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I was complaining about how hard this dumb blog was to format and it didn’t look right when I put stuff in, and where were the spaces that I thought I was putting in, so Ryan (the king of all things technical and geeky) found a new format for me to blog in. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out without constant help from the instructor!

I sent Cole away to a week long camp this morning. EEK! He can’t possibly be old enough for camp, can he? I’m more than a little wary about him being away from home for 5 days, although deep down I know he’ll be ok. I guess it’s just learning to let him step out and be his own person that’s a bit hard (harder on Mommy than on anyone else). Gone are the days when I can tell him what to wear, or even who his friends should be (although I can and will still make suggestions). He’s a good kid and I’m very proud of how he’s growing up. And while he’s gone, I’m going to clean out his room–wish me luck with that. I could use Melinda’s purging and organizational skills to help me make a livable space out of a cluttered cave.

Ring Out Wild Bells

Well, this has been a busy week with Bells. Busy and exciting. We had our regular rehearsal on Wednesday night. Thursday was a rehearsal with the Tab Choir, where the 6 of us who are performing one song with the choir came and sat through about an hour of choir rehearsal, then were allowed to set up and play through our song one time. We felt a bit flummuxed that we used up a whole evening of driving to Salt Lake, waiting and waiting for 5 minutes of rehearsal time. Oh well. Then we had a make up rehearsal on Saturday, since we had missed one a few weeks ago. While I’m not hip on giving up a Saturday, it was kind of a fun rehearsal. Since it was in the morning we were fresh and not worn out and exhausted from our day. After practice some of us went to Crown Burger for lunch (yum!). Sunday we recorded Music and the Spoken Word with the Choir that will actually be broadcast on Father’s Day. The choir will be out of town for a few weeks, so they’ve been doing two broadcasts a week for a couple of weeks to prepare.

schmoo.jpgLet me tell you what an awesome experience it is to just be there on stage with the Tabernacle Choir and the Orchestra. It was incredibly scary and very exciting and humbling all at the same time. We were told to smile or at least “look pleasant” since the camera could be on us at any moment. We thought we were smiling the whole time, but we have some pictures taken today during the run through that don’t look all that happy or even pleasant. We’ll get better at that, I hope. I think the song went well, and we are all relieved to have that one over with. We are just happy to have survived without melting into little quivering piles of jello–kind of like that old cartoon, was it a “schmoo?”.

I’m actually kind of starting to feel a little more sure about my calling to be in the choir. The first few weeks it just felt like there was some kind of mistake. Everyone else seemed to know what they were doing as they had played in this or that bell choir for the past few years, or taught music at their school, or were trumpet and/or organ performance majors. My list of accomplishments didn’t seem to be equal to the task. Sure I played bells in High school, but that was only for one year and that was quite a few years ago. Yes, I do sing and play the piano a little bit and have a general knowledge of music, but nothing compared to some of these people. After the first rehearsal I came home and cried because it was so hard and I was so overwhelmed. I’ve come to realize that while it may be hard, it’s not out of the range of possibilities. I need to stretch, expand my talents, and rely on the Lord to help me and make me equal to the task.

Oh, here’s a cool thing–they have a directory on the Motab Website where you can look up all the past and present members of the choir, orchestra, and –guess what else?–bell choir! I’m actually on the directory of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! If you click on the link and then put in E for Erickson, then you can scroll down and see all the choir members with that last initial. This is too weird.

There was also a neat little article in Saturday’s Standard Examiner about the bell choir. Although I’m not in the picture shown, I am standing right next to Maranda, but she’s the pretty one in the choir, so I expect she’ll always be in any pictures. Maybe one day they’ll accidentally get a picture of my hand or something next to her.




Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

Some things I like:

  • Sleeping in (it doesn’t happen very often, but I still like it)
  • Kashi granola type cereal–Melinda introduced me to this great cereal full of protein and fiber. It’s really yummy with yogurt and blueberries!
  • Blueberries
  • Holding my baby. Even if he’s getting closer to a two year old than a baby, he’s still my baby, and he’s still a snuggler. He likes to grab hold of a chunk of my hair (which is hard to do with this length hair) when he sits in my lap. Even when he wakes up at 3:00 in the morning and then I have a hard time going back to sleep, I still enjoy holding him.
  • Listening to my kids practice the piano. Yes, sometimes it gets old, hearing them plink away at the same songs, but sometimes I just listen and think, “Wow, they are getting so much better!”
  • Going to Book Club. There’s always yummy food and it’s pretty much like being invited to a party every month
  • Hearing from friends. With e-mail, cell phones, and all the things we have today, it makes it easier to stay in touch with friends. Of course we still have to make the effort, but it’s sure easier than writing a letter, finding an address, finding a stamp, and remembering to put the letter in the mailbox. In fact, I’ve got a letter to send to my mom that’s been sitting on my counter for a couple of days now.
  • Winning things! Winning anything makes me happy, but especially when it’s something I really really want or could use. Last Friday I won a Lagoon Seasonpass–how cool is that!? I won a set of cookware about a month ago, and I just won some ticket to the Lovin Spoonful (which is one of those things that I don’t really know what the contest is, I just start dialing when I hear them say “contest”, but it’s still fun to win.
  • Hearing John say “Thanks, Mom.” It just gets me every time, and I’ll give him just about anything he wants. He’s learning early that the way to get ahead in life is to be polite. Now if only my other kids could learn that lesson.

To sleep, perchance to dream, ay there’s the rub

Why is it that in a dream all things make perfect sense, and it’s only when you wake up and try to explain it to someone that you realize you are sounding like an idiot.

Take, for example, the dream I had last night. I was with some friends in a cabin, and there was one friend in particular who was a combination of three people I know in real life–a semi-needy friend from High School, a semi-neurotic roommate from BYU, and another friend from High school who had a major crush on a certain guy (Well, let’s face it, we all had major crushes on certain guys at one time or another from High school, so that could be any one of you).

This combo friend was very worried about the behavior of her boyfriend, who may or may not have also been her brother. He had gone somewhere without telling anyone and for some reason that was very bad, and she was upset. In comforting said “combo friend” (in my pajamas with holes in them), I knocked over and spilled a very large scrapbook, thus upsetting the other girl friends at the cabin.

There was also a concern about a certain spider problem, and some kind of moth larvae. See, when you are awake, it makes no sense at all, and you must be thinking that I’m on some kind of funky drugs! (Actually I just took a Clortrimiton or something of that ilk because I’m having some kind of major allergy problem at the moment, but I promise I wasn’t taking any such allergy medication last night!) But when I woke up, I was worried and concerned about not only the boyfriend/brother, but also the combo friend. And which of the 3 people should I be concerned about?

Should I give them all a call and see if they are doing ok? Oh the pressure! and what are we going to do about those blasted spiders?

Lagoon Day

Ryan thinks that since my friends all seem to be “blogging”, that there’s no way I should be left behind, so he set this one up for me. We’ll see if I keep it up or flake on it, but hey, at least I’ll give it a good effort. Hopeefully you’ll tune in more than just this once to see if I improve at this stuff.

Today was our Stake Lagoon Day. You know, every stake gets their own discount day. It was great fun when we were all in the Butler Stake and we would see all our friends and could hang out with them. It’s a little different here, as we really don’t know many people in our stake unless they are in our current ward or what used to be our ward, but we were still all set to go. Until we woke up to rain and 60 degree weather–similar to our Stake Lagoon Day last year. So, once again, we decided not to go, but had to think of something else to do, since we had dedicated the whole day to Lagoon. So, we tried something new and went to the Hollywood Connection. For $4 each, the kids could ride all the rides, –all 4 or 5 of them– go miniature golfing and skate as much as they wanted. Quite a bargain, I thought. So, we all rode the merry go round, and by the 4th time, John was ok without hanging onto a handful of my hair (quite an accomplishment, I think), rammed into each other on the bumper cars, and went miniature golfing. The others with stronger stomaches also rode some of the other wilder rides, We finished the day off with a trip through the drive through at Wendy’s and a movie at home. Not quite the excitement of Lagoon, but fun anyway.

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