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diet coke, please

I’m a diet coke girl. Yes, I am. I am not exclusive in my choice of drink, though. I also enjoy a nice diet Dr. Pepper, or Fresca, Diet Root beer or even diet Shasta. If I’m at a restaurant and they say, “are pepsi products ok?” then I will of course say yes, and take a diet pepsi instead. But I would prefer diet coke.

That said, however, when there’s a screamin’ deal on Pepsi, I buy it. My husband likes the icky cherry flavored colas, and so if Pepsi is on sale, I’ll try to pick up some cherry pepsi for him. One thing Pepsi did have going for it was that they carried the vanilla diet whereas Coke no longer carries that flavor. I even talked to my sources at Coke (hi, Scotty!), and was told that they discontinued that flavor. Why? Why? Why would you discontinue the most luscious flavor? With no warning, I might add. I could have stocked up and had a nice cache of vanilla diet in my food storage.

Deep breath.
Moving on. Pepsi may or may not still carry vanilla diet. I haven’t seen it in a while, but I can still hope, right. *snif*

BUT– I was talking about the great deal on Pepsi, wasn’t I? This week if you buy five 12 packs of Pepsi at Walgreens, you get a $5 register reward, so it’s like paying $10 for your five 12 packs, which is a GOOD deal. Well, to make it an even SWEETER deal, you can buy a couple of frito lay products along with those Pepsi’s and then send in the old rebate form and get $15 in coupons back. (details here) So, it essentially makes those Pepsi’s free, right?

For free, I’ll drink diet pepsi instead of diet coke. Even though it doesn’t taste as good.

So, yesterday, I was purchasing said 12 packs of Pepsi at Walgreens, and on the way out to the car, one of the 12 packs slid off the bottom of the cart onto the ground. That’s a distance of –what would you say? — three, maybe four inches? Not enough to do any damage. So, I picked up the carton and put it inside my cart (lest it try to jump out again). When I got to my car, the carton was making a strange hissing sound and dripping. Dang! How does a fall of three inches cause a can to break? How? I pried open the carton and got out the damaged can and put it on the ground. I can’t have a dripping fizzing exploding can in my car. So, I loaded my purchases into the back of the car and got in. As I was pulling out, I thought I heard a hissing sound. (How I heard a hissing sound over the car sounds and the radio sounds, I’ll never know, but I guess I have extra special hearing powers or something.) I put in in park and got out and checked the back. Sure enough, hissing and dripping. I had to take EVERY. Single. Can. out of the carton to find not one, but two more cans that had sprung leaks!

What is up with the flimsy cans, Pepsi? This is NOT the first time I’ve had pepsi cans break or explode on me. Do they use thinner aluminum than their competitors? Is pepsi just more volatile than coke? What is up with that?

So, I ended up with a Nine pack instead of the standard twelve pack, and some pepsi drippings in the back of my vehicle. Thankfully it was diet.

And that’s why I chose Coke over Pepsi anyday.


  1. I may have to fight you to the death on this one, Paige. DP is far superior in taste to DC, so much so that I, on the other hand, don’t really like other diet drinks (except for diet Sierra Mist, which I quite enjoy). That being said, I only buy my DP from a fountain or in bottles at Sam’s Club. So I can neither support nor deny your accusations on said flimsy cans. But I do appreciate your eye for bargains, and I may attempt said purchase at Walgreen’s but only after I cover the trunk of my Suburban in beach towels. And, in case you were wondering, all the cookies disappeared without my help. That’s why I have 7 children!

  2. I am a huge Diet Coke fan too and am off to buy the great Pepsi deal at CVS tomorrow. I can’t really stomach it though so I get the ones our family members like for when they visit. LOL! Yikes on the exploding cans!! What a pain.

  3. Oh no! I got that Pepsi deal too, even though we’re normally a Coke Zero family. I got the manager at my Walgreens to find me several packs of Diet Sierra Mist. And they’ve got the same deal this week, so I might take my $5 reward, and use it to buy more drinks, and get another $5 back!

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