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Fridge Fest

It started as a typical Saturday. Places to go, games to watch, jobs to do…you know the drill. As I was just about to leave to take Natalie, Jenna and John with me to go to Natalie’s 9:00 volleyball game, I opened the fridge and realized it just wasn’t that COLD. Same thing with the freezer. I quickly told Ryan and the two kids to hurry and load up all the freezer stuff into coolers or to take it out to the garage freezer, that the fridge had given up. It wasn’t a total surprise, as last night all the little numbers on the digital readout were either blinking or not working, and we knew something in the circuitry wasn’t right. Ugh. This fridge isn’t that old. It’s the fridge I got for my birthday not even four years ago.

Well, let me just say that I am blessed to have a quick thinking husband. Even though he was getting ready to leave for day three of his 3 day geek fest (some sort of open source conference in Salt Lake that he wanted to go to for his birthday, so that was my present to him. Aren’t I such a creative gift giving wife?), he quickly looked up the symptoms online and figured out that our fridge probably had a bad capacitor. After emptying out the freezer, he was able to pull out the fridge, take out the bad little capacitors, then went to the electronics store or the repair store (I don’t exactly know) and got replacement parts.

When the kids and I got home from volleyball, the fridge was pulled out, water was all over the floor from the melting ice, but he was fixing those parts. Hallelujah! It worked. My super smart, handy, industrious husband was able to avoid calling a repair man, and fix our fridge for under $3! AND he was able to do it BEFORE our entire fridge/freezer full of food melted into sludge and creeped out all onto the floor! Double Hallelujah!!!

Once the part was back in, the back of the fridge vacuumed out and the fridge put back in place, Ryan and his two helpers whisked out the door to attend the geek conference. What a man! On Saturday, it’s “Family day”, and he was nice enough to take Cole and Megan along. They missed the keynote speaker, but that’s probably just as well. The rest of the day will be classes, games, free pizza, and other stuff that those teenagers and my geeky husband should just love. He even invited me. How sweet! No, thanks.

I am content to clean out the freezer (since it’s empty and all), mop the floor, and put some of the food back in the freezer. I breathe a sigh of relief and count my blessings that this fridge thing, which could have been a HUGE crisis and could have cost a LOT of money, was only a minor annoyance.

Happy Birthday, Ryan

It’s my sweetie’s birthday today. And to Ryan, I’d like to say:

You’re looking old, dear. Much older than your younger wife. What are you, now, 42? Yep, that’s pretty old. What? I’ll be that old soon? Well, you’ll still be older.

Love you!

Rock the Tots

You can never tell what those kids are going to like. The other night, we faced yet one more in an endless string of “what’s for dinner?” nights, and I thought, “tater tot casserole”. As I thought about it more, I realized that I did indeed have tater tots, but since the great freezer thaw of ’09, I didn’t have any ground beef in the freezer. I did, however, have chicken, and it was already cooked and ready to be used. So, in about 2 minutes, I threw together our dinner.

–shredded chicken,
–one can of cream of mushroom soup
–one can of french cut green beans (also kind of an improvisation, as I usually use regular cut green beans, not french cut, but oh, well, that’s what I had on hand)
–1/2 a bag of tater tots

That’s all folks. Then I put it in the oven for about 30 minutes and declared dinner done.

As we sat down at the table, I was dreading the whole experience. Hubby was was not going to be home for dinner, as he was helping my parents with some sort of cable issue, so I had no back up. It’s just me trying to wrangle these 5 kids and make them eat dinner, which I knew would be fraught with complaints.

I set out the dinner, which was said tater tot casserole and some other stuff (stuff like salad and grapes, maybe some carrots for good measure). “What’s that?” one of them asked.
“Tater tot casserole!” another one said with joy.

They SNARFED that casserole down. They even asked, “Do we have to save some for Dad, or can we eat the rest?” I was in shock. I mean, I hadn’t even made it right, using chicken (which is practically a swear word to one daughter), and they still loved it. Apparently, tater tots make everything better. They raved about this casserole, eating every last bite of it (well, except for John, who when I asked if he had tasted it, said, “I tasted it once before, and I don’t like it.” It wasn’t worth the battle, so I just let him eat his apples instead).

So, every one in a while I hit one out of the park. Even without trying.
And while we’d probably NEVER hear Martha saying this, I’m going to quote her anyway..

“Tater tot casserole. It’s a good thing.”

Our Hawaiian retreat party

Natalie’s birthday was Saturday, and we threw another fantastic (meaning loud) party for her and her 10 and 11 year old friends. And I need to remember who NOT to invite next year (the loud one). OK, I’ll get over that. She originally asked for a sleepover, but that idea got nixxed, especially when we realized that she had a volleyball game at 8 am the next morning. But we did do a Luau, and I think it turned out very well.

We started out with a craft, which is always a nice activity to do while waiting for everyone to get there.
Then we did some limboing. Because it’s fun to limbo. We might just have to incorporate the limbo into every party now.

And then there was food. There must always be food at a party, right. We went with the real authentic Hawaiian food. Pizza. Hawaiian pizza.

And that pizza disappeared in about 3 seconds flat.

Next we experienced the “spa” part of the party. Each of the girls got a little facial. We put on a nice mask and gave them some cucumber slices.
And then they all found a place to lay down and relax. I would have to say that this was the best part of the party. Even though they did not stop talking, they did stop moving. At least for a little while.
After they were all exfoliated and refreshed and cleaned off, we played the fun little “truth or dare game” that we played last year. It’s such fun, they don’t even mind that they have already played it before.

Soon it was time for presents, always fun at a birthday party, and CAKE. I must once again thank my fabulous sister-in-law. Even though she had a super busy weekend, she managed to decorate AND deliver this cake (delivery was a BIG problem, because almost all the roads leading to our house just happened to be closed on Friday. I don’t know when this construction is going to be done, but it’s been a huge pain!) and we totally appreciate her. Go, Julene!

After the cake and ice cream, we had just enough time to gather up the treat bags and the crafts and paint some fingernails before the parents came.

*Whew* It was a FUN party, but most of all, it was a happy night for our sweet Natalie. Happy Birthday, Natalie, and may 11 be a wonderful year for you!

Cherish the ones you love

You want to know what love is? This post by Amy took my breath away, and made me cry. She really puts into words her extremely personal feelings about her late husband.

I hope I can appreciate and cherish my family, and especially my dear husband now, and this post reminds me that I need to express my love to them more often. I hope to do better at that.
Thank you to my husband, who puts up with my crazy life. I mean, really, he should have known when he married me that I wasn’t going to be content to just sit home and clean all the time. But he’s gone along with my silly plans to go off and do things, my obsession with winning things, and my creative ideas for family fun. He holds down the fort while I pursue my fantasy of being on stage, and supports me in all things bell choir related. He is sweet with the kids, patient and loving when needed, but tough when he has to be. He even dressed up in a Darth Mall Costume and let 9 crazy 5 year olds take him down. He supports our family without complaining, which is a quality that not every husband has. He lets me make my own choices and would support me in almost anything I decided to do. No, he’s not the greatest help when it comes to housework, but I guess I can live with that. He loves me unconditionally, and he loves the kids as much as any father I know. He can fix just about anything, except maybe the neighbor’s computer, which he’s been working on for about a week, now. And that laptop that he was going to fix and give me for mother’s day. *ahem* He knows all kinds of useless trivia, but at least he knows it. If I were on a game show, he would most likely be my “phone-a-friend”. Because he really is smart. He honors his priesthood and faithfully fulfills his callings both as a ward clerk and nursery leader, and he loves it when the little kids call him “Daddy.”

My tribute may not be as good as Amy’s but there is no shortage of love there. Ryan, You da Man, and I love you!

Smelly Car

I got into my car today only to be met with a nasty smell. It only takes one water bottle spill or someone to leave a wet towel in the car to give the car that mildewy smell. I couldn’t find any fabreeze, so I grabbed a can of air freshener and started spraying. It didn’t seem to help.

I felt like I was in that one Seinfeld episode where the valet transfers his BO to the car.

I had to go somewhere, so I quickly pulled out the offending floor mat (yes, it was a leaky water bottle–I knew it!) and left the windows open just a crack for the rest of the day. Yes, it was about 48 degrees and I’m driving with my windows open, but you do what you gotta do.

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