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Almost all grown up

It seems like the chickens are happy with their new arrangement. The big chickens’ house is attached to the 14′ by 14′ enclosure that we made from the two dog runs. The smaller chickens’ house is inside the enclosure. During the day, we open their doors so that all the chickens can move freely from house to house, and they have plenty of room to explore. I didn’t expect them to spend so much time on top of the red house, but that’s one of their favorite roosting places.

I don’t know if they just like to be up high, or if they feel safe from the big chickens up there.
(That weird looking yellow fabric draping there is my sad attempt at providing them some shade. I tied the fabric on, but then the crazy wind whipped it around so that it was just sad and hanging there. Oh, well. It’s a work in progress, right?)

While I can’t say that they are best of friends and all the chickens get along famously, I don’t worry about the big bossy chicken pecking at them anymore. She makes a move toward them, and they run away.

And since we covered the whole thing with chicken wire (oh, that was hilarious, by the way) and attached the wire at the sides, I don’t worry about them flying out or other creatures getting in. Yes, there is the occasional magpie that gets in there and eats their food, but I don’t think a cat or a hawk could get in.

Now there’s just the question of the one black chicken who looks strangely rooster-like.

The black one standing in the back is a little bit bigger than the others, and she already has her comb. I’m worried about our little Oreo (that’s her name), and I hope she doesn’t start crowing, as then we would have to find a new home for her (or him). But we’re still hoping she’s just an early bloomer and that the others will catch up with her soon.

And yes, we did dress them up in little shirts the other day. I brought home some little free shirts from a t-shirt company at the PTA convention. I thought the kids would have fun putting them on their stuffed animals. Well, even MORE fun, I guess, is putting it on a chicken. Not all the chickens appreciated being dressed up, I can tell you.

And what’s that? Who is holding that chicken and petting her like he likes her? Yep, it’s the chicken skeptic of last year. The man who said no to chickens over and over and over again. Now he likes them, and even said to me, “do you think we have enough chickens?” Shocked! I’m shocked, I say.

And just one more picture, because I think it’s so cute. When given the chance, the big girls LOVE to go digging in the bishop’s weed close to the back of the house. Now the plants are so tall you can hardly see the chickens in there. I’m not sure if they like the hiding in there, or if they are just busy looking for bugs.

Our little chicks are almost all grown up!

Jenny Matlock

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  1. Ha! Do you think we have enough chickens? too funny. I guess you have a chicken convert. Enjoy!

  2. They are so stinking cute!

  3. Those chickens are living in the lap of luxury! Great photos. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’d say those chickens are feelin’ the love…and if they’re not, shame on them! 🙂

  5. I am always amazed at how creative people are with dressing up their animals. I confess to dressing a goat or two, but never my chickens. Cute. It looks like they have a great home with you!

  6. Seeing chickens in t-shirts totally made my day… hahaha!

  7. Oh my gosh! I’ve never seen a chicken wearing a t-shirt. That just cracked me up!

    Love, love, love that he’s wondering if you might need some more chickens!

    A friend of mine that used to keep peacocks used to sew the ends of strips of burlap from feedsacks together and weave them through the links for shade.

    you probably already tried that, but I thought I’d mention it!

    Thanks for linking up!

    This was an adorable post!


  8. Chicken in t-shirts, who’d a thunk?? Visiting from Miss Jenny’s…made me laugh.

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