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Zits and facial hair–must we go there?

Am I the only one who puts toothpaste on zits?

Don’t laugh. It works.

When you’ve got a big old zit under the skin and you can tell in 2 or 3 days it’s going come out of the closet and explode onto your face, you put a dab of white toothpaste on it before you go to bed. Yes, it might tingle a little bit, and yes, it might smell minty (what’s the downside of that?) and you might get a little on your pillowcase, and your kids or husband might mock you when you go in to their rooms to say prayers or kiss them goodnight, but pay no attention, because it works.

In the morning, that zit will be significantly less—big. The toothpaste must suck out some of the oil or puss or whatever is in there, and dries it up. I’m not saying it’s going to totally go away, but it will be smaller. And then you could do it again the next night if you want.

I know some of you must have heard of this because otherwise, where else would I learn such a thing? It must have been from a roommate or something.

Speaking of faces (yes, we were kind of speaking of faces, right?) Something’s happened to my husband’s face that is more than a little bit disturbing.

That’s him standing with Cole and Megan.

I know you were thinking, “Who is that strange man standing by Paige’s kids? Isn’t she worried that he’ll abduct them and run off with them?” or “Hey, I think I’ve seen that guy in a movie once before. Yeah, Grizzly Adams, that’s it.”

Here’s the story. Ryan claims that when he went to Korea back in June, he forgot his shaver, and then it was too long to shave. Or something like that. And from then on I think he’s just been growing it to annoy me. He gets comments from GUYS like, “cool beard” or, “looking snazzy” or just admiring his ability to grow facial hair in general. But really, unless you’re in the band ZZTop, I don’t see how that’s a valuable skill. And now it’s getting all “tufty” and icky looking, it’s just about more than I can stand. And hair in your nose when you kiss your husband? Let’s not go there.
Pioneer Day is over, dude.

I’ve encouraged him to even shave it into a nice goatee or just trim it AT ALL, but my pleas fall on deaf ears.

So–let’s put it to a vote, which face do you like better?

Clean shaven man who liked babies? or angry looking scary man?


  1. Just for clarification:

    Angry, Scary looking man *still* likes babies.

  2. Hahahahahahahaha!!! Thanks for that good laugh. Ryan…we all love you hairy or not! But I do believe kissing clean shaven is much nicer!

  3. OK…that might have come across wrong…. but you know what I mean…. I prefer to kiss clean shaven men…and would imagine your wife does too. …where is the blushing emoticon button?

  4. Well, I was planning on letting you and Ryan tend our cute baby girl soon so we could go to the temple, but she only likes clean-shaven faces kissing her, so we may have to find a different babysitter. That is, unless Ryan wants to shave. . .

  5. Let him keep the facial hair. It makes him look so much older so consequently you look so much younger. If he grows it even more, someone will mistake you for his daughter. That would be a hoot! I think you should post a newer picture because the other night his facial hair almost had Farrah Fawcett wings it was so long!

  6. You have to admit he does have very good coverage in his beard. My husband’s beard is just patchy and looks like he has mange or something. And it opens up so many options for Halloween. And there’s always Santa Claus or a Wise Man for Christmas.

    But seriously, I don’t think I could handle having hair in my nose. Nope, facial hair does not encourage intimacy for a lot of women, including myself.

  7. I will definitely vote for clean shaven. I never did dig the prickly stuff. I was wondering how you put up with it for so long.

  8. Keep the beard, but get a cowboy hat to up the legit factor.

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