Let the soccer games begin!
Saturday marked the official opening of soccer season around here. I’ve got two girls playing soccer this season, which is one less than the three we had in the spring. I finally told Cole that he was too old to play recreational soccer, and unless he wanted to play competitively, he couldn’t play. He was ok with that, so it’s good that we only had two games to attend at exactly the same time on Saturday morning. Or, I should say, two games for RYAN to attend at exactly the same time. I don’t know why it is written in the stars that games will always be at the same time, but they just seem to be. I had a rehearsal for Bells, so I was nowhere around to transport kids, but luckily the neighbor is Natalie’s coach, so he took her to her game. Ryan went to Megan’s game, and I hear she was on fire. She scored a goal, and her coach said she was really proud of her giving it her best. She’s quite a runner! Natalie tells me that her team scored 17 goals and won. (Her coach informed me it was more like 2 goals, and he thinks they won.) So, everyone was happy with their scores.
(Jenna took this picture, by the way, of Megan taking a much needed break during her game)