I’m sitting here waiting for midnight so all the people that are here for our New Year’s Eve party will go home.
Aren’t I a great hostess?

At the last minute I told the kids they could invite some friends over, and I invited a couple of families that I thought would be fun. We cleaned up the basement and cleaned and vacuumed and brought out some food. Although I just realized that the veggie tray and the hummus I bought from Costco today are STILL in the fridge. Oh, well.
John’s small fry friends came at 8:00. Just two of them. They left at 10, since they are only 8 and not up to staying up all that late.

Jenna’s two besties also came.
Natalie had one friend come.
Megan has two friends over.
When the parents dropped kids off, they asked how late they could stay. We told them we’d kick everyone out at exactly 12:01, and not a minute later.

Cole had two friends come, and it looks like one of them just left to go home.
And two of my friends came over, too.
Ryan, my friend Lisa, and Natalie and I played Settlers of Catan.
The kids played Curses, Jump and Bump, Rock Band, Kinnect, and some other games, I’m sure.
They ate pizza, donuts, chips and dips, chocolate, M&M’s, soda, and whatever else we put out.

It’s 11:30.

Currently four of the girls are watching Psych.
Jenna and her two friends were telling scary stories. Now they are playing Curses.

I suggested to John that he get into his pajamas, but he didn’t like that suggestion.

At about 10:30 I slunk upstairs and watched some Saturday Night Live. But then I came back downstairs at 11:00 when Ryan came upstairs so that there was an adult presence among the partiers.

I’m too old for staying up till midnight just because it’s New Year’s Eve.

Ryan’s sister Julene invited us to the Chilean association party, where the dinner starts about ten, and the dancing goes from 10-2. I don’t think I’m up to that kind of partying. Especially not when we have 9 am church.

I hope that you all had a fun New Year’s Eve.
I hope that you’ve had a nice day surrounded by your family and friends.
I hope you were safe as you drove home.
I hope that you have a wonderful start to your New Year, and that 2012 will be a happy and prosperous year for you.