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The Trials of a Busy Mom

Oh, the relief. Oh, the joy.

My husband just came home early (shock!) and surprised me with some much needed good news.

a-Ryan left work early today and  took the van to the second repair place.  The first place fixed a bad injector for us, but recommended that we take it to a different place that does more electrical work to fix the horn/cruise control.  So, he took it to that place today, and JOy of all joys, they just hooked the little connection back up and now it works fine.  No Charge.  Did you hear that, people, NO CHARGE?!  After all the work we’ve had to do on cars lately, that was a such a blessing.  Thank you, kind repair guy.

b- There was a UPS package on the porch for me containing the much anticipated reordered medal for the reflections program in two days.  Breathe a big sigh of relief on that one!  I am SO READY for this one to be over, folks.  I’ve already turned in my “PTA resignation”–in other words, I won’t be doing reflections again next year, thank you very much.  I’ve just spent WAY too many HOURS on this volunteer job.  I blame myself because I’m not very good at delegating (it’s too much work to explain what I want to someone else, if that makes sense).  But now I have the right medals, and today I called all the parents of the winners, and I am seriously ready.  Then hopefully I can move on to more fun things.  Like Christmas cards.

On a side note, soon after Ryan came home, there was a phone call for him, and it was someone from MyTowne.  Hey, I thought, he must have won something from that web site (yes, I entered him).  So, when he was off the phone I went in to his office, and asked if he had won something.  “Yeah,” he said, “They said I had won Kurt Bestor concert tickets for tonight, but I told them no.”

“Didn’t you just say we were going to an indoor soccer game for FHE tonight?” he asked.

“Well,  YOU could go to the indoor soccer game, and I could go to the concert with one of the kids!”  I couldn’t believe he would say no to free tickets.  I then had to explain to him that at any time, if someone calls and tells you you have won something, or there is a chance to win something for FREE, then the answer is Yes.  How long has he been married to me and he didn’t understand this?

And one more unrelated thing, John wore a tie to school.  An orange t-shirt that says ‘polo’ on it, shorts, and a blue tie with white polka-dots on it.  No, I don’t know why, but when he picked out his clothes this morning, he brought down the tie and wanted to wear them.  Whatever.  I’m sure his preschool teacher got a nice chuckle from his appearance.  The boy won’t use the potty, but he doesn’t mind wearing a tie.  I will never understand him.


  1. I CAN NOT believe he turned down free Kurt Bestor concert tickets!!! I’ve always wanted to go to one of his concerts. Oh man, I would be so frustrated.

  2. In my defense, I didn’t really want to go to the soccer game by myself with the kids, and have been a bit much under the weather to care about a Kurt Bestor concert.


  3. You are such a brave mom, to let your son dress like that for school! Good for you, letting him express himself!

  4. I am so glad your car fix didn’t cost anything. And, I love that John picked out his own outfit. Toothsome #4 went through a sweater vest stage where all he would wear was sweater vests.

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