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What a difference a day makes

As you may remember, Jenna has been in a cast for 4 weeks now, and last time we went in to the doctor, he said she should start putting some weight on her leg.  You know, just kind of limping or walking with help so she can get started with the whole walking thing.  So, yesterday I was asking her to try to stand on both feet and just see if she could do it without it hurting.  Well, the next thing you know, she’s walking around.  I put the little cast shoe on her, and she was WALKING–BY HERSELF through the house!  Then I had to tell her to sit down and stop walking so much until we get the ok from the doc.  I took her to school today, and even though she can walk, let her have the wheelchair.  She has a dr’s apt tomorrow, and we’ll see what the x-ray looks like.  Even though she says it doesn’t hurt to walk, by bedtime she was tired and I think her leg ached from all that unexpected exercise.  I’m just so shocked that she can just up and walk like that after having not walked for over a month.  Little kids are such quick healers!

Thanks for the support

Thank you for your encouraging comments.  I did make it through the day, sneezing and all.  Although this isn’t a blog about my quest to go without sugar, I just have to talk about it for a bit more before I can move on.  So, if this bores you, just click on to someone more interesting, ok?

This has nothing to do with religion, this quest.  It’s really to prove to myself that I can do something.  And, yes, I’d like to lose some weight in the process.  My last three attempts to lose weight have failed, and I find myself stuck at the same weight as I have been for about two years now.  It’s hard on your self esteem, when you try and try again and find yourself failing time after time.  I realized that food is  controlling me.  When I walk through the kitchen and see a half eaten pop tart, I would pick it up and eat it.  Whether I was hungry or not.  I hadn’t thought before how much I would like a pop tart, but there it was on the counter and I didn’t want to waste it, so PoP it would go, into my mouth.  Yesterday, someone toasted a pop tart and then realized that there were waffles in the freezer, so they gave the pop tart to John, and ate waffles instead.  John, being the picky eater that he is, left the pop tart on the counter.  I had to walk by it several times, and finally I asked him if he even wanted it.  He said no, and I (brace yourself!) THREW THE POP TART AWAY.  That, my friend, is the kind of self control I want to have all the time.  I want to be the kind of person who can throw a pop tart or a cookie or whatever half eaten food is there– away.

I keep dreaming that I’m eating sugary things.  First it was a donut.  In my dream, I was talking to Tess, and I absentmindedly picked up a donut and just ate it.  Then I freaked out–thinking, did I just eat that donut?!  Why did I do that?  Last night I dreamed I was on the Disney Cruise with Lisa and her family.  I ate and I ate and I ate.  When I woke up, I’d think, did I really eat that food?  NO, it was a dream.  Thank goodness.

So, yes, I am a little bit obsessive about this thing right now, and I’ll try not to go on and on and on about it from now on, but even though I’ve only lost a pound so far, I think this is a healthy thing to do, and hopefully it will be good for my self esteem to be able to stick to a commitment and prove to myself that food is not the boss of me.

I may not make it

I’m writing to you from Rehab, where I’m going through sugar detox.  They let me out once a day to use the computer.

Although I’ve been sugar free for 5 days now, I’m going through a rough patch right now.  I should remind myself that I successfully avoided all the treats at our ward book club on Thursday night.  That I watched a movie at the theater with no Jr. Mints, and that I didn’t even taste the cookies the kids were making last night, rather I made myself some sugar free pudding.  But I was hit with a sneezing attack while at Jenna’s school this morning (maybe the dust from taking down the bulletin boards, who knows?) and I’m still suffering.  I went to the grocery store to pick up a few essentials, and I was bombarded with sugar at every turn–treats from the bakery, easter M&M’s, marshmallow peeps!  The list goes on and on–you all know how the grocery store is.  And I was hungry and sneezy and generally not feeling up to the challenge.  I had to stuff a bagel into my mouth in order to make it out of there without caving.  And I’m not supposed to eat bagels, remember?  Something to do with a wheat allergy, but I couldn’t rip open the plain rice cake package fast enough and the bagels were on the top of the cart, so it had to be eaten.

ARRRGGG!  I have no willpower!  I’m weak!  I’m not up to the challenge!  I don’t know if I can make it! HELP!

(and on a totally unrelated subject, if you or someone you know would like to go see “Seraphim Falls” starring Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson on Thursday, let me know.  I have a bunch of passes I picked up while shopping on Saturday)

Thoughtful and Thankful

We went to a funeral today for Ryan’s dear Uncle Lewis.  He was a great man and it was a beautiful funeral.  His son and daughter (Ryan’s cousins) did such a great job paying tribute to their dad, and reminding us all that death is not the end.  One quote was especially interesting to me, “we are born to die, and in dieing, we will live.”

At the cemetery, there were flags and the colors from Veterans of Foreign Wars.  They gave a “15 gun salute” (I’m not sure if there were supposed to be 21, but there were only 5 of them there) and even played taps on the bugle.  It was very nice.  The weather was bitter cold with blowing wind, but only a light snow falling.  Even though he was old and in poor health and we are all relieved that he will no longer be suffering, I can’t help but think how lonely his lovely wife, June, will be now.  And how lonely I would be if Ryan were no longer with me.

We drove by our old house (which backs up to the Lehi cemetary) and noticed how big the maple trees are now.  We planted those spindly little maples that we dug up from Michelle’s parents’ back yard when we had only been in that house for a year or so.  They were so tiny and we wondered if they would even live.  Now they are nice, big trees (bigger than any we have in our current yard) and it reminds me that some things change, and some things stay the same.  Things change.  Life goes on.  Things grow old.  People grow old.  I’m thankful to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

The end of an era

We have a small celebration going on here (well, just me.  I’m the only one celebrating).  What are we celebrating?  The end of the facial hair!

He’s been growing this since our trip to Cancun, when he forgot his shaver.  Then he just left it.  Maybe he liked it, maybe he was just growing it to annoy me.  Who knows?  But for some unknown reason, this morning it was gone.  I didn’t take a picture, but he’s back to his normal, clean shaven look.  And I’m happy about that!  Thanks, Ryan.

I’m on the wagon. Or off the wagon. Something to do with a wagon.

Please excuse me if I’m a bit grumpy right now.  I’m going through detox here and the side effects are terrible.  No, it’s not the shakes or vomiting, it’s severe grouchiness and the ability to snap at people for no reason.  Yes, friends, I’ve given up sugar.    Or should I say, “Hi, My name is Paige, and I’m a sugarholic”?  (and then you all say back to me in bored voices, Hi, Paige.)  My friend, Robin, and I have been doing this “give up sugar for Lent” thing for a few years now.  Some years I participate, and some years I don’t.  Well, since I’ve realized that I really do have an addiction to sugar, this is the year to do it.  It wasn’t a good thing that my first day of no sugar happened to coincide with my turn at playgroup (6 little hyper 3 year olds at my house) and PMS.  Not good at all.  So, send your condolences to my husband, and wish me luck.  Hopefully I’ll come out of this with all of my family members intact.

Generic Jokester

Those of you who knew me in high school and college may remember the old “Joke-a-day” girl.  Yes, I used to have a joke every day (most of them were pretty lame), but the point was to lift up the day a tiny bit.  During my freshman year at college, I would occasionally just dial a random BYU number (you didn’t have to dial the prefix, right, just the last 4 numbers) and say, “Hi, this is the generic jokester and this is the joke of the day.”  Yes, I’d have to be pretty loopy before I would do this, but sometimes I would meet some fun and interesting people (mostly I’d get hung up on, or get a short laugh, and that would be it).

I don’t often have a joke of the day anymore.  I just don’t have the same number of brain cells as I did in my late teens, what with having 5 children and all, and I can’t remember jokes for very long.  But thanks to my friend, Lisa, I now have a joke a day.  She gave me one of those page a day calendars for my birthday, and every day I can have a new joke.  So, here you have it…today’s joke!

Pearl:  I hear your brother-in-law always takes his misfortunes like a man.

Shirl:  That’s right–he blames my sister.

Ha! Ha!  Now, I didn’t claim it was a funny joke, it’s just a joke.  So, laugh amongst yourselves, and hopefully the next joke I post will be better.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it looks like I have another 90 minutes of exercise to get to (thanks a lot, friends).

Thanks. Not so much.

All right you jokers.  That’s 100 minutes I have to exercise from that post, and luckily I did 30 minutes on the treadmill last night and an hour yoga class today, which was about 50 minutes of exercise.  So, 20 more minutes ought to take care of my time commitment for yesterday’s post.
In other news,  I don’t know why I always seem to get in the checkout line of the new person.  She’s also the one who’s scanner somehow doesn’t work, and it takes me 15 minutes to ring up my groceries.  What’s up with that.

Hop-along Jenna is doing very well, and by the end of this week she is supposed to start putting a teeny tiny bit of weight on her leg.  Hooray!  We’ve survived one month of this broken leg thing so far.  Probably three more weeks of a cast.

And, finally, I had a little bit of a panic attack this morning when I was rushing to get showered, dry and dressed in 25 minutes so I could pick up John from preschool on time, and I couldn’t find the hairspray.  Wow.  I guess I’m pretty dependent upon that stuff.  What’s your one thing you can’t live without?  (Not that hairspray is the only one–I also need lipgloss, mascara and blush or I look like a zombie.)

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