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Well, that’s never happened to me before

I was getting ready to leave, and used the bathroom. After I finished, I flushed. As I flushed, the button on my Mr. Rogers sweater fell right off and fell in the toilet. Ack! I said, as I tried to figure out how to get that very specific covered button back. Too late. It’s been flushed away. How weird is that? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve flushed down the toilet?


  1. An important piece of paper that I had been holding onto very tightly just to avoid doing such a thing….

  2. I dropped my first cordless phone in the toiley…didn’t flush, but might just as well have.

  3. Well, this didn’t happen to me, but someone I went to law school with dropped his cell phone in the toilet. After he used it. (he had previously done the same thing about 3 times before too). Well, this time he somehow flushed it down the toilet and it went down into the pipes. A couple of days later he told a buddy of mine that he “got it out”. I have no idea how. And he was reusing the same phone. Gross.

  4. Janice from Book Club

    November 20, 2006 at 11:31 am

    My older brother flushed my Dad’s wedding ring down the toilet

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