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Train up a child…

Have I mentioned that I am trying to teach my kids the way of contesting? I’d like them to grow up to be winners (in every sense of the word!). A local radio station does a feature called “no adult left behind” where kids ask grade school questions to adults, and see if the adults can get them correct. It’s kind of like that new show “Are you smarter than a 5th grader”. Well, at 7:00 am they usually ask for a kid to call in to ask the questions.  They feed the kids the questions and record it, then the adult calls in a few minutes later to play.  Usually the adults cannot get 2 out of 3 right, and the kid wins.  I’ve had Cole call in once, and I think Megan has called in twice.

So, this morning, the phone rang at 7:06, and we’re thinking, “Who could that be, calling us while we’re still in bed?”

“Hi, this is Todd from B98.7, and we’re wondering if Megan wants to play no adult left behind.”  Hmmm.  There must not have been any kids calling in this morning.  Maybe they are all home sleeping since they are out of school for spring break.  So, I went to wake up Megan, but she was still really asleep.  I told Cole to pick up the phone instead, so he did it.  I think his questions were: “What is 11 times 12,” and “What is the state fruit of Utah,” and that’s all it took for that adult to go down defeated.  So, Cole won a prize!  Of course, it’s not a prize that we are really excited about or can actually use (4 tickets to a baseball game tomorrow night–can you say, it’s not yet baseball weather and no, we’re not going?), but he was still excited about hearing himself on the radio and winning!


  1. Mom

    That’s fun! Way to go kids!!
    But I think they need some easier questions.

  2. Amy

    That’s only two questions. What was the third? I’m sure any adult could come up with 11 x 12 if they were given longer than five seconds. I honestly don’t know the state fruit, though. Is it a peach? Tomato? Strawberry? What is it?

  3. Ryan

    Cherry. I didn’t know that one, but I did know the multiplication one, and I knew the answer to the last one, but I don’t remember the question.

  4. Emily

    bummer of a prize! But it’s always fun to be a winner. Way to go, Cole 🙂

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