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Thank you, Batman

Batman is currently saving my children from boredom.

We got John the Lego batman game for his birthday, and the kids have been playing it CONSTANTLY since. Well, except when I tell them that the Wii needs a rest. And for the most part they are getting along while playing. So, if they get 20 hours of playing from this one game, I consider it a good investment.

Of course, tomorrow the long weekend is over and Batman will have to go back inside his case and rest so that we can all do our homework.

Can he really be Seven years old?

John is now seven. I can’t believe it. I’m still in shock. How can my BABY (and try as he might to overcome that title, he will always be my baby) be that old? In first grade, no less?

That little 5 pound four ounce tiny runt of a kid has sure grown up.

Well, they tell me it’s true. Now he’s a running, jumping, soccer playing, star wars obsessed boy.

Not one to get shorted out of ONE moment of birthday fun, he came into my room at about 5:50 am and said, “Mom, you need to get up and make me breakfast in bed.”
So, we all got up, made him breakfast, and even brought him his presents in bed. Hey, dad was out of town and there was no party planned for the day, so why not? He was thrilled with his lego star wars stormtrooper set, Lego Batman Wii game, and Galactic Heros star wars figuring. He was not too thrilled with the new pajamas, although he did wear them that night. He was more concerned with how MANY presents there would be rather than is they were awesome presents.

He was the special birthday boy at school, played with his Star Wars guys all afternoon, and we even went out to Iceberg for dinner. He got himself a free birthday shake, but was so full from his kids’ meal and ice cream that we put the whole thing in the freezer. There will surely be a party later.

Happy Birthday, John. I’m glad you are my baby! He may be stubborn and he may be a little spoiled, but he makes our lives fuller and richer and we can’t imagine what we’d do without him!

Oh, how I love that boy!


Six Things I Could Live Without, but It Wouldn’t be Pretty:

– A car

– My washing machine

– Deodorant

– Lipstick

– The Internet

– Mascara

Six Movies I’ve Never Seen Before

– Any of the Godfather movies

– 2001: A Space Odyssey

– Any of the Twilight movies, (although I will admit that I just checked the first one out from the library)

– Casablanca

– Die Hard, or any of the sequels

– Mad Max

Six of My Pet Peeves
(believe it or not, I had a hard time coming up with six things. It must be a good day)

– Signs that are spelled wrong. And not just things like “Krazy Kars” (although I don’t like those, either. Why can’t they just spell things correctly?)

– Car repairs

– People (meaning my children) who take their socks off and just leave them on the floor

– People who leave a tablespoon of cereal (or milk, or juice) in the container and then put it back

– When I have just returned from taking someone somewhere, and someone else says, “Mom, will you take me to ….?”

– Flaky people

Six Things I Really Love Doing


– Laughing with my family

– Cooking

– Singing along to the radio

– Winning things

– Reading

Six TV Shows I Enjoy

– Covert Affairs

– the Amazing Race

– Glee

– Burn Notice

– Chuck

– the Closer

Six Jobs I Have Held

– Party Hostess at McDonald’s party room

– Purchasing Agent at a pool cover manufacturing plant

– Receptionist

– Sandwich maker/ice cream scooper

– Substitute teacher

– teacher/cook at a day care

Six Books I’ve Never Read

– Gone with the Wind

– War and Peace

– Anything by Steven King

– Watership Down (although I started it, but couldn’t get into it)

– Jane Eyre

– Any of The Lord of the Rings

Six Movies I will ALWAYS Watch if I happen to see them on tv
– Overboard

– Napoleon Dynamite

– The Breakfast Club

– Oceans 11

– The Princess Bride

– Sleepless in Seattle

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