As I was driving the boys to their preschool “Polar Express Party” today, the running conversation went something like this:

You might slip and fall on your butt.
That is a BAD word! You shouldn’t say bad words.
Yeah, like swearing.
Or like saying “I’m going to beat you up.”
Jesus doesn’t like it if you swear. If you swear then you are going to die and go to Satan, not to Jesus.
Yeah, and then you’ll come back alive in like 8 days.
Or 3 days.
Or maybe you’ll be dead a long time. Like 800 years, until Jesus comes back again.
And we don’t know how long that is going to be, until Jesus comes back.

About this time we drove by something that was more interesting than their discussion on Jesus and his impending resurrection, like a big truck, and the subject was changed. It’s so much fun to listen to these boys and their conversations, especially when they don’t think I’m listening.