The Trials of a Busy Mom

What is that noise?

Saturday, as I was cleaning the bird cage and scraping and cleaning the bird poop off the floor (Ick!!!), there was a weird buzzing noise.  I called Ryan in and asked him if he knew what that noise was.  We walked around listening to electronics, thought it was the fridge for a while, but then he turned that off and the noise kept on going.  He even went so far as to turn off all the breakers, while I, armed with a walkie talkie, told him if the noise was still there.  He turned them all off, and the noise kept on.  We could NOT figure out what it was.  Finally, he said, “Where’s your phone?”  “In my purse,” I said.  Well, it wasn’t in my purse, so he called it with the home phone.  Once the cell phone rang, the strange noise stopped.  Seems the phone (in my garage sale bag, NOT my purse) had something sitting on it, pushing one of the buttons, thus making that annoying sound.  It was sitting right there on the chair ringing at me the whole time.  And yes, it took a man to figure that out.

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  1. Emily

    So the male species is good for something after all! Totally kidding 🙂 Glad you figured out where the noise was coming from–there aren’t many things more unnerving than mysterious, unexplained noises.

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