, clean the play doh bits from the floor, play with the new horses Jenna got for her birthday, make lunch and watch Grey’s Annatomy(recorded from Sunday–it made me cry). All before 1:00.

And the sun is shining and I just heard a millie vanilli (spelling?) song on the radio that totally reminds me of a trip to St. George right after graduation, and it makes me smile.

Here’s hoping the rest of the day will also be semi-productive.

After I get John to take a nap. That could take the rest of my day. We’ll see.

Happy Birthday, Jenna!

Today is Jenna’s birthday!

She’s a joy to have around and we really have a lot of fun together. She is a beautiful girl and so sweet!

She’s had a lot of fun the past few days, to celebrate her birthday. I’m afraid today might be a bit of a let down since the festivities were over the weekend.
On Thursday she got to go out to dinner and shopping with her grandparents and cousin Camille. She was so excited all day, she could barely stand it. They went to McDonald’s, and then shopping at ToysRUs, and she picked out some great pony stuff. When she got home, John was the one who was so thrilled by her purchases, and couldn’t wait to play with her my little pony (and thankfully she shared with him).
On Friday the kids had the day off so she got to play with friends.
Saturday we hosted a party for 8 of her friends. Add that to the 5 kids here, and it was a bit overwhelming. Next year I don’t let her invite boys. They are just too wild! (Of course, she invited 6 of them, so I should have expected that). I had boys who didn’t want to play the games, who didn’t want cake or ice cream and who wanted to go home before the party was over. What? But she had a fun party, and that’s what is important. She got lots of wonderful presents and enjoyed herself immensely.
Yesterday we invited a new family in our neighborhood over for lunch, and then she spent the rest of the day coloring with her new crayola wonder markers and paper.
Today is her actual birthday and I only have one present to give her, since we gave them to her at her party. We usually go out to dinner for birthdays but Ryan and I have done so poorly on our respective plans for weight loss that we don’t want to go to an eating establishment. Maybe we’ll go to a movie instead.

Happy Birthday, my Jenna dear. We love you!

Do you hear what do I hear?

So, I’m in my office reading my e-mail, and I hear wailing from upstairs.

Oh, No! John’s fallen off the bunkbed again or something like that, I think.

I trot upstairs prepared to see blood, or at least break up some fighting, and I follow the noise (which doesn’t sound so much like crying anymore) to my bedroom, where I see John and Jenna on my bed singing.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Singing!” they say.


And they’re cute, too.

Why put them away?

I don’t know how it is in your house, but for me, as soon as I put the game away way up high in the closet, I find one or two pieces for that game. Do they just hide out under clutter waiting for me to put the game away and then JUMP out to be found? I don’t get it! Maybe I should just leave it sitting out where the kids left it for a little bit longer, until I’m sure I have all the pieces.

Or not.

The painting went well, and I can’t believe how good the bathroom looks (if I do say so myself). I’ve got a few touch ups to do, then clean everything, then decide what goes back into the bathroom so it looks nice. Currently everything that was in the bathroom on the counter or hanging up is now in my bedroom–talk about a mess.

John is happily playing with the little train set. He’s talking to the train and the animals that he brought in to play with the trains. Very cute. I guess I haven’t totally ruined his life.

It’s leftover night tonight, as I don’t have room in my lovely new fridge (went shopping today) for anything else until we eat up all the leftovers. We’ve got: Chicken fried rice from last night, Meatloaf and potatos from Monday night, and baked potatos from Sunday. I’m making a jello right now, but since there isn’t any room in said fridge, it’s cooling on the step in my garage. Don’t laugh, it’s colder than cold out there, I’m sure it will set just fine. I’ve also got a butternut squash that I’d like to cook up, but I think I’ll wait until tomorrow so there will be room in the fridge.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and find all the train pieces. I think I just heard some go crashing accross the kitchen floor.

Quote of the day

“You’re ruining my life!”

Said by John as I was making him have a nap.

Keep in mind the boy is 2! I had to just ignore him and remember that he’s heard this from his 7 year old sister.

Mothers get no respect.

In other news, I’m painting again. I guess I didn’t learn my lesson the first time. It’s the master bath, a nice brown. But this time Ryan took all the plugs and light fixtures and the towel rack down, and did all the taping, so it’s actually going rather well, and I’m enjoying it. I should be able to finish up today, as we got the ladder down and I should be able to reach the tall parts of the wall.

Are you prepared?

I attended our Stake’s preparedness fair today for about an hour and a half, and I can say with a resounding NO, that I am not prepared. I went to the class on alternate sources of heat for cooking and heating the home with no electicity. We basically don’t have a way to heat our home in the case of a power outage, as we discovered about a month ago when we woke up to a cold house and no clocks. The power was out for about 6 hours, but it felt like longer.

The coolest thing I learned was how to make an emergency heat source out of a roll of toilet paper, a quart size paint can (new), and alcohol. There’s instructions here if you are curious. They were selling the cans, tp and alcohol there, but I just bought some cans and we’re going to make one or two in FHE this week. Fun! If you don’t put the alcohol in until you need it, it will keep the can from rusting and getting gross, so you can just keep the bottle of alcohol by the can. I’m sure the pyros (boys) in our family will love it!

After our little checking of our 72 hour kits this week, I realized that we need to redo those things, too. Nothing with weevels would be a good start. Plus, I don’t know if the garage is the best place to keep them. Although convenient, it has such temperature extremes that all our snacks melted and cooked. I guess that’s why they tell you to restock those things every year.

So, I’d rather just keep hoping that if “the big one” comes, we’ll just all be killed instantly, because it would really just be easier.

And on an unrelated note, here’s a picture of the paint color in the laundry room, just in case you cared.

Good Book Club

I hosted a good Book Club last night, although I don’t know why I’m mentioning it, since exactly 1/2 of the people who read my blog were there, so they already know it was fun. Today my house is clean and I just about don’t know what to do with myself–except go to Costco.

Don’t you just hate it when…

Don’t you just hate it when…

–Your son’s teacher calls and asks if you knew he was failing her English and Math classes, and that she’s been sending notes home since before Christmas outlining the assignments he was missing, and that the term ended last Friday but she can turn in grades up until the end of school the next day, so he can spend all night trying to find, do, and organize all those missing assignments?

–You realize after your daughter unloaded the dishwasher that those dishes didn’t get washed?

–You get out your 72 hour kits (after a very motivational talk on Sunday) to take stock and update, and find that there must have been weevil eggs hiding out in something you put in there, so now there are dead weevil carcasses in the crackers, around the toilet paper and other places you’d rather not think about (thankfully it’s not an emergency and we have time to get new weevil free things put in there)?

–You get to host a playgroup of four and five year olds for the third time in a row?

Yeah, me, too.

Little Boy Stink

I don’t know how my sweet little boy is ever going to sleep through the night again if he keeps wetting through his pajamas every night. He’s a big milk and juice drinker, and even though I don’t give him anything to drink before he goes to bed, he seems to wet through his clothes every night around 4 or 5. So, I get up, change his clothes, warm him up, and put him back to bed. But then, can I go back to sleep? Not easily. Ugh.

Oh, yeah, and he stinks, too.

Teen Boy Stink

I have an 11 1/2 year old boy, so you wouldn’t think we’d have all that teen boy stink already, would you? But apparantly, they do not have to be teenagers to begin smelling like one. Yesterday I walked into his room for some reason or another, and when I opened the door, I was assaulted with such a rank smell that I thought I might throw up. It smelled like smelly boy plus… I don’t know. I swiftly grabbed all the clothes from the floor (not that many, really, for such a bad smell), and started a load of laundry. I grabbed his coat, a towel flung over the back of a chair and all the stray socks I could find, and put them in the laundry room, too (oh, my freshly painted landry room that was clean for about a day!). Then I rummaged around in a kitchen cupboard until I found that little plug-in air freshener that I had bought a while back, and plugged it in!

When the poor boy came home from school yesterday, I practically pounced on him and told him to go and take a shower, right now, and don’t forget to put on deoderant. I don’t want to punish him for being a smelly boy, I just don’t deal well with certain smells, and would like to not have them in my home.

In discussing this with Ryan, I said that that’s why teenage boys have a room in the basement. Why? he asked, so you won’t smell them? Exactly. My brother had a room in the basement, and I’ll bet that’s where you and your brother’s rooms were, right? I was right. Well, we aren’t quite ready to plonk a bunch of money that we don’t have into finishing the basement just so I won’t have to smell my boy, so we’ll work on hygene and general cleanliness habits and hope we can improve things a bit. Which reminds me..I have to go and strip his bed.

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