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Winter..whenever it comes

We’ve had an odd winter this year. Not much snow in December or January, then we get pounded the end of Feb and beginning of March. I had a white knuckle drive to Salt Lake on Wednesday night. I was going about 10 miles per hour for quite a stretch on the freeway, just hoping I could stay in my lane and eventually get downtown for rehearsal. Thursday night’s drive home from SLC was not bad until I hit Utah county, and then it was pretty blizzardy.

After the wind all night, what snow we had is now in waves and drifts.

And when I look out at the chicken coop, I see this.

It looks cold out there. I don’t want to go out and feed them, and I’m pretty sure they don’t want to be let into their run, since it’s all snowy and their little feet would be very cold.

Speaking of cold little feet, I told my kids that today was definitely a BOOTS day, with hats and gloves and COATS (not just hoodies like they usually wear). Some of them found those articles, some did not. But off to school they did go. Through the snow.

I was quite enjoying our “California Winter”.

Just a reminder that you don’t want to miss Sunday’s Music and the Spoken Word Broadcast. We will be playing three songs! Two with the choir and one by ourselves, and it’s a majorly hard song, so I hope it works ok.

Now, I’m off to go make Eagle cookies.

Because when I was at the scout store (again) I couldn’t resist this cute Eagle cookie cutter. So, if any of you find yourself in need of an eagle cookie cutter, let me know, I could totally lend it to you.

Life moves pretty fast

Life is full of momentous moments.
Tuesday, my sister gave birth for the 14th time (GASP! I KNOW!) and they now have a new beautiful baby girl named Eliza. (I haven’t seen her yet, but I hear she is bald and kind of looks like one of my babies. I guess that means that this one is for me, right? I’ll take her and that cute little 3 year old boy, ok? They would hardly miss them!) She is amazing, and I don’t know how she keeps her sanity, let alone gets all those kids dressed every day. Wow!

One of my bell choir friends had her baby last night on leap day. She did NOT want a leap day birthday baby, but when a baby is ready, it’s ready.

Our dear friend, David, opened his mission call last night, and my nephew is planning on opening his call tonight. He will be the first missionary from our family, and it’s very exciting! It’s also kind of scary for me, because Cole will be doing that mission call thing next year.

Meanwhile, I’m busy planning Cole’s Eagle court of honor on Sunday, and we’re in the throws of planning an 18th birthday party, then graduation for him, and before I can blink, I’ll be helping him move into his dorm room at BYU and trying not to cry until I get back into the car to drive home.

Not to be left out, the other kids are also experiencing many of their own ‘firsts’ and accomplishments. Megan’s got almost all 40 hours of her ‘driving with dad’ time logged, and they’ve enjoyed their father daughter outings together. Natalie is working hard on her personal progress, and every week comes to me with more things to sign off. She is hoping to get all finished this year. John earned his wolf badge last night, and was so thrilled to go to the blue and gold banquet and get his badge. (Now I just have to figure out where they put it, and sew it on before it gets lost). Jenna is doing an afterschool storytelling program, and competed in the school story telling competition. She’s very animated and tells a wonderful story!

Life is amazing! I am so proud of my kids and the people they are growing into. The other day I was lamenting the fact that they are growing up so fast and that there are no more babies to cuddle and hold, (and I still feel that way) but I am so enjoying watching my kids grow and learn. They are incredible kids! So much smarter than I was at their age, and they are doing so well. I need to remind myself to appreciate who they are and not try to make them into who I want them to be.

In the words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Oh, and speaking of growing, look how BIG our little chicks are! No longer the cute little fluffballs of two weeks ago, they are looking more and more like chickens every day.

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