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Things I learned from watching the Office

Things I learned from watching “The Office”

A great knock knock joke!
Knock, knock
Who’s there?
KGB Who?
(slap to the face) (In a german accent) WE Will ask the qwestions!

Michael: Hey! Hey! You Idiot!

Darrel: Start over.

**I can use this approach with my kids, right? Anytime they start out a sentence with whining or mean words, I’ll just throw them a “Start over.”

I learned a new word. “Profiligate”

And I learned a great reason to keep a diary. “To keep secrets from my computer.”

And sometimes you should just take credit for you own ideas. Even if they might get you into trouble. Golden ticket, anyone?

What is this, a sports blog, now?

I promise I am NOT a sports writer. But the games! The GAMES! They are so exciting. Megan had a game Wed night which was a total nail biter. I wasn’t there, but I hear it was excitement times two. Megan was playing against one of her soccer buddies, too, which made it interesting. Ryan told me the whole game recap, but really, it all comes down to the score. Megan’s team won by one point. On, and I owe her $6.

Then, since they won on Tues and Wed, they had another game on Thursday. We were all there, lending our support and our mad cheering skilz. We did have some annoying fans sitting by us, though. Fans for the other team. Can’t they sit on their own side? Really, we want to be free to cheer our heads off, without worrying about offending Tall girl‘s dad, who happens to be sitting right in front of us. And let’s avoid Mr. Yell at the ref whenever you don’t like the call. Anyway, the tension was high, even before the game started. This team was the team our girls lost to last week. They are bigger and older than our girls, and they are undefeated in the tournament. Two of my friends showed up with their video cameras, because as one mom put it, “If I’m filming, I don’t yell as much. I don’t want my yelling on tape, now do I?”

Even though our girls the Sparks started out slowly, they scored the first basket. It was pretty evenly matched this time, with a close score at the half, but I think we were still ahead. Megan threw a hail Mary right AFTER the buzzer that went IN! It was absolutely beautiful, but it didn’t count. I, of course got distracted making sure John hadn’t left the gym, and where the heck was Jenna, and yes, you can have some Swedish fish, here’s a few for you, and a few for you, and …What? What just happened? Why is that guy yelling at the ref? You get the picture. But it was a tense, tense game. The score was 20-22, and our girls were ahead with 30 seconds left. And we fouled them and stopped the clock for their tall girl to shoot a free throw. Oh, NO! Not a free throw! And it went IN, bringing the score to 21-22, with the ball down at their end. But our Sparks took that ball and didn’t let them score, so our girls BEAT them by only one point.

Whew! There was all kind of celebrating and screaming going on as we left the gym. And we get to go to another game….Tonight! Because we haven’t had enough basketball this week. No, really, because this is a double elimination tournament, and this other team has now lost one game, and our team has lost one game. So, tonight’s game will determine the champion.

Cole’s also got his concert tonight, so I guess I’ll go to Megan’s game for a while, and the skip out to go to Cole’s concert.

In other blogworthy news, I made my own whole wheat bread yesterday. Really! I’m baking bread. I never thought I would be making my own wheat bread. Up until a few years ago, I had this celiac thing going on, and eating gluten would make me break out in an itchy painful rash. Well, for some reason, that has gone away, and I can now eat wheat. When I was at the Bosch store a few weeks ago buying new beaters, I picked up their bread recipes. I even bought “vital wheat gluten” for the bread. Who would have thought I would buy EXTRA gluten to put in the bread? Well, yesterday was the day. I felt like the little red hen. I ground the wheat to make the flour, I mixed the flour and other ingredients to make the bread, I let the bread rise, and I baked the bread. And I have to say, that bread is pretty darn tasty! They aren’t the prettiest loaves in town, I’ll say that much. The tops all fell in a little, but hopefully I’ll get that worked out in future batches. But still, here I am, grinding wheat and making bread (and going to basketball games)! Who would have thought?

And lastly. Does anyone out there still watch ER? I’ve been an ER watcher from the very start. It was my show to watch on Thursday nights. Since the invention of the Tivos and the DVRs, I don’t always watch it on Thursday nights anymore, and sometimes, I’ll admit, I didn’t watch it at all. But this is the last season, and they are bringing back the original characters, and I have to watch. Last night’s episode was GREAT! You had John Carter needing a kidney, and then when they go to pick up the kidney and the heart in Seattle, who should we meet as the transplant doctors, but Carol Hathaway and Doug Ross?! (only click on that link if you don’t care about spoiling the ending) And Susan Surrandon played the grandmother of the organ donor kid. And then Peter Benton just happens to work at the hospital where John Carter is having his surgery! I think it’s great. These actors got their big break on ER, and it’s nice of them to come back and do a guest appearance. Plus, it’s always nice to see hunky George Clooney on any screen.

So, if you were an ER fan and you’ve given up on the show, now’s the time to watch again.

The comedy of errors that is my life.

Oh the funny story of the pants.

In our rush to get ready between our trip to the library and a basketball game, Cole needed to get dressed up in Sunday clothes, because he was going to the temple with his youth group. As I was dishing up chicken enchiladas so that everyone could eat quickly, Cole called down from upstairs.
“MOM! I need pants!” he yelled, “Mine are in the wash.” Oh, yes, that’s right, I did put his church pants in the wash. Because that’s the kind of efficient, loving mother I am. Washing my kids’ clothes for them.
“Just pull them out of the washer and put them in the dryer.” Yes, that should work. We have 20 minutes.
“The washer’s full of water!”
Oh, yes, I guess I left that load soaking for a while, and it didn’t go through the rinse or spin cycle. Darn. There is no way those pants will be ready in 20 minutes.
“Don’t you have any other pants?” I yelled back up the stairs, “What about that suit?”
“I haven’t seen that suit in a long long time.” was his reply. Of course he hadn’t.
I dashed up to his room and found, on the floor of his closet, the suit pants. Proud of myself and my extra super finding skills, I handed them to him. “Here. Put these on.”
I went back to the kitchen to supervise the feeding of the children, and I heard him call again, “These do NOT fit!” Then he came downstairs to show me how MUCH they did not fit.
“Oh,” I said, “Those won’t work.” He had about two inches of waistband that were NOT coming together. Not to mention that these pants were at least three inches too short. Darn teenager. “Don’t you have ANY other church pants?”
“Not that FIT!” he was starting to get angry and frustrated, and so was I. We were down to 10 minutes before he was supposed to meet his group at the church. I was trying to feed everyone, including him, and he couldn’t find any pants that fit. I told him to just eat something, and I ran upstairs to rifle through Ryan’s pants to see if there were any that might do in a pinch. I found two that are too small for Ryan, and brought them down.
“Here, try these on,” I said.
“I got these buttoned up,” he told me. Sure enough, he did have the pants done up, but I don’t know how the kid was breathing.
“Well, do you want to wear those, or do you want to try these of Dad’s?” I asked, trying not to laugh at how silly he looked.
“I’ll just wear these,” he said in his sad and dejected voice.
“Well, we’d better get going, it’s already time for you to be there,” I said in my mom voice.
We pulled into the church parking lot, and then he said, “Oh, I forgot my recommend!”
We pulled out of the church parking lot, and drove back home. On the way, I had him call Megan and ask her to get the recommend and meet us out front. As we drove up to the house, there she was, in her socks, running with his little piece of paper. We grabbed that, turned around, and drove back to the church. On the way, we passed his leader. “That’s Them!” he said.
We turned around once more, and so did his leader, so that we could let Cole out. As he walked over to the other car, I could see some of the other boys laughing. I don’t know if they were laughing AT Cole and his floods, or if they just happened to be laughing. Let’s hope it was the latter.

While we were making this exchange, Ryan drove by, wondering what all the hullabaloo was. I pulled into the garage just after him, and he thought I had all the kids in the car. He thought we were already going to basketball. “If only it were that simple,” I sighed.

We did manage to get everyone in the car and off to Megan’s basketball game, which they won easily 11 to 22. That means they play again tonight. Megan was on fire, and scored 8 points. That means I payed her $8. Yes, I do pay my children to make baskets, want to make something of it?

When we got home, Cole was already there, and had already changed out of those way too tight pants. He had been home for “a while” according to him, and he was complaining about the garage door. It seems the battery to the keypad was dead, so he had to go next door and borrow a nine volt battery from the neighbors, put that in the keypad and THEN he could open the garage door. Yes, the torture and embarrassment never ends for the poor kid. Ryan wanted to know why he hadn’t take the battery BACK to them after he had used it to get into the house. “I will take them a new battery tomorrow. Don’t ask him to do it, he’s suffered enough.”

So, it’s been made abundantly clear to me that my poor growing boy needs more church pants. Buy the kid some khakis already! Oh, and add nine volt batteries to the list, too.

A day off from school

Today the kids had the day off from school. Teacher comp day or something like that. I decided to take them to go see Coraline, since I had won some passes which were only good at Jordan Commons. Unfortunately, Cole didn’t have his homework done, so he didn’t get to go with us. So the four kids and I went to the movies this afternoon, and it was fun.

My take on Coraline? Well, it was a little freaky, and kind of creepy scary for a kid’s movie. And why, oh, why, would they take the Lord’s name in vain in a children’s movie? Not just once, but two or three times! That’s not appropriate or necessary in a kid’s movie at all. It just irritates me, and makes me never want to take my kids out to movie!

When we came out of the movie theater, we were in for a surprise. Snow. What? Oh, well, it’s still March, so snow is allowed every once in a while. We ran to the car (we were sadly underdressed for snow) and cranked the heat. On our way home, I saw the lovely Ikea and asked the kids if they wanted to go to IKEA with me. “Yes!” they all shouted. So, we pulled into Ikea, and John and Jenna were practically jumping up and down with excitement. The kids’s play place is magical, and they hadn’t been there in a long long time. There was going to be about a 20 minute wait, so we went up the wonderful escalator to the kids’ section. The youngest two had fun playing on the teeter totter and little swing, and playing in the tents. Megan and Natalie entertained themselves by sorting the stuffed animals. Yes, you did read that right. They made sure the stuffed animals were in the correct bins. If there was a stray labrador in the beaver box, they would take it out and find where it went. No, it doesn’t sound all that fun to me, either, but they enjoyed it.

When it was time, Jenna and John got to be checked in for their hour of fun in Smalland. Oh, the joy. So I took the older girls with me. We picked out new laundry baskets, a kitchen timer and a lint roller (Yes, our shopping trips ARE exciting), and then deliberated over shelves. They did shopping cart ballet while I decided if I should get the $29.99 GORM or the $39.99 GORM. Decisions, decisions. We made a quick stop at the AS-Is, and then payed for our stuff. We still had 15 minutes left on our playland timer, so I bought the girls their hot dogs and they sat down to eat.

When we looked outside, we were in for a shock. The snow, which we thought had finished and passed up by, was coming down HARD. There was in inch of snow on the cars, and I realized we now had to haul our stuff out to the car. Ick! After the girls ate their snack, we pulled Jenna and John out of the play place and got them a snack. I found someone’s wallet on the floor, with money practically hanging out of it. Although I would have liked to look inside and see who left their wallet on the floor, I didn’t even look, and turned it into the guy at the food counter. Let him call the guy. While the little kids finished up their snack, I left Megan in charge and went and got the car. Ugh. Snow was coming down fast, and the car was wet and covered in snow. I could barely see out the side windows, but I managed to pull into the loading spot. Those GORMS take up a lot of room, and I was glad we were able to put down the back seat and still manage to fit everyone in.

The drive home was NOT pleasant. It was very poor visability, especially when we got off the freeway and onto the road that goes to Alpine/Highland. I could see the car in front of me, but only his brake lights. It was Nasty with a capital N. 1/2 an hour later, and we were safely in our neighborhood.

We were home about two minutes when Megan got a phone call and asked if I could take her to the church for a basketball practice. “Are you serious? We just got home.” I whined just a little bit. But I took her, and was pleased that the snow had let up a bit. Spring snow is like that.

So, it was a busy day. It was a fun day. It was a day off from school. It was a snowy day.

Oh, happy day, happy, happy Costco day!

I posted last year about this time regaling you with the joys of the Costco Amex card, where they send you a rebate check once a year. Well, I got my Amex bill a couple days ago, and it was sure cause for a party! I got a nice check for $432.22. So, after Megan’s basketball game in Lehi today (WIN!!! Hooray! 20 to 18, so they play again on Tuesday! I just had to sneak that in. Not that I’m a proud parent or anything. Shucks!), we stopped at Costco, and let it rip.

I haven’t been to Costco much this year, because I’ve been really trying to use coupons and shop sales, and since the new Smiths by us gives a discount on gas, I have been gassing up there and haven’t needed to go to Costco for all my gas. But, if I have four hundred dollars to spend at Costco, I am up to the challenge. First off, I bought two swim suits for the girls. I don’t know if they’ll fit and all that, but for $11 each, I can afford to bring one back if it doesn’t work out. We stocked up on lots of frozen items, got a pizza, got me some sugar free hot chocolate so I can enjoy a chocolate-y treat, batteries, milk, eggs, flour, dino nuggets, etc., etc. I did allow Megan one splurge item that she asked for. Sweedish Fish. They were $5 and change for the whole bag, and she did so well at basketball, I couldn’t say no.

My grand total at Costco today? $300. Gasp. I haven’t spent that much in one shopping trip in…well.. a long time. But after I gave them my check, they still had to give me $130 back!

Yes, when I look at my cash back earnings summary, it makes me choke a little. I mean, we spent $1,888.79 on gas in the past year (@3%, that adds 56.66 to our rebate). We also spent $1,295.46 eating out. Ouch! That’s the one I’d really like to cut back on. Traveling–we apparently spent $975.28 on travel. Hmmm. I don’t remember GOING anywhere last year, but Ryan sure did. So, maybe that’s from his card.

Anyway, we use this card for most of our purchasing, so it’s fun to get the little rebate each year. I think getting the rebate is actually even more fun than if they just knocked $400 off our bill this month, because then I get to shop and it feels like free money. Fun! Shopping with Free Money!!

Why, yes, I DID just go see Confessions of a Shopaholic last night. Why do you ask?


Last night I went to a VERY exciting basketball game. Both Megan and Natalie have been playing basketball this season, and it’s been a good experience for them. They’ve had good teams with their friends, and good coaches.

Now this may come as a shock to you, but I am not sporty. At all. *Gasp!* Shocking, I know. When I was a kid, girls did not play sports. Did they? We played all kinds of torturous sports at gym in school. But those sports are dangerous. Remember Mary, and how she broke her arm playing kickball in…what was that? Third grade? Never run with your hands in your pockets was a lesson learned that day. Oh, yes, sports meant running, sweating, and danger. And I would not willingly play sports “just for fun”. Are you kidding? And soccer? Soccer wasn’t even a sport when I was a kid. And even if people did put their kids in soccer teams at the age of 3 like they do now, I don’t know if my parents would have had the money for such extras.

Oh, sure, I played Young Women sports, but not very willingly. I endured many a basketball, volleyball and softball game, but I pretty much just went so that our team would have enough people not to forfeit. There we were…Joni, Suzi, Carolyn, Liz, Penny, and me. Sometimes we would have a few of the older girls, but really, YW church ball belongs to the beehives. And I was never very confident in my sports skills, so these games were just a series of cringing, hoping that the ball would not end up with me. I lived in fear of letting my team down. As soon as I was old enough to have other things other things to do, I stopped going to those sports events.

Oh, and field day! The bad memories are just pouring back into my head now. Remember Stake field day? When the whole ward would gather for track and field events, and everyone had to run some sort of race, and we all got sunburns? How I wish I could have enjoyed events like that, instead of living in fear. FEAR, I tell you. Because I was overweight even as a kid, and had next to no self confidence when it came to anything athletic, the thought of running a RACE, even just a 50 yard dash, was pure torture. So I would sign up for things that were not so scary, like long jump or shot put, and maybe the tug of war. I’m so glad that I’m a grown up now, and I can just say No Thanks to these kinds of things if I do not want to do it.

ANYWAY, instead of regaling you with tales of my torturous sporting events when I was a kid, let me tell you how fun it is to watch MY kids playing sports. And they are actually enjoying it. And some of them are really good at it. Yes, I know you’ve heard all about Megan’s soccer and how much she loves it. But she’s actually really good at basketball, too! Her team is in the play-offs, now, and it’s double elimination. They kicked some serious butt at their game on Tuesday, and then last night they played their second game against this big, aggressive team. Our girls were a bit intimidated by the other team when they started, and the first half did not go our way. At the half, I think the score was 4 to 19. If you have ever been to a game with me, you know that I don’t really pay that much attention to the game. In fact, I’m usually the one with a book, or chatting with a friend, so it’s kind of a wonder that I knew the half time score! I even started out the game reprogramming phone numbers in my cell phone, adding the stupid 801 to all the numbers in my phone book. But I had to put the phone away after only a few minutes because it was just too exciting. There I sat, surrounded by 3 of my awesome friends, and we were all cheering our daughters on. Our daughters who were giving their hearts and their very best efforts to this game.

The second half, our girls came out, and really stepped up their game. They were shooting, stealing, and catching up. We, the moms on the sidelines, were screaming, cheering, and clapping until our hands hurt. I brought out the Altoids to soothe our sore throats. Because our girls were closing the gap. With one minute left, and our girls behind by 3, we’re screaming “Foul!” from the sidelines, so that the clock would be stopped for the free throws, and those girls gave it everything they had.

They did not win this game, but we couldn’t be prouder of them. They came back from behind to a score of 23 to 26. They played so well against this bigger team, and they stood their ground. My Megan, who is not quite 5 feet, was all over the court, stealing, guarding, and even shooting. She is not intimidated by those bigger girls, and will go head to head with the best of them.

As soon as the game was over, our sweet Brittney started crying. Not because they lost, but because she had pulled a muscle in her leg in track earlier in the afternoon, but had played through the pain the whole game. Once the game was over, she was allowed to break down and cry. These girls have given it their best! We are so proud of them!

They play again on Saturday, and I’m hoping I can get a decent picture then. I may just have to get a faster camera so I can become a sports photographer. You think?

Movie choices

Last night my hubby went to the local grocery store. Not for groceries, mind you, but to pick up his free Redbox movies. Even though we never seem to actually have time to watch the movies. His choice of movies just astounds me. He got some action film for himself, and then he got a movie for the kids to watch. Beverly Hill Chihuahua?! Are you kidding me? He won’t watch High School Musical 3 with us, but he’ll rent Beverly Hill Chihuahua? There is something seriously wrong here. Well, as long as I don’t have to watch it.

Jenna’s baptism

We had a wonderful day on Saturday! After waiting a month to hold Jenna’s baptism, it turned out wonderfully. Instead of 10 am, they gave us the noon time, which gave us more time to get things ready at home. The girls had games early enough so they could go, so Ryan took Megan to her 6:55 am indoor soccer game, and Natalie made it to her 10:00 basketball game. I still had some set up to do, and was grateful for the family’s help. Even John was scrubbing the baseboards and helping out.

Jenna’s grandma made her dress for her, and Jenna picked out the ribbon color, so she looked quite springy, I think. She did not want her hair curled, but did let me play with it a little bit.

We had lots of family come, and her primary class was there as well as a few of her primary leaders.
It was just nice. My mom gave a talk on baptism, and Cole gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. Even though I printed out what I thought was a great talk from sugar doodle, he insisted on writing his own talk. And it turned out just fine. I need to learn to just let them do things on their own. Her baptism went without a hitch, and then we had a fabulous lunch at our house.


It’s very nice that my family and Ryan’s family know each other, and things aren’t awkward when we get them both together.

We took this picture at the church so she could remember everyone that was there at her baptism. No, it’s not the best, and you can barely see some people (we should have had the first couple of rows kneel down, but oh, well), but I think it’s sweet.

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