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We’re off to see the Wizard

Oh, things are busy around here. Very busy. Hubby did indeed come home from his long business trip, but he’s spend the last 5 days dead dog tired trying to recover. I’ve had rehearsals every night that go quite late, so I’ve also been pretty tired. But all the rehearsals have finally come to an end. For last night was OPENING NIGHT!

I have SO many pictures, but I’ll try not to totally bore you with ALL of them.

Here are the munchkins. Can you spot my Natalie? This is actually only 1/2 of the munchkins, as they have double cast a lot of the roles to let more kids be in the show.

And here we are, the apple trees.

I’ve had so much fun with these ladies. I know them both from previous shows, but they are truly a TON of fun, and I’ve had a blast with them.

as you can see.

And see all those people?

They’re having fun, too. Well, most of them are. The kids find it really long to have to sit around and do nothing the whole second act just to come on for the curtain call at the end. (There are no munchkins after about the first 1/4 of the show).

We’ve had many laughs as we’ve rehearsed. I guess that’s one reason I just love to do these shows. It’s so much fun. The other night, they brought me a mic, but there was no clip on it or mike belt. I’ll just stuff the mic pack (which is about the size of a think deck of cards, but heavier) here in my shorts that I wear under my costume, I thought. But by the end of the show, the mic had slipped down through my shorts and was just dangling there, hanging by the cord. Not good. So, the next night I asked if there was an extra mic belt I could use. Nope. My fellow apple tree Felecia said to just stick it in my bra. Hmmm, that works. So, although I’m pretty sure that everyone who looks at me can see this big LUMP at the side of my bra (maybe I should get that checked, you think?) they’ve assured me that it’s not noticeable, and it’s actually a pretty secure place to keep a mic. But it makes me laugh, that’s for sure.

Oh, and here’s a shot for your vampire fans.

The family came last night for opening night. They enjoyed the show, too!

Notice that we have a real dog playing Toto, which is a bit of a challenge. Last night he (she–her real name is Daisy) ran off the stage to her owner in the wings. She also whined a barked a lot when she was tied to the post by the scarecrow. I guess those crows forgot to give her the bone they had hiding there. But she really adds to the show, and the kids all love her.

After opening night, it’s customary to go out to eat. We were invited out to Chili’s, and I invited the family. I wasn’t the ONLY person who brought family along, but almost.

Jenna, John and Natalie came with Ryan and I, and the kids were super tired.

That witch even came in full makeup and costume. Some kids at Chili’s thought THAT was pretty weird. She even had some parents and a little boy come backstage and seek her out during intermission just so that he could be reassured that she really wasn’t that scary. I promise;

I’ve met her and she’s quite nice.

We got home well after midnight, and Natalie slept in until almost noon this morning. How heavenly does that sound?

So, it’s one show down, and 7 more to do. We have a show tonight, but Natalie won’t be in it. She only gets to do four of the 8 shows, but that’s about right for her. Then she can still do some fun things and not be tied to the show every night.

I wish you could ALL come see the show. It’s fabulous, if I do say so myself. There are really cool special effect, incredible scenery, and extremely talented actors. There’s an article about the show here and here. It’s so much fun.

We’re off to see the the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz.


  1. It was a very good show and everyone did really well. I’m glad we could go and that Amy didn’t go into labor. She’s hanging in there today, too. Your pictures look really good. Maybe you won’t need the ones Dad worked on for several hours today and put onto a disc for you.

  2. You’re so pretty with a bird in your hair!

  3. You seriously have THE BEST smile! Looks fun!

  4. Thanks for posting all those cute pictures–I almost feel like I was able to go see the show. I feel bad that we’ve missed all the fun things in July, and we still haven’t had the baby!

  5. Wow! That looks like a wonderful show. The pictures are great. I love theatre. Maybe that’s why I majored in it in college. 🙂

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