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Actual Conversation

Me, as I’m driving my 12 year old son to the church for scouts–“So, what are you guys doing tonight?”

Him–“Um, I think we’re just planning our campout.”

Me–“Campout? What campout would that be?”

Him–“You mean I haven’t told you about the campout? Geez! How could I forget to tell you about our campout?”

Me, with an exasperated look upon my face, which fortunately He couldn’t see because it was dark–“WHEN is this campout supposed to be?”

Him–“Um, I think it’s this weekend.”

Me–“This weekend?! Do they not realize it’s going to be about 2 degree this weekend and you’ll all freeze to death? Who are they anyway? Who in their right mind plans a campout in DECEMBER! No to mention that we have about 83 things going on this weekend! What in the world are they THINKING?!!” Ok, I didn’t really say all that. I probably stopped after the first sentence. But that’s what I was thinking. You know it.


  1. Justin also has an unofficial scout campout this weekend. It is crazy!!

  2. I just *love* scouts. Really. I do. Really.

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