120Last weekend our Relief Society group went up to the Heber Valley Girl’s camp for a ladies’ retreat. We met at 5:00 in the church parking lot, and after a full day of Kindergarten subbing (my first sub job of the year), I was ready for some adult interaction with my friends. The drive up was fun, talking to friends. When we got up there, it was time for dinner, and they had it all ready for us. We unloaded our stuff into the cabins and enjoyed a yummy dinner of chili, salads, and cornbread.

Once we were stuffed with yummy food, we got our jackets (because it was starting to get cold) and sat down for a class taught by a new couple in the ward who do motivational speaking. One of the activities they had us do was to get into groups and we were supposed to look into one sister’s eyes and think “Who are you?”. Then write down 5 or 6 words that we think describe her. Then the 3 of us would come up with the top 5 words we thought were perfect for them. As we were discussing each sister, it was interesting how we would think of their best or most interesting qualities. I ended up writing down things like “Creative, problem solver, and industrious” for one sister. Another sweet sister who seems to do everything perfectly, I said “calm”. She always seems calm to me. As she read her list, she said, “Thank you for saying you thought I was calm. Do you really think I’m calm?” I really do. When it got to be my turn I realized how uncomfortable this was, to just sit and have people look into your eyes and write things about you. My list was words like “Energetic, motivate, friendly, fun, talented, service.” Some of the words I understood, but the Motivator and Energetic? I tried not to cry. I don’t feel like I’m motivating to anyone, and it seems I can barely get through my day, let alone my to-do list. It was nice to see myself how other people might see me. And if they can see the good qualities in me, it should be easier to see myself as my Heavenly Father sees me.


We had fun staying up to talk and eat snacks, although I was still so full from dinner I didn’t really eat many of the snacks. My friend, Serena joked with me that it was past my bedtime (because it totally was), but I stayed up until about 12:30, when we all mosied into our cabins to go to sleep. I don’t have much of a pad to go under my sleeping bag, and those bunks in the cabins are just bunks, so it was quite hard. Luckily, even though it was cold and windy outside, it was a nice temperature inside, so I slept on top of the sleeping back with the blanket I had brought. Darn if I didn’t forget my earplugs, though. But I slept some. Enough to have a few strange dreams.

Breakfast in the morning was french toast with rasberries and buttermilk syrup and bacon. So great! We were very spoiled.

The theme of the retreat was “One drop at a time” from Elder Ballard’s book by the same title, and we read from that book about how each bee only makes 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey from all his work. Our good works may only be a drop, but at least they are good works, and we can add to them one drop at a time.

When we had signed up for this camp, we could sign up for a hike and/or a ropes course. I haven’t been in Relief Society for a few weeks, so I didn’t remember which I had signed up for. But we all decided to go on a short hike, and then we all went to the ropes course together. We knew there was a zip line but we didn’t know much else. WE got there and there was indeed a zipline, but in order to get to it, you had to first climb a 26 food pole, then tightrope walk across a cable up 26 feet, holding on to ropes to get across. I looked up and didn’t know if I could do it. I mean, I am overweight and severely out of shape and not keen on climbing. But then I saw Sister Hansen. She’s about 70 years old and she was the second in line to suit up in the harness. If SHE can do it, I could certainly give it a try.

And there she was climbing up that pole. She didn’t make it all the way to the top, but those missionaries just held on to her and slowly lowered her down to the ground. She was safe, but she had tried. I had to do it. I got suited up with the rest of the ladies and waited my turn. “I can’t go last,” I said, “If I wait until last I may not have the guts to do it.”

I had to try. Up the pole I went. Climbing, pulling myself up, listening to the missionaries who were telling me where to place my feet and where to reach my hands. Even though I was breathing hard (practically panting), I made it to the top of the pole. Once I was there, I didn’t really know how to get onto the tightrope, but the missionaries were there to coach me along. I got to the tightrope and I did not look down. I just kept scooting sideways (always be sure to keep your foot farther out than your shoulder, they said), grabbing each rope until I got to the end. There were no more ropes, only a sister missionary there to reach out her hand. I had to scoot a couple more feet before she could help me onto the platform. I made it. I can’t believe I made it. I was feeling joy, fear, amazement, pride, and terror all at the same time. So weird. She unhooked me from one rope and hooked me onto the zipline rope. “you’re going to have to let go of this pole,” she said, “The pole does not go with you.” I chuckled and let go and scooted a little closer to the edge. She told me I was good to go. I had to finally just step off. Once I was did it, it was fun and exhilerating. But I had to take that step. I had to step with faith. Wow! So incredible. I wished I could try it again (not the climbing and tightroping part, just the zipline part). And my fellow sisters were there cheering me on. It was awesome. There were 15 or 16 of us who did that ropes course. For so many of them it was easy and fun. For me, it was terrifying and life changing.

But I DID it. I did it!

A look at the back patio



That’s Buckbeak, my sweet little rooster.

Buckbeak thinks he needs to get up on the patio table and crow and crow and crow. He crows when he feels like it all day. I thought roosters were just supposed to crow in the early morning. But I’d rather he crow during the day than in the early morning, I guess.



His girls are all scattered around. They like the patio, too. Not sure why. Is it warmer than grass, or do they just like to be close to the house? Whatever the reason, they end up pooping all over the patio, which is gross and a huge pain to wash off.


This little one is Sasha. She’s the same age as Buckbeak, but is still just a tiny little thing. Maybe she’s not going to be very big. She’s a sikly. Can she even see through that mess of feathers on her face?


And then there’s Fox, our sweet little three legged cat. She likes to curl up on the back porch, too, even though I bought her a nice soft cat bed that sits on the FRONT porch. If I moved it to the back porch, I fear chickens would just walk on it and poop on it. I don’t know why she prefers to sleep on wood, but there she is, trying to nap. Ignoring (or attempting to ignore) those feathered creatures that must surely be a bother to her, but she never chases them.

A reason to be brave


That’s me. 25 feet up in the air, walking across that tiny cable. I did it.

Not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet. Wonderful weekend!


I’ve read through the past few posts and they have been kind of downer posts. Got to do something about that, don’t I.

Well, we had a GREAT Labor Day weekend. I’ll skip over the details of the week, but lets just say I had a few more chime kids the second day, I got very familiar with the steam canner (I canned over 60 quarts of peaches, pears, and tomato juice) and we got ourselves a new little birdie.

On Friday, Megan came home and it was wonderful to hug my girl again. It’s been hard for me to have her gone, and missing her makes me miss Cole even more. Weird. So even though it’s only been two weeks since she left, I was SO happy to have her come home for the weekend. Friday we also welcomed our friends Robin and Ron, so we had a full house again. Hooray! Friday night we went out to dinner at the Spaghetti factory. Yum.

Saturday morning Robin and I got up and hit the garage sales shortly after 7:00. We found some GREAT stuff, I tell you. I may go into more detail on that later. Even though there were more sales, we had to stop about 9:30 because I was a-out of money, b-needing to use the bathroom, and c-was supposed to meet someone at 10:00.

By now you have probably seen this Talk Nerdy to me Video, right? If you haven’t, then just take a minute and watch. Pretty cool, right? I know the guy in the yellow shirt. He was the Cat in the Hat in Seussical all those years ago. He messaged me on Wed night and asked if I knew of someone with a horse in the Alpine area that he could use for a video shoot on Saturday. Of course I do. So, on Saturday, I met him over at Megan’s friend’s house to see about her horse. They looked at her pretty horse, and looked behind her to another horse, and said, “Can we use that one instead? That one is perfect!”
He took a picture and instagrammed it, saying, “Ya. We got an Epona. So stoked!”
zelda horse

Ipona is the name of the horse in the video game, The Legend of Zelda. Yeah, I wouldn’t know that, but my kids do.

Anyway, we spent the next hour mostly watching, sometimes helping these three guys film shots for their video. It’s not been released yet, so I can’t post a bunch of pictures just yet. I don’t even HAVE too many pictures, as I left my camera and phone in the car (duh). It was fun to watch the process, and when we left Keith thanked me profusely for my help (what help? I didn’t do much, but I’m glad it worked out.

Later that day we examined out yard sale loot and were pleased with our haul. Even Ryan, the skeptic of all skeptics, said I had done well and gotten some good deals. A BOSCH bowl for $2?! Crazy, right? A Whisper mill wheat grinder for $3? Insane.

That evening we went to my parents’ house for dinner. Mom had said we would eat from the garden…Corn, Tomatoes, Beans and Peaches. Yum. We also had sloppy joes and potato salad that we had made. It was all so yummy, and we all laughed a lot and had such a nice time.

It was a GREAT day.

Sunday was another great day as we got to go to Ryan’s niece Marissa’s homecoming and gathering at the house afterward. More great food. We were so stuffed.

Monday morning we tried to find more garage sales. It was pretty bleak, but we did at least find one, and it was a good one. Megan had mentioned that she wanted a typewriter, so I bought her one for $2.


Everyone had fun typing and playing with it, once Ryan adjusted it for them.



Then I took all three girls over to Great Clips for hair cuts. Megan wanted a trim, but Natalie and Jenna went for it.
Natalie before.


And after.


My girls. ARen’t they beautiful?

Then I took Megan to Walmart to stock up. I think she’ll have enough food now. Plus, I gave her peaches, pears I just bottled, ham from the freezer, butter….anything I could think she might need. Her car was packed and it was mostly food. She took a cooler in the car with her to keep everything cool for the 90 minute drive.


What a GREAT weekend. And tomorrow… John’s birthday.

Why do I even try?


That was a failure. First day of chime choir and I got 3 kids at my 7:00 time (one was John and one was his friend, who I picked up and brought) and 2 kids at my 8:00 class. Sadly, there’s not a lot you can do with 2 or 3 kids.

I’m supposed to have a beginner group tomorrow, that is just 3 and 4th graders. I have about 6 or 7 signed up, but they will be split, too.

If I don’t have at least 20 kids enrolled, there’s not enough money to pay me.

I feel like just calling it quits. Who needs to get up and be to school at 7:00 am anyway.

It’s like when you throw a party and you’re the only one who comes.

A list for back to school time.


1- Loving this rain. Love, Love, Love it! I can open the windows and smell the clean earth. The grass is green and lush and we are saving up valuable water.008
The sound of the rain is comforting to me. I love when I wake up at night and hear the rain. Plus it cools things off, and we definitely need that in August.

2- School starting. Ugh. The three kids at home started school yesterday.
No one came home in tears, and they generally had good things to say about school, so I guess it was good. I think we have our carpools in place to get them where they need to be. Three different schools. I start my chime choir next week.

3-Megan starts school at Snow college today.
We took her down to the small town of Ephraim on Saturday, and helped her move her stuff into her dorm room. She didn’t really want us to hang around and buy groceries or help her get organized, so we let her do that. Hopefully she actually bought some groceries and has something to eat. I had purchased most of her books for her online, but there were some smaller ones and a clicker that i didn’t get for her, so she was supposed to do that.

4-Flies. How in the world are there so many flies in my house? Argh.

5-Crowing. Two of our cute little chickens are definitely roosters. One of them is small and annoying and I wouldn’t miss him at all, but MY chicken is a beautiful rooster.
011 Wondering if I can just get rid of one and then the crowing won’t be so annoying to my neighbors.

6-Construction. I kind of don’t care if I annoy my back neighbors because I’m living with their construction noise and it’s annoying me. So there. But I do care about my other neighbors.

7-Peaches. It’s peach season, so I’ve got a lot of peaches that need to be bottled, eaten, cooked, or frozen. This morning I’m having a peach smoothie.

Aren’t they sweet?


My sister posted this lovely conversation with her 9 year old daughter that just made me laugh…

Brooke: “Eww, what are those black things under your arm?”
Mommy: “They’re hairs. I need to shave, but it’s hard to get time to take a shower when I’m taking care of all you kids.”
Brooke: “Eww, yes, you need to get rid of that! And your leg is all bristly.”
Mommy: “Someday, you will have the same thing on your legs.”
Brooke: “But I don’t! . . .Oh, I guess once I’m OLD like you, I might. So why does your body look so bad? Daddy’s older than you, and he’s PERFECT! You even said so! He’s like immortal! You said he’s smarter than you!”
Mommy: “Some day you’re going to learn to be more polite to your mother.”
Brooke: “But I can’t say something like ‘You’re beautiful’ when you have those ugly red bumps on your chin!”

By the way, my daughter says I shouldn’t post this. But I know nobody reads this anyway. It’s just for her to read when she’s my age so she can laugh.

Good thing I have a sense of humor, so she’s still alive.

Yes, as mothers, we sometimes take the brunt of the criticism, and brutal honesty, from our kids.

I got this message yesterday from college daughter, who is not big on thank yous or sentiment.

“I love you. Thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made for me to be in college that I will never know about. I’m going to crush it…. thank you.”

Yeah, if I weren’t already crying after dropping her off at school on Saturday, that would do it.

Kids. Gotta love them.

How I wasted a lot of time this week


I have been having some headaches and was feeling generally tired and run down, so I made an appointment with the doctor. My old doc died last fall from cancer and I really didn’t want to go see someone else, but I sucked it up and made an appointment with someone else in his practice.

Don’t you love explaining all your symptoms and complaints to a stranger? So fun.

Anyway, he reassured me that I most likely don’t have a brain tumor or some other degenerative disease, just tension headaches and stress causing the problems. But he agreed to do a blood test to look for weird hormone levels and such, gave me a prescription for a stronger pain killer and also some hormone replacement that might help with all the peri-menopausal stuff.

So, on the way home I went to the Walmart pharmacy to pick those up. Sadly, I realized I had taken the health savings credit card out of my wallet in order to pay some bills, and hadn’t put it back. Well, I’m not about to pay for a medical expense out of pocket when I can use the tax free money we’ve put aside for that, so I did some back to school shopping and came home.

Later that night I had to take Natalie to a party, and figured I would stop by and get the RX then. I looked in my wallet and couldn’t find that card again. I was SURE I had put it in my wallet. What? This time I did NOT buy any school supplies and just went home. At HOME, I discovered that card in my pocket, where I had put it. See, I’m losing my mind.

On Saturday, after the trip to Ephraim, Ryan suggested we stop at Walmart and get John’s pencil sharpener and colored pencils that he needed, and pick up those prescriptions. Of course there was a line at the pharmacy. There’s always a line. I have a friend who is a pharmacist there, and she pulled me up and said, “Paige, do you have a new insurance card, because it’s saying that the one I have on file isn’t valid.” Nope. Same card. Seh looked it up under Ryan’s name and said that for some reason I am not covered under his policy anymore. Um, what? I thought about just paying for it without the insurance (had my credit card this time), but it was $120 for just one rx. I asked about the other one, and she said they only had one. Seems they need pain killer rx to be actually called in, not just sent over electronically. So, I would need to call the doctor’s office AND call the insurance company.

When I came back to the car, the family was wondering what in the world had taken so long, so I explained my predicament and laughed. That night, I asked Ryan to log on to his insurance website and print out a new coverage card, which he did. Sure enough, the prescription coverage had a different number.

On Monday morning, I called the doctor’s office and explained that I needed them to actually call in that rx. Monday, after taking the kids to DI, we stopped at Walmart….again. I was sure I was armed with all the stuff I needed that that this time, the fourth time, I would get things taken care of.

They did indeed have both rxs this time, but when I gave them the newly printed off insurance information, they said THAT wasn’t correct, either. They would have to call the insurance company, if I wouldn’t mind waiting. Of course not. I sent the kids to go and buy milk and bread and gave them some money. Soon they were back and complaining that they were hungry. Well, we have milk and bread….. Not helping. I dug out all the change I had in my wallet and told them to go and buy whatever treat they wanted to with $1.30. Soon they came back with milk duds, and that was a good snack for us all to chew on while we waited. Once they spoke with the insurance company, they put our correct information into their system, so I guess we can only go there for our pharmacy needs.

I finally went to consult with my friend, the pharmacist. She explained that this pain killer was a mix of three things, and that it would make me sleepy, so if I couldn’t drive if I took it. What good does that do me, if I can’t drive? Probably won’t be taking THAT. And the headache is pretty much gone, now. The other one was a estrogen thing, but she was concerned that there wasn’t progesterone to balance it, since estrogen alone can cause cancer. What? And this one month supply was $110 WITH insurance. What? No generic, no synthetic? I ended up not getting that one. I guess I’m going to have to ask for something else there. So, after four different trips to Walmart and many hours spent waiting, I came home with one RX that I won’t use.

Later, I got a call from the Doctor’s office to tell me the result of the blood test (wonder how much that one is going to cost me?). All my levels looked normal, except my iron was low. I just about cried. I was so hoping that there was something that could FIX me, something that would help me have energy, help with the not sleeping and the crankiness.

I’ll be taking iron.

And you wonder why I don’t go to the doctor very often?



I had a crap day yesterday. A certain headstrong child of mine and I got into a huge angry shouting match and I behaved badly. As a mom, I should be more in control of my actions. Then I felt like a horrible failure all day.

My older daughter is leaving this weekend for college and she’s anxious and apprehensive about it. We still have much to do. I don’t know how to make it better for her, and I’m feeling the separation anxiety myself. I don’t want to let go. I want her to grow up and have a wonderful college experience, but I don’t want to be left out of her life. I want to know what she’s experiencing, but I know she won’t share much with me. And she’ll be two hours away, which isn’t great for just popping in for a lunch date.

As I was feeling sorry for myself and almost in tears while shopping at Costco, I remembered my dear friend had lost her mother that morning. “Buck up,” I told myself, “At least your mom didn’t die today.” True, my mom didn’t die, but the mother of a dear friend died. I spent many many hours in their home and I knew and loved their mom. I hate it that my friends are losing their parents. It reminds me that my parents are no longer young and that death could be a reality. My mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s small and they think they got it all with the surgery, but it’s still breast cancer.

Later in the afternoon I read that Robin Williams had died, and it looks like he may have taken his own life. Happy, Super Energetic Robin William. The one who made us all laugh. How could he be gone?

I’m just sad.
And it’s ok.

My new career as an act-or


It was quite a week last week.
Monday night was closing night of our awesome play.
Tuesday night we had our cast party.
Wed night was bells.
Thursday I got to film an infomercial. At my house. In my bedroom.
My friend had given me a couple of these pillows to try for a bit and then asked if I could do a testimonial. By testimonial, that means, the camera crew comes to your house and films you for over an hour talking about how much you LOVE that pillow. Insane amounts of love for that pillow, I tell you. Good thing I have no trouble being overly enthused for something (it’s called acting). The good thing was that she gave me plenty of warning so I could get my bedroom clean. What a mess it was. So that right there, it’s worth it to do the commercial. And I’ll get paid about $50 or so.

No pictures of this shoot, sorry. It was really funny when they had me “nap” on my bed with this pillow. They arranged me just right, and then I couldn’t move. Eyes closed, no laughing, no moving while they filmed me sleeping.


On Friday, I got up early to get dressed and get out of here so I could be to a house in Mapleton (about 40 minutes south of here) by 8:30. I had applied to be an extra for BYU’s sketch comedy show, Studio C, and they emailed me this week to see if I was available. They said to wear something fallish and bring options, in case they didn’t like the color. I was supposed to be there from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. When I got there, there were people setting up all through the house, and we 6 extras just sat on the couch and stayed out of the way. We watched while they did Mallory’s make-up and wig, and gave each cast member thier outfits for the day. We just stayed out of the way. (We had been warned in the email that this was not a time for autographs or pictures. It’s not a meet and greet and it’s a busy day, it said.)

Eventually, Bronwyn, the production assistant said, “Did someone give you guys your lines?” LINES? We have lines? She wrote down our line, then sent us each to talk to the costumer, who told us which of our clothes we should wear.
When they moved the filming to the room where we were, they sent the extras upstairs. Then we could look over the balcony at the set up.

They touched up our hair and makeup for us.

(These pictures aren’t the greatest. I had my camera, but I didn’t want to look to FAN STALKER ish, so I just used my phone to take pictures.


This guy, Stacey, was SO nice. He shook hands with all of us and was talking and asking us questions. He didn’t mind taking a picture or two.

We also got to partake of the snacks. I had a bagel and a banana. Didn’t want to seem too greedy or anything.

When it was my turn (they called for extra number 9, that’s me) I went down to the kitchen and they placed me and got the lighting right and cameras set up. The theme of the skit is that people want to set up all thier single friends. I say, “he’s really unique looking” while eating a piece of pizza. Then I say, “He’s got that classic farmer look”. They had me do it again and again and say it in a few different ways, taking a bite of cold pizza every time. Hey, I get to film with studio C, I will EAT COLD PIZZA! Yep, five hours for that.

When I went back upstairs to get my stuff, someone said, “Did you have to eat the pizza? We should have told you that we NEVER eat the food they give us. We usually spit it out.” Oh, well. I didn’t have anywhere to spit, and I’m not going to complain about the pizza being cold. I could be on TV!

No, we don’t get paid to do this. It’s just cool, so I would of course do it for free.

It was so fun. I love seeing how things go on, and all the work it takes to make a 5 minute sketch. If I make it past the editing process, I’ll be sure to let you know when and where you can watch it.