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OK, today I’m totally sore. Blah. That’s why people don’t exercise. It’s not fun when you do it, and then it hurts for days afterward. What is the benefit of that?

John is playing here right now and he turns the cars upside down and they go to sleep. “Seep Cars”, he says, and then makes snoring noises (for the cars) until he turns them over again and they wake up. Like I said, he likes cars. (He just kissed the red barbie car and he’s talking about it’s seat belt).

The weather today is absolutely perfect. If I weren’t so dang sore, I’d think about going outside to seed in my flowerbeds, but I doubt that will happen, as–did I mention that I’m sore? It’s probably only in the high 70’s–maybe low 80’s. Nice. I always like that end of summer, before fall cooling in the air. It makes me happy to be outside.

Yesterday I took Megan shopping. My task? To spend $100 and get the most outfits for her with that $100. Tomorrow morning (early) I am supposed to take the clothes, the child, and the reciepts to the radio station and we’ll see which of the two moms got the most for their money. I think I did pretty well. I got her 6 outfits (pants and shirts or skirts and shirts) and a jacket for $101. Ok, so I went over by a dollar. Big deal. The radio station will give me the hundred dollars to cover the shopping. I still think we did well. I’ve never spent that much all on one child for clothes before, so it was kind of different. But at least with Megan, she can wear the clothes this year, and Natalie can wear them next year (I got mostly size 7/8, so she could actually wear them this year, as the girls are about the same size, but I don’t think Megan would allow that). I don’t know if there’s an additional prize for the one of us who got the most outfits, but either way, we had a nice time, and got quite a few fun clothes. Where did I shop? Kohls and Target. We looked at Kohls first, but their clearance racks were pretty picked over and all the shorts and skirts were so SHORT, that we only got one outfit there–but cheap. $7.50 for a t-shirt and a skort (that Megan promises me she will wear to school). The rest were from Target. My kind of store. It was kind of a drag that I couldn’t look for anything for myself, but really I just went “school shopping” last week and got plenty of new stuff for me, so I’m set. Megan’s set. We’re all set! Now if only school would start.

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  1. Ryan

    Technically, if you got 6 skirts and / or pants and 6 shirts, thats 6*6 = 36 outfits, since each skirt / shirt combination is a different outfit.

    This assumes that every top goes well enough with every bottom that you can count it as an ‘outfit’, but as you well know, my clothes-matching standards are pretty low.

    Of course, that doesn’t help you much, as if you count this way, your ‘opponent’ will as well.



    P.S. Happy Anniversary!

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