The Trials of a Busy Mom

Well, ya gotta have friends… (sing it with me, now!)

I’ve had the most fun hanging out with my friends the last few days.

Wednesday night was bells rehearsal, and that’s pretty fun, with girl chat in the carpool.

Thursday the kids played with their friends, the Hilmos, and all had a wonderful day staying out of my hair.  That night I got to  go to book club at Tess’s house, and it was a wonderful discussion on a great book, The Book Thief.  And of course, lots of laughing and good food with the girls.
Friday I took the kids to go see “Night at the museum” and then to McDonalds where they had a great time and played so well together in the play place.  They all thanked me for taking them for such fun.  Then Ryan and I met up with Kimberly and Todd and had dinner at the Training Table.  We’ve been scheduling and rescheduling with them for about 6 months, now, and it was fun to get together with them.

On Saturday, we went up to Red Butte Gardens for the wedding reception of a friend, then that night I went to Amber’s place to celebrate Michelle’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Michelle! Melinda picked up Cafe Rio food for us, and we had a fun time laughing and eating, then watched a nice chick flick.

I’m  thankful that I have wonderful friends to have fun with, and also thankful for my wonderful hubby, who didn’t seem to mind that I was gone a whole lot this week.  Now my house is an absolute disaster and I have to go and find my sink before we all get ready for church.  How was your week?


  1. An Ordinary Mom

    This moth has been the month for seeing good friends. It has made me realize how much I cherish these incredible friendships!

  2. kimberly

    It was so great to see you guys. I am so grateful we FINALLY got together too. Wow–we really did it! Now if we schedule for another time, we might get together in time for Christmas.

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