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The season has started

At the grocery store, I stumbled upon my favorite ice cream. It’s the peppermint stick ice cream that tastes like candy canes! Yum! Hooray! I should reall buy about 5 gallons and keep it until June, but I’m not going to do that. I also picked up a very small carton of egg nog. Did you know they have soy egg nog and lactose free eggnog? I guess that’s for people like my sisters who can’t drink the regular stuff. Anyway, yum. Let the celebrations begin!


  1. I LOOOOOVE all the ice cream flavors: gingerbread, peppermint, egg nog and pumpkin. YUMMMMMM!

  2. I must point out that hiding the eggnog from me does you absolutely no good after you post that you’ve bought eggnog.



    P.S. Thanks for the eggnog!!!

  3. My Albertson’s card has finally done soom good! They’ve sent me coupons for lactose-free eggnog! Hooray!

  4. Rats!! Just when I could use the excuse that I am lactose intollerant so I can’t “try” the eggnog–now they have taken that from me too. Why is it that eggnog lovers insist every year that if you just “try it again, you might like it now”. I WON’T. I Won’t, I won’t I won’t. Nuff said!

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