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Jenna’s baptism

We had a wonderful day on Saturday! After waiting a month to hold Jenna’s baptism, it turned out wonderfully. Instead of 10 am, they gave us the noon time, which gave us more time to get things ready at home. The girls had games early enough so they could go, so Ryan took Megan to her 6:55 am indoor soccer game, and Natalie made it to her 10:00 basketball game. I still had some set up to do, and was grateful for the family’s help. Even John was scrubbing the baseboards and helping out.

Jenna’s grandma made her dress for her, and Jenna picked out the ribbon color, so she looked quite springy, I think. She did not want her hair curled, but did let me play with it a little bit.

We had lots of family come, and her primary class was there as well as a few of her primary leaders.
It was just nice. My mom gave a talk on baptism, and Cole gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. Even though I printed out what I thought was a great talk from sugar doodle, he insisted on writing his own talk. And it turned out just fine. I need to learn to just let them do things on their own. Her baptism went without a hitch, and then we had a fabulous lunch at our house.


It’s very nice that my family and Ryan’s family know each other, and things aren’t awkward when we get them both together.

We took this picture at the church so she could remember everyone that was there at her baptism. No, it’s not the best, and you can barely see some people (we should have had the first couple of rows kneel down, but oh, well), but I think it’s sweet.


  1. She looks beautiful! (you guys look fantastic, too of course). Congratulations!

  2. You know what CTR stands for right? Chris Tina Richardson! Send the cookies my way! You look gorgeous in the picture

  3. Gorgeous photo!

  4. What a gorgeous dress. I know you’re very proud! I’m glad you guys had such a great day.

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