We now have a student from France here. Her name is Marie and we picked her up from the airport with her group last Saturday.

She is a sweet, quiet girl who speaks English pretty well, but she doesn’t really talk much unless she is asked a direct question.

Even though she was tired, she got up and was ready to go to church at 9 on Sunday morning.

And since then it’s kind of been a whirlwind of activity around here as we try to keep everyone busy and not bored.

Sunday night we went to a free outdoor concert in Pleasant Grove. It was some guy who sang and played the guitar. The only song I recognized and remember was Blackbird by the Beattles.

But it was still something to do and it got us out of the house.

( I am not sure what happened with these pictures, but the settings must have been off. Apologies.)

Marie got comfortable in a camping chair and fell asleep.

Monday Megan had her art class, then we went to Trafalga where the kids played laser tag. It doesn’t help anyone’s energy that it’s 100 plus degrees outside, so anything we do we fell sluggish and kind of grumpy. But it cooled off enough to enjoy an outdoor show that night at the Scera Theater. We saw ‘All shook up.” Fun show, by the way, and I think everyone enjoyed it (once it started).

Tuesday I took Marie, Jenna and Natalie to the summer movie, which was “Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2”. I had to run a few errands so I let them go in without me, and joined them about half way through the movie. The temperature was perfect! The movie was pretty hokey. Oh, well. That night our friends the Adams came over, and they brought Martin, their exchange student from France. Martin and Marie are friends, so it was fun for them to have someone to talk to in FRENCH. We had a fun night with a barbeque and frisbee and lots of playing with the chickens.
Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of Marie and Martin together, but here’s John and Jared playing battleship.

Wednesday I took the kids to the Dino museum at Thanksgiving point. So sad I forgot my camera, because it was the museum’s birthday party, and they had all kinds of extra fun stuff! My kids always enjoy the dinosaur museum, and any time we have guests, we try to take them there. It’s such a fun place for kids and adults, and a nice way to stay cool on a 100 degree day. Wednesday night I went to bells rehearsal and the four teenagers all went to a youth activity swimming party. I think the bishop encouraged some of the more outgoing girls to go and talk to Marie, and they all wanted to hear her speak in French. “Say Paris!” they would say. “Pari (silent s you know)” she would say. “Oh, that’s so cool!”

On Thursday John had cub scout day camp, so he and I were up early at 6 to get him ready to go by 6:30.

He was very excited. After he left, I do admit that I went back to bed. Yes, I’ll admit it.
Once the rest of the kids got up, I encouraged them to get ready quickly so they could all go to Seven Peaks Water Park. With John gone, Cole could take all of them in the old Camry, and I wouldn’t even have to go. I do not enjoy going to seven peaks (or any place where you have to wear a swim suit, for that matter, really) and so this was my chance to send them off to the waterpark and me not have to go. I had many things to get ready for a campout and a party and general cleaning of the kitchen, but I must say I really enjoyed the few hours I had to myself. John came home around 2 and he had a GREAT time. Thanks to his awesome scout leaders!

Then, at night, Megan and Marie went to a concert in Salt Lake. It’s Demi Lovato, and while Megan was NOT thrilled to go, Marie seemed excited when I showed her the tickets and asked her if she would like to go. Luckily, a friend was taking some of her kids, and she agreed to drive them, too. Hooray! I don’t have to make another trip to Salt Lake and wait around while they go to the concert. Instead I went to Home Depot with Ryan to shop for a bathtub.

Friday is a family campout at Payson lakes, and Saturday night we have a party with the Bell Choir.

So, I would say we’ve crammed quite a bit into this week. And it’s only the FIRST week!