The Trials of a Busy Mom

I think I’m going to like having you here, IKEA

We were driving home from Salt Lake yesterday after doing some errands, and I thought, “We could stop in quickly at IKEA and get some wedding gifts, right?” Well, I don’t think there is any such thing as stopping quickly at IKEA, but we tried it. First we went up to the restaurant to see if Michelle was working, which she was. So, we said hi, asked how she was, (fine, thank you, she said, but without internet for another week, and she has moved into her new house–just in case you were wondering how she’s doing) and then let her enjoy her break while we went shopping. When I say we, I mean me and 4 kids. One of them was at a friend’s house, but really, 4 kids, 5 kids…what’s the difference. I picked up one of these, one of these, few more of these (since I gave all of the ones I bought away for teacher gifts. When wandering by the as is department, I found a couple of these rugs for $1.00 each. A DOLLAR! No way could I pass that one by. So, I brought the rugs home, and put them in my bathroom. One by the sink, and the other by the shower. How cool is that?

And something totally unrelated…I went to yoga yesterday and somehow managed to injure something in the region of my right shoulder blade. So now everything I do that required me to move my arm, back or shoulder (which is a LOT) is accompanied by a small amount of pain. And little “Ow”s and “ouch”s can be frequently heard from my general direction. I’m hoping that it gets better soon.

And…My little guy is running around with a small Paco (the bird from Maya and Miguell on PBS) toy “shooting” everything. When I pointed out that Paco is a bird, not a fighter jet, he said, “No, Paco Shoots! He has a big tummy with lots of shooter stuff in it!” And then runs off to make more shooting and explosion noises. Um, ok.


  1. Mom

    I’m glad you got some rugs for your bathroom. That floor is especially cold in the winter time. Sorry you hurt yourself. Ibuprophen – that’s the answer, I think.

  2. Janice from Book Club

    I need some rugs. I am just not ready to face IKEA yet.

  3. Melissa

    I wish Memphis would get an IKEA! It always looks so cool on TV!

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