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Teen Boy Stink

I have an 11 1/2 year old boy, so you wouldn’t think we’d have all that teen boy stink already, would you? But apparantly, they do not have to be teenagers to begin smelling like one. Yesterday I walked into his room for some reason or another, and when I opened the door, I was assaulted with such a rank smell that I thought I might throw up. It smelled like smelly boy plus… I don’t know. I swiftly grabbed all the clothes from the floor (not that many, really, for such a bad smell), and started a load of laundry. I grabbed his coat, a towel flung over the back of a chair and all the stray socks I could find, and put them in the laundry room, too (oh, my freshly painted landry room that was clean for about a day!). Then I rummaged around in a kitchen cupboard until I found that little plug-in air freshener that I had bought a while back, and plugged it in!

When the poor boy came home from school yesterday, I practically pounced on him and told him to go and take a shower, right now, and don’t forget to put on deoderant. I don’t want to punish him for being a smelly boy, I just don’t deal well with certain smells, and would like to not have them in my home.

In discussing this with Ryan, I said that that’s why teenage boys have a room in the basement. Why? he asked, so you won’t smell them? Exactly. My brother had a room in the basement, and I’ll bet that’s where you and your brother’s rooms were, right? I was right. Well, we aren’t quite ready to plonk a bunch of money that we don’t have into finishing the basement just so I won’t have to smell my boy, so we’ll work on hygene and general cleanliness habits and hope we can improve things a bit. Which reminds me..I have to go and strip his bed.


  1. My boys’ room always has a sweaty-boy smell–it drives me crazy!! And we don’t have a basement to banish them to!

  2. I think the trick is to have them sleep half naked with no covers. My little 5 year old’s room gets pretty bad because he sweats to death in his sleep. Last week I was really sick and ended up taking some nasty cough medicine that totally took me out! My husband went up in the morning to discover my little boy curled in a ball with no covers on his bed at all and his pajama bottoms off because he “didn’t like the grey ones”. However, the room didn’t stink! I am telling you , half naked sleepers…..they may catch pnemonia, but they won’t stink!

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