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Let’s go to the Movies

Quick–What’s your favorite movie of all time? Just blurt out the first thing that comes into your head! Stop thinking about it–you’re thinking too much.

Mine would have to be Raiders of the Lost Ark followed closely by Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Others in my top 10 list would be….
Sleepless in Seattle
Little Mermaid
It’s a wonderful Life
I can’t think of any more at the moment. What are your favorites?


We had a super fun time at Ryan’s company party at Boondock’s last night. We rode the bumper boats, go carts, did laser tag and arcade games, even rapelling. It was a lot of fun!

Let the games begin!

Let the soccer games begin!
Saturday marked the official opening of soccer season around here. I’ve got two girls playing soccer this season, which is one less than the three we had in the spring. I finally told Cole that he was too old to play recreational soccer, and unless he wanted to play competitively, he couldn’t play. He was ok with that, so it’s good that we only had two games to attend at exactly the same time on Saturday morning. Or, I should say, two games for RYAN to attend at exactly the same time. I don’t know why it is written in the stars that games will always be at the same time, but they just seem to be. I had a rehearsal for Bells, so I was nowhere around to transport kids, but luckily the neighbor is Natalie’s coach, so he took her to her game. Ryan went to Megan’s game, and I hear she was on fire. She scored a goal, and her coach said she was really proud of her giving it her best. She’s quite a runner! Natalie tells me that her team scored 17 goals and won. (Her coach informed me it was more like 2 goals, and he thinks they won.) So, everyone was happy with their scores.
(Jenna took this picture, by the way, of Megan taking a much needed break during her game)


I can be random. My whole life is just a bunch of random things that I try to categorize and organize. My kitchen looks pretty random right now, in fact!

–I don’t fold laundry, anymore. I don’t. What’s the point? Those kids aren’t going to put it away nicely folded, they’re just going to shove it in a drawer–if it even ends up in the drawer at all! So, I have seven laundry baskets in the laundry room, and I toss each person’s clothes into their basket. Once a week or so, I ask the kids to put away their own stuff. I do fold and put away my stuff, and John’s stuff, but not Ryan’s stuff. Therefore, my dear husband usually gets dressed in the laundry room, after pulling clothes out of his basket. Too much information?–I thought so.

–I do not like the Wiggles or the Doodle-Bops. They are creepy.

–I do like Steve from Blue’s Clues (Not Joe–Steve).

–In fact, I like most people named Steve. Ask any of my college roommates, and they will tell you that I was destined to marry someone named Steve. Heaven knows I tried, but apparantly people named Steve don’t like me. Oh well.

–My office is a complete mess.

–I buy fabric with no specific project in mind, always thinking I will use this lovely piece of fabric. I don’t.

–My favorite “knock knock” joke is this:
“Knock knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Impatient cow”
“Moo” (interrupts)
It’s better if you hear it, really.

–My kids can somehow print full color from the Blues Clues game, but when it’s my turn to print up one single sheet black and white for primary or PTA, the printer jams or I’m out of ink.


Bang. “Ow” with a little laugh.

Bang. “Ow” with a little laugh.

Bang. “OW” with an even littler laugh.

Bang. “OW, John. Stop bonking me with that car!”

That’s what’s going on in our house this morning.

First day of School

Monday was the first day of school!

The kids were excited to start the new school year, with Cole going into 6th grade, Megan into 4th grade and Natalie starting 1st grade. No kindergarteners this year will make my life easier, that’s for sure. Jenna will start pre-school in September.

We had a neighborhood back to school breakfast, where we meet at the bus stop with muffins, fruit and juice and everyone has breakfast and waits for the bus to come. It’s a fun little tradition. The kids all enjoyed the first day and were happy to go again today!

Lucky 13

Happy Anniversary, Ryan and Paige!

Ok, I failed to mention that yesterday was our anniversary. 13 years and counting! I must say I’m married to the best man there is. Ryan is so patient and kind and helpful to others. He’s really awesome and I love him! After 13 years and 5 kids I still think he’s the best guy I could have married, and I’m so thankful for all he does.

Random thoughts

OK, today I’m totally sore. Blah. That’s why people don’t exercise. It’s not fun when you do it, and then it hurts for days afterward. What is the benefit of that?

John is playing here right now and he turns the cars upside down and they go to sleep. “Seep Cars”, he says, and then makes snoring noises (for the cars) until he turns them over again and they wake up. Like I said, he likes cars. (He just kissed the red barbie car and he’s talking about it’s seat belt).

The weather today is absolutely perfect. If I weren’t so dang sore, I’d think about going outside to seed in my flowerbeds, but I doubt that will happen, as–did I mention that I’m sore? It’s probably only in the high 70’s–maybe low 80’s. Nice. I always like that end of summer, before fall cooling in the air. It makes me happy to be outside.

Yesterday I took Megan shopping. My task? To spend $100 and get the most outfits for her with that $100. Tomorrow morning (early) I am supposed to take the clothes, the child, and the reciepts to the radio station and we’ll see which of the two moms got the most for their money. I think I did pretty well. I got her 6 outfits (pants and shirts or skirts and shirts) and a jacket for $101. Ok, so I went over by a dollar. Big deal. The radio station will give me the hundred dollars to cover the shopping. I still think we did well. I’ve never spent that much all on one child for clothes before, so it was kind of different. But at least with Megan, she can wear the clothes this year, and Natalie can wear them next year (I got mostly size 7/8, so she could actually wear them this year, as the girls are about the same size, but I don’t think Megan would allow that). I don’t know if there’s an additional prize for the one of us who got the most outfits, but either way, we had a nice time, and got quite a few fun clothes. Where did I shop? Kohls and Target. We looked at Kohls first, but their clearance racks were pretty picked over and all the shorts and skirts were so SHORT, that we only got one outfit there–but cheap. $7.50 for a t-shirt and a skort (that Megan promises me she will wear to school). The rest were from Target. My kind of store. It was kind of a drag that I couldn’t look for anything for myself, but really I just went “school shopping” last week and got plenty of new stuff for me, so I’m set. Megan’s set. We’re all set! Now if only school would start.

These shoes were made for walking

Ok, I was a good girl this morning. I actually got out of bed when my alarm went off at 5:45, and met two other ladies for a morning walk. Or at least I thought it was going to be a morning walk. These ladies must have rocket shoes, they were going so fast. They had to stop twice to “wait up” for me, although they didn’t complain one bit about me slowing them down. I walked a pitiful two miles with them, and then bowed out for the other three (5 miles? Are they kidding? No they were not). Hopefully I can make this more of a habit than a one time event, but we’ll just have to see about that.

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