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Month: August 2009 (page 2 of 2)

I’ve got the blahs.

I’m feeling kind of blah today. Tired and out of sorts. No energy and grumpy. It could be because my painting did not go well yesterday, and what I thought would be finished by now is now unsatisfactory. It could be that time of the month (well, I know it IS that time of the month, but that may be why I’m a little discouraged), it could be that summer is ending and I want to still do fun things with my kids, but don’t want to expend the energy to do any more fun things.

And in trying to plan my son’s birthday party that he’s told me ALL about what he wants, I can’t find instructions. I was pretty sure there must be a Star Wars jedi training party out there, since all of his friends have had star wars parties lately, and I’ve been searching the family fun website, but I can’t find it. And there’s that yoda pinata that he wants. *Sigh*

I want to give myself permission to do nothing. Can I do that? Can I just not do anything productive today without considering myself a failure?

What do you do when you feel like this?

Things I learned on our trip to Yellowstone

–According to the one Ranger we talked to, Moose sightings are pretty rare in the park these days. They haven’t had many Moose in the last few years.
–The big animals we commonly call ‘buffalo’ are really called ‘bison’
–Try as I may, I can’t stop my kids from getting sick, even on vacation
–Vacationing with grandparents is THE WAY TO GO. They put two of our kids in their hotel rooms, took two kids in the car, and were a lot of fun to hike with, picnic with, and hang out with!
–You can never have too many pictures on a vacation
–Geyser steam makes my hair instantly flat
–It doesn’t matter if you have gas or not when you are hiking around the hot pots–No one would know, anyway.
–On about the 100th hot spring or geyser, you just really don’t care so much. In fact, my five year old was overheard saying, “Geysers, geysers, geysers! That’s all we see are geysers!” Well, it is Yellowstone National Park.
–At the end of the day, having a hotel with a pool is all the kids care about
–My kids have never heard of the song “muskrat love” and they thought I was pretty weird when I sang it to them when we saw two muskrats swimming in the stream.
–Listening to multiple episodes of Gilligan’s Island while in the car can cause a person to want to jump out of a speeding car, even if it is keeping the yahoos in the back entertained.
–Never say, “he could run around and play here all day” when the five year old is balancing or jumping on down trees. The minute you say that, you have jinxed it, and sure enough, he will be crying and needing band-aids in 5-10 seconds flat.
–Sacrament Meeting in the outdoors is a wonderful experience
–Lodge pole pine trees have two kinds of pine cones. One that drops their seeds after two years, and one that opens and drops their seeds when temperatures reach over 150 degrees.
–There are a heck of a lot of lodge pole pine trees in Yellowstone.
–When you are at a place with nice bathrooms (and by nice, I mean toilets that flush and running water where you can actually wash your hands), you should USE that bathroom, even if you don’t really think you need to go. You never know how nice the next facilities will be.
–The Junior Ranger Program is WELL worth the $3 they charge for it.
–Even the most simple of new toys, such as a happy meal stuffed animal or a little plastic shoe, will entertain the kids in the car, as long as it’s something NEW.
–The Grand Prismatic Spring is breathtaking.
–With whiny, tired kids, even a .3 mile hike is too long.
–I look pretty good in a cowboy hat. Especially a red one.
–Eating healthy while on vacation is not really possible.

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