The Trials of a Busy Mom

Because I’m brilliant that way

I mentioned that we went to a wedding reception on Saturday, right?  Well, I failed to mention my brilliance in addressing the card atop the present.  I had lost the invitation, and she had sent an email telling us what time and where, but didn’t put her the name of her fiance.  I had met the guy once and I knew it was a name that started with D.  Some kind of funky name.  Like not David or Drew.  Darius.  So, on the card, I put Cortney and Darius.  When we got to the reception and I’m putting the gift on the table, I realize that Darius is indeed NOT the groom’s name.  Donovan.  So, there I go, stealing the pen from the guest sign in table to chance the name on the card.  Gosh, i hope I wasn’t stupid enough to write their names on the inside of the card.


  1. Amber

    Ahhhh, why would you be worried about something so inconsequential as THE GROOOM’S NAME? Now the bride’s name. That’s something to stress about. 🙂

  2. Kristy

    Hey, I was in Utah at a wedding reception on Saturday night too! Where did you go for yours?

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