What’s the deal with socks? I know we have enough socks around here, in fact I usually buy one or two packages (6-12) of socks each year for each person. So, if we do the math, that would mean that each person has at least 12 socks that are in working condition. Times 7 people, that would be 84 pairs of socks, or 168 socks–minumum. So, why is it that at least once a day I hear someone say “I can’t find any socks”? Does their slacker mother never do any laundry? I wish. I even swoop around the house “tidying up”, as they call it in the Velvateen Rabbit, and collect all the socks left in the mudroom, family room, living room, kitchen, or wherever the heck they leave them.

Can someone please explain it to me?