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The great bedroom migration

It’s the great bedroom migration of 2012. Oh, yes it is. It’s that time again, and while I would love to say that we were moving a couple of kids to their NEW bedrooms in our wonderfully finished basement, that is not the case. I am currently waiting for the insulation guy to come and give me a bid, though, so we are making progress. My super talented hubby fortunately has a JOB and other family obligations that prevent him from working full time on that darn basement, but he surprises me with the things he got done while I was asleep, or gone. The other day it was a new doorhandle (with a lock and keypad) on our storage room door. Now when the kids go down to get a new box of cereal AGAIN, they have to use their code to unlock the door, and it magically sends a text to alert us to who is opening the door. How cool is that?

Anyway, we’re moving practically every bed upstairs.
John’s bunkbed is moving to Cole’s room.
Cole’s queen bed is moving to Natalie and Megan’s room.
Natalie’s twin bed is moving to Cole’s room.
Megan’s twin bed is moving to Jenna’s room.


And don’t forget the dressers and the crap that has to be moved along with that.

So, since I don’t want to spend a whole day doing that myself, I have enlisted the help of my able bodied and willing (?) helpers. Natalie, Cole, Megan and my other two kids (not really) Sarah and Jacob are hauling beds around while I try to find the proper bedding and vacuum. What a mess! Oh, and I promised them Pizza.

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  1. Did you take a vote on that? I had to study your post carefully to figure out who will be in the same room with who. I still don’t quite have it figured out. And WHY?

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