Spring has finally arrived here in Utah, and we celebrated by taking the family to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving point this week. Oh, the gorgeousness of all those flowers! It’s breathtaking!

All those tulips! Because of the late spring, not all of them are in bloom, but most of them were blooming gorgeously. My kids especially enjoyed rolling down the big hill!

There was even a little family of geese in the pond.

And it wasn’t just tulips, there were all kinds of spring flowers, beautifully and artfully arranged.

Heck, the flowers even made my kids look like they kind of like each other. No? I thought that was pushing it. I only wished that my backyard were that beautiful! It did warm my heart to see a few (gasp) dandelions there. Even thanksgiving point with all their professional gardeners can’t get rid of every single dandelion.

It was a little cold when we went on Monday night, but with the weather warming up, this weekend will be glorious! We may even go again! And if you happen to go on the weekend, there are all kinds of vendors and booths and entertainment and stuff.

And no, Thanksgiving Point did not pay me to say nice things about them. Too bad they don’t. I could have my annual pass for free.