I don’t know how it is in your house, but for me, as soon as I put the game away way up high in the closet, I find one or two pieces for that game. Do they just hide out under clutter waiting for me to put the game away and then JUMP out to be found? I don’t get it! Maybe I should just leave it sitting out where the kids left it for a little bit longer, until I’m sure I have all the pieces.

Or not.

The painting went well, and I can’t believe how good the bathroom looks (if I do say so myself). I’ve got a few touch ups to do, then clean everything, then decide what goes back into the bathroom so it looks nice. Currently everything that was in the bathroom on the counter or hanging up is now in my bedroom–talk about a mess.

John is happily playing with the little train set. He’s talking to the train and the animals that he brought in to play with the trains. Very cute. I guess I haven’t totally ruined his life.

It’s leftover night tonight, as I don’t have room in my lovely new fridge (went shopping today) for anything else until we eat up all the leftovers. We’ve got: Chicken fried rice from last night, Meatloaf and potatos from Monday night, and baked potatos from Sunday. I’m making a jello right now, but since there isn’t any room in said fridge, it’s cooling on the step in my garage. Don’t laugh, it’s colder than cold out there, I’m sure it will set just fine. I’ve also got a butternut squash that I’d like to cook up, but I think I’ll wait until tomorrow so there will be room in the fridge.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and find all the train pieces. I think I just heard some go crashing accross the kitchen floor.