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Our fun almost free President’s Day

Oh, the fun we had yesterday. Seriously. After I forced my children to do their jobs, we went out and had some fun. I call it Free Fun, which is the best kind.

1st- We stopped at Krispy Kreme with report cards in hand. Since we had four report cards, we got 6 dozen for each, thus two dozen free donuts. Yum, if you like that kind of thing.

2nd- We went to Toys R Us. I’ve had this giftcard rattling about in my wallet forever, and since littlest pet shops were on sale buy one get one free, we thought we’d check it out. The selection was terrible on the littlest pet shops, but we did manage to pick up four of them to use for future birthday party gifts. We also got some valentines and a hot wheels car. I used my gift card, but didn’t manage to use it all up. There’s still $3 on it. I should have just turned around and picked up something for $3, but didn’t want to hassle with it, so back in the wallet it goes.

3rd- We had some Barnes and Noble gift cards to use up, so off we went to the book store. The girls each picked out a book, I got a book each for Cole and Megan, and bought To Kill a Mockingbird for myself. I’ve (gasp) never read it, and I’ve been meaning to. So, now I own it, and have no excuse not to read it. John was a hard sell, and didn’t want any books. He did, however, want the baby Jaguar from Go, Diego, Go. What can I say, I’m such a pushover. I let him get his jaguar instead of a book. That whole venture cost me $7 after the giftcards. Not completely free, but almost.

4th- We stopped at Del Taco and got four free kids meals with coupons we had from Reflections.

Last- was a stop at the grocery store to get our free Redbox rentals for Monday. If you didn’t already know, you can get a free rental at redbox every monday if you go to their site and sign up. They’ll send you a code every week. And you can use it more than once if you use different credit cards. So the kids picked some silly Mermaid movie, and I picked Mama Mia. They watched their movie last night while the pizza cooked (we made individual pizzas for dinner–yes, I am that fun), and then had donuts for dessert.

Ryan picked up the kids at my parents’ house, and they also had a fun fun weekend. They helped my dad put up and take down flags, they went to the planetarium, and my mom got them started on knitting and crochet projects. And we actually missed them.

It was a good weekend for everyone.

Now if only we could find a way to get the truck’s suspension fixed for free. That would be REALLY great.


  1. Wow. What a fun day!
    What’s the deal with Krispy Kreme? Not that I really need that temptation in the house, but fun!
    And just FYI, when you become a foster parent, you decide which kids you take, from age limits to disabilities. I take kids under 4 (usually under 2) with limited to no disabilities. It’s really been rewarding. You should look into it. It just makes life busier!

  2. So I guess the Grandma Camp was healthy for everyone all around then? It sounds like the kids are much less on your nerves now 🙂

  3. Free fun is the best kind!

  4. I love free stuff! You know how to play it so well.

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