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Happy Birthday, Jenna!

Today is Jenna’s birthday!

She’s a joy to have around and we really have a lot of fun together. She is a beautiful girl and so sweet!

She’s had a lot of fun the past few days, to celebrate her birthday. I’m afraid today might be a bit of a let down since the festivities were over the weekend.
On Thursday she got to go out to dinner and shopping with her grandparents and cousin Camille. She was so excited all day, she could barely stand it. They went to McDonald’s, and then shopping at ToysRUs, and she picked out some great pony stuff. When she got home, John was the one who was so thrilled by her purchases, and couldn’t wait to play with her my little pony (and thankfully she shared with him).
On Friday the kids had the day off so she got to play with friends.
Saturday we hosted a party for 8 of her friends. Add that to the 5 kids here, and it was a bit overwhelming. Next year I don’t let her invite boys. They are just too wild! (Of course, she invited 6 of them, so I should have expected that). I had boys who didn’t want to play the games, who didn’t want cake or ice cream and who wanted to go home before the party was over. What? But she had a fun party, and that’s what is important. She got lots of wonderful presents and enjoyed herself immensely.
Yesterday we invited a new family in our neighborhood over for lunch, and then she spent the rest of the day coloring with her new crayola wonder markers and paper.
Today is her actual birthday and I only have one present to give her, since we gave them to her at her party. We usually go out to dinner for birthdays but Ryan and I have done so poorly on our respective plans for weight loss that we don’t want to go to an eating establishment. Maybe we’ll go to a movie instead.

Happy Birthday, my Jenna dear. We love you!


  1. For pictures of the lovely event, click on this link

  2. She is a very cute girl. And how fun that she and Rachel (?) Mason will share their birthdays.

  3. Grandma Coleman

    February 1, 2006 at 8:39 am

    What a wonderful girl, and a wonderful family who treat her so well. She is very fortunate. We love Jenna.
    Grandma and Grandpa Coleman from Palmyra, New York

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