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We’re so hungry

It’s Hunger Games Movie Mania time.

I read the books, along with about everyone I know. Loved the first book, loved the second book less, and didn’t love the third book. Suspense, Action, Drama, a little romance. But I don’t need to tell you that, because you probably read them, too. Even my mom has read the books, although she said she didn’t like them. Hats off to you, Suzanne Collins. May you live in peace and enjoy your millions.

So, a few weeks ago my 15 year old daughter asked if we could buy tickets for the movie. She wanted to give them to her friend for her birthday. We decided not to do the midnight showing (I just can’t go without sleep like that anymore), but bought tickets for the three of us (they need a driver) for Saturday. But then my 13 year old daughter was feeling left out because why couldn’t she come with us, and when was SHE going to see it. Her carpool friend was going on and on bout how excited she was to go to the MIDNIGHT movie with her family, blah, blah, blah, and so I looked into buying another ticket to take her with us on Saturday, although older sister didn’t think that was a good idea at all. Ugh. Sisters.

But then, on Tuesday morning, I happened to be the right caller when radio guy said CALL NOW to win Hunger Games movie premier tickets. I won two tickets to the Wednesday night premier! A day before all those MIDNIGHT movie insane people could see it. He said he would put my name on a list, and knowing that I had rehearsal that night, I put Natalie’s name on the list, and then told her she could invite a friend. She was through the roof excited!

(no, we didn’t win a free shirt. Now THAT would have been really cool!)

So, she got a friend and I talked to the friend’s mom and got it all arranged. Friend came over Wed at 5, and we took off. Yes, leaving at 5 for a 7:30 movie is a little early, but we know from experience that they ALWAYS give out more tickets than there are seats, and if you don’t get there early, you will NOT get in. Seriously. Ryan and I have been to quite a few movie premiers. There were good ones, like That thing you do, Miracle(got a promotional squishy hockey puck at that one, The Astronaut Farmer, Hildalgo (Ryan got a free hat at that one), , and The Count of Monte Cristo (we remember that one because some lady behind us said quite loudly “He’s SO GORGEOUS” right behind us during the movie, and it made us laugh), a re-release of Star WArsWe’ve also witnessed several not so good movies, most of which we have forgotten, like that one with James Earl Jones and Robert Duvall (can’t remember anything about that movie except that it was boring), Along Came Polly, Dukes of Hazard,something stupid with Demi Moore, and I’m sure there have been others, but it’s really about 8 am and my brain can’t really remember them all. But my point is…. If you aren’t there early, you won’t get in. Once, I had worked so hard to win TWO sets of passes to the latest Harry Potter movie (I think it was 5. Or 6. Don’t know), so that I could take all the kids AND the cousins who were staying with us. I gathered them all up in the Suburban, and we got down to the Gateway at about 5:30 only to realize as we were getting out of the car that Cole didn’t have his shoes (we laugh about it now! In his defense, I did say “Get in the car”, and I didn’t mention anything about getting shoes on BEFORE we did so), but that’s beside the point. We rushed into the lobby, only to find that we wouldn’t be able to get actual seats, even though we had passes. Ryan’s brother, of course, got there early enough to get seats. But I’m not bitter or anything. So, you can see why I was rushing to get them down there to the theater.

When we got there, there were already several lines, and when we got up to check our name off the list so we could get in line, ticket lady with bad teeth said that she had no list, and the promotions people have their own list, and weren’t there yet. Ponytail ticket lady said that, no, promotions lady was indeed there, but she had told her she wasn’t working until 6. I looked at my watch, and it was 5:55. OK. Don’t stress out. 5 minutes won’t make or break this deal. So we waited. And waited. And waited, while many other people went in with their little passes. Stress. What if they don’t make it in? What if I have to wait here forever and am late for rehearsal? What if my little girl is left alone at the gateway with no movie to attend? Ugh. Breathe in. Breathe out. At about 6:20, the promotions gal turned up, and looked at her list. Sure enough, Natalie’s name is on it, and she ushers them over to the line where they are guaranteed seats. Big Sigh of relief! I hugged her and said goodbye, told her where I would pick her up, and the ticket lady was nice enough to tell me that the movie would be over at 10:02. That was very nice of her, because then I knew I would have time to park and meet them there at the theater.

To reward myself for getting them into the movie, I got myself a Junior Crown burger combo. Yum. And got to rehearsal in plenty of time. Just as I was going into rehearsal I got a text from Natalie telling me they were taking all their phones, goodbye. What? Like she could record and pirate the movie on her crappy phone. That reminds me…it’s March. Didn’t the T-mobile guy tell me I could get a free phone in March? Got to check into that! AHEM. Ok, I’m back.

AT 10:02, I was there, back at the Gateway, to pick them up. Smiling people were coming out talking about what an awesome movie that was.

Just the trailer makes me cry. You can watch the trailer here: (it wouldn’t let me embed it for some reason)

They were SO happy they had gotten to see it, and told me a little bit, but not too much. They even made $5 when someone asked them to save their place in line and offered to pay them 5 bucks. Sweet! Junior mints and popcorn!

But most importantly, my daughter got to feel like a rock star. She got to feel like a special person, getting to see a movie premier before any of her friends. It won’t make any difference in her life, or even next month. But today, she can feel special. And hopefully, she will remember how much her mom loves her.


  1. Lisa

    great post!

  2. Mom

    Tell Natalie that I said her mom is definitely a WONDERFUL MOTHER for doing all that for her. You are amazing!!! I’m sure she made a bit hit at school today!

  3. Robin

    That’s awesome. We got tickets to see the 6:30 showing tonight. People here are renting theaters and selling tickets for early showings. I don’t know how they are doing it…but Jacob, Sarah & I are on…as well as 8 more of Sarah’s friends. I only hope the tickets are good and I don’t find out that they made bogus tickets and took off with my money.

    Ah…but it does make a difference. Mommy points add up… The more mommy points you have, the better off your kids are. …and the better they take care of you when you are old. :o)

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