I can be random. My whole life is just a bunch of random things that I try to categorize and organize. My kitchen looks pretty random right now, in fact!

–I don’t fold laundry, anymore. I don’t. What’s the point? Those kids aren’t going to put it away nicely folded, they’re just going to shove it in a drawer–if it even ends up in the drawer at all! So, I have seven laundry baskets in the laundry room, and I toss each person’s clothes into their basket. Once a week or so, I ask the kids to put away their own stuff. I do fold and put away my stuff, and John’s stuff, but not Ryan’s stuff. Therefore, my dear husband usually gets dressed in the laundry room, after pulling clothes out of his basket. Too much information?–I thought so.

–I do not like the Wiggles or the Doodle-Bops. They are creepy.

–I do like Steve from Blue’s Clues (Not Joe–Steve).

–In fact, I like most people named Steve. Ask any of my college roommates, and they will tell you that I was destined to marry someone named Steve. Heaven knows I tried, but apparantly people named Steve don’t like me. Oh well.

–My office is a complete mess.

–I buy fabric with no specific project in mind, always thinking I will use this lovely piece of fabric. I don’t.

–My favorite “knock knock” joke is this:
“Knock knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Impatient cow”
“Moo” (interrupts)
It’s better if you hear it, really.

–My kids can somehow print full color from the Blues Clues game, but when it’s my turn to print up one single sheet black and white for primary or PTA, the printer jams or I’m out of ink.