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Month: February 2006 (page 2 of 3)

Ha! Ha!


Does anyone know about Uncle Jacks Closeouts? Have you been there? What’s it like?

Dress up

I don’t tell my children to dress up in funny outfits. They just do it!


Some good advice


Make your bed!

So, I asked my boy, who is almost 12, mind you, to make his bed, and make sure it was made WELL. This is the best he can come up with. What’s up with that?


Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

I send my love to you’uns that are far away, and plant a big fat wet one on your cheek!

Here’s a little picture of my sweetie, and my other sweeties.



Sick and tired

After spending the last week taking care of John and having him cough in my face, it was no surprise when I came down with it. So, I spent Saturday and Sunday doing as little as possible, and taking naps when I could, so that I could sleep this thing off. I had to teach a lesson in RS on Sunday, so that was a little bit difficult with a hoarse voice and me kind of dozey on benadryl. But maybe it made me talk slower–that could be an improvement.

Anyway, today, I’m feeling much better. I thank my dear Husband for helping out. He spent the weekend changing out light switches. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

The kids are loving watching the Olympics before bed. We were excited to see “the Flying Tomato” win a gold medal last night. I can’t wait for pairs figure skating!

Flat Stanley

Have your kids read about Flat Stanley? And then they send him all over and see where he ends up? Well, we sent our little Stanley to my parents, and they took the assignment very seriously! Take a look at the pictures they sent of all the places Stanley went! Way to go, Mom and Dad (and Stanley)! To see Stanley’s album, click here


What do skinny people think about?

Ok. Everyone I know is always saying they need to lose weight. If I know you, and you don’t say that, well..I’m sorry, I guess it’s my mistake.

But, my question is–what do skinny people think about? I mean, all day I think about what I should not be eating, or how I should be on the treadmill right now. I’m mad at myself if I gain a pound, I’m happy with myself if I lose a pound (or half, or even .2), and I’m always planning how things will be when I lose weight. It consumes my day. What do skinny people think about? They must have so much more space in their brain for deep thoughts, since they aren’t constantly thinking about food, or their weight.

So, if you know some skinny people, ask them. I’d like to know.

I think we should expect much more out of our skinny friends. They have all the more time to think about things, they should be accomplishing much more than their chubby counterparts. Like…Einstein. I’ll bet he was skinny. Mozart? skinny, right? Handel? I don’t think he was skinny. Joseph Smith was skinny. Steve Jobs? Is he skinny? Mother Teresa was very skinny? Ghandi? Well, that one’s a given.

Just another reason we all want to be skinny!

Things that make me laugh

Things that made me laugh today:

Last night’s Scrubs,

The fact that John screams himself silly all morning and then when the doctor comes into the exam room acts like a little angel,

And this.

An apology

I would like to issue an apology to the customers and checkers at Albertsons today. I should not have brought a sick child to the store, no matter how much I thought we needed milk and advil. Even though that child acted perfectly happy before we left the house and even brought his coat asking me to put it on him so we could go. My mistake. I understand that the constant screaming was very upsetting to you, and I’m deeply sorry for disrupting your store. It won’t happen again. Believe me.

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