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Thanks, Wal*Mart

Say what you want to about Wal Mart, but you CAN NOT beat Wal Mart on clearance deals. The other day I walked into our small little Wal Mart, and there in the front of the store was a clearance rack of jackets. The sign says $1. Upon closer inspection, I see the Miley Cyrus bomber jackets are indeed marked down from $20 to $1. One dollar! I bought two for my girls.

Then, in the women’s clothing department, I found these leather jackets priced at $5.

You gotta know I picked one up for myself, right?

So, thank you Wal Mart, for keeping our family in jackets this spring. Because -brrrrr- it’s really cold out there today!


  1. Score!!

  2. Yessss! I need to scour the clearance racks at our Walmart!

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