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The Trials of a Busy Mom


Yesterday I was in kind of a funk. Call it winter blahs, maybe I caught John’s grumpiness or something, but I just didn’t feel like doing ANYTHING. So, I pretty much didn’t do too much, and that was fine. I did manage to go shopping to get a birthday present for Jenna, host playgroup here, make her macaroni and cheese and hamburgers as requested for her birthday dinner, and go see Cole’s science fair project at the science fair (Bread Mold!), and take the kids to the Dinasaur Museum for FHE, but really, I didn’t do much else.

Today, however, I’m feeling a little bit more productive. So far, I’ve managed to walk on the treadmill (my paltry 20 minutes, but still I did it), bathe the kids, call the dentist about the bill that keeps getting rejected by insurance, call and order a trestle bench for my “new” kitchen table, change the sheets on my bed (come to find out I had them on sideways–no wonder they kept coming up on the corners), do some laundry (not all the laundry, of course, but it’s a good start), clean the family room and bring in a rug from the other room, clean the play doh bits from the floor, play with the new horses Jenna got for her birthday, make lunch and watch Grey’s Annatomy(recorded from Sunday–it made me cry). All before 1:00.

And the sun is shining and I just heard a millie vanilli (spelling?) song on the radio that totally reminds me of a trip to St. George right after graduation, and it makes me smile.

Here’s hoping the rest of the day will also be semi-productive.

After I get John to take a nap. That could take the rest of my day. We’ll see.


  1. Remember how we gave eachother code names like they had in “Top Gun”? Yours was Snuggie, wasn’t it?

  2. Hello? Your unproductive day was more than my productive day. I wish I was more like you! What “new” kitchen table?

  3. I so love Grey’s Anatomy and didn’t see the Lizzie baby thing coming!!! Doesn’t Lizzie remind you of Michelle, both so pretty.

  4. Don’t you love a kick-butt kind of day? Then you can sit around all afternoon with no guilt.

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